Hulk -- That's How He Rolls

10/29/2008 7:00 AM PDT

Hulk -- That's How He Rolls

Hulk and Linda are at each others' throat again, and this time we're told it's over a combination of Hulk's prized Rolls-Royce and his worst enemy -- Linda's 19-year-old boyfriend.

The Rolls-Royce in question was to sit in storage until their marital assets were divided -- because the car loses value if driven. But Linda recently wanted to take it on a joy ride anyway.

Once Hulk's counsel got word Linda was having the car prepped to drive, they had the Rolls moved to an undisclosed location.

Sources tell us the car's insurance was "woefully inadequate," and Hulk had fears Linda's 19-year-old boyfriend Charley Hill would drive it -- which could have put the extremely expensive car at risk.

It wouldn't be the first thing of Hulk's Charley has ridden.