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Cops -- Hudson Nephew Shot in SUV

10/31/2008 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

7-year-old Julian King may have been alive when he left the house where his grandma and uncle were killed –- and then was shot in the SUV where his body was found.

That's what one police official says happened last Friday in the brutal slayings of the Jennifer Hudson's family. The official, quoted by the AP, did not elaborate on an exact timeline of the murders, and a police rep didn't comment.

Julian's stepfather William Balfour remains in custody.


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Julia should be a person of interest as well. She let her attraction to thugs and good d*ck interfere with her parental responsibilities. She is one shady biatch.

For those reading, don't get mad at came out of the horses mouth.

2123 days ago


Exactly #1 poster. To me, she still isn't as innocent as everybody seems to think

2123 days ago

Mad World    

I believe you are correct. She should be a person of interest she should've protective her child from such harm. Doesn't she believe if this individual loved her that he would've not hurt her family in this way. There is clearly something else going on here were not getting the whole picture. Not that it's any of our business and I don't need the complete picture but I hope that the jury gets it when they execute this SOB for subjecting this family to the worse tragedy a family could endure. Not only did they lose a beautiful happy little boy but they Jennifer lost a mother and a brother at the same time. It's horrid.

2123 days ago


This is one theory we all have speculated. If he was shot in the truck then that means he was taken from the house after the murders. If Julia was the one who discovered the first body and said she didn't go when she saw her mother laying on the floor but she ran out to call 911 then went to the police station to file a missing persons report on Julian. How the hell did she know he was missing and not killed in the house or hiding somewhere in the house. You know why? because she was there and she knew he was gone already when she called the police and filed the missing persons report. Also, go back and listen to her interview. She said something like we didn't know if he was hiding in the house or in my brothers truck which was stolen. Hell how did she know that he was in the truck? because she probably sent him off with her accomplice while she staged the scene and called 911 and went to make her missing persons report. The gun that was found is going to tell the story and the time of Julians death is the most important factor. If he was killed after William was in jail and the murder weapon is the same gun that killed all three then he didn't do it. Believe me the police already know alot more than they are telling but they cannot give up all the facts. I am sure they are waiting for the funeral as not to add more fuel to the fire for this family when they have to come in and arrest Julia and that baby daddy with their expressionless faces. Their entire interview was so fake and emotionless. If this was a slam dunk case and the person on interest was already in custody then why has he not been charged? There is no way he would have made it through The First 48hrs if he was the one who did this. Police are leaving him in custody to make the real killers think they are safe and that they have the suspect who they think did these senseless crimes so they can slip up while they are still out here on the streets.

2123 days ago


2. To "not2breckonedwith" - you should be ashamed. This woman has lost her son, mother and brother and you won't to get on here and point fingers. Until you've walked in her shoes. SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!!

Posted at 8:27AM on Oct 31st 2008 by justhere

I would really like to see you make me shut up on a public forum. In the world I live in, mothers can do horrible things to their children. And they survive under the radar because of naive morons like you who think a mother couldn't possibly have anything to do with her child's demise. You need to move away from your little fantasy land. It's a harsh and horrible reality, but that's just how it is.

2123 days ago


A child was murdered and all avenues need to be looked at and considered. So with that, I really don't give a f*ck what you think.

2123 days ago


The reason balfour is still in custody without being charged is because there is no direct evidence linking him to the crime.

2123 days ago


Why do you people act like family members will not kill an entire family? If you watch The First 48 which are all true stories then you will know they do. I watched one episode where an entire family of 7 were killed. However, one of the victims didn't die after being in the house for 3 days until the bodies were discoved. The adults were all shot and the kids were all beaten with a bat and stabbed multiple times. The family was questioned and all placed in protective custody because the brother said his brother had beef with a gang and owed money so this was supposed to be a drug hit. The one who didn't die was a little boy the police have to wait a few days until the hospital upgraded his condition and he was able to talk. Well you know who ended up being the killer. His uncle the very brother of the victim who was in protective custody with the rest of the family who blamed it all on the gang leader.

Don't put nothing past anybody because you don't know what peoples motives are to do the things they do. I find that money and jealously is the reason behind alot of things. Julia was used to having money you can tell by looking at her my space page. She has been to Japan, Disney, New York, Altanta and many other places. She was probably tired of working and wanted to be able to travel like her sister. She was starting to lose things. Her car was sold by William and her brother had to drive her around, her check was being garnished, Jennifer was on the rise with new movies, a hit record and a new engagement, her husband had a girlfriend and new baby on the way. She was getting tired of being broke, fat and in the ghetto so this is probably an insurance job killing. We all don't want to think a mother can have her child, mother and brother killed because this type of crime in unimaginable, but for the love of money you don't know what people will do you will be surprised.

2123 days ago


Comment 2 i was thinking the same thing, Julia is guilty by association by allowing 2 drug/gang bangers around her son and im pretty sure the truth will come out real soon.

2123 days ago


I agree w/Rhonda 100%. It's sad to even think that Julia could have something to do with this and trust me we all want to be wrong when thinking she played apart in this crime but this has to be looked at from every point of view. The only person with a REAL alibi is Jennifer. Of course the police know more than their telling and I'm sure they have suspensions of Julia but their best bet would be to see if William will crack or if the guilt of whoever did this will over take them. Why do you think you can’t turn any where w/o hearing about this story? It’s to let the guilty party know that they can run but they can’t hide. I highly doubt William did it alone so only time will tell.

2123 days ago


7. I hope when they find and charge the real killer that all of you post apologies to Julia for the horrible things you have said about her and her family during this time of horrible pain and suffering. Being from the ghetto, being overweight, making bad choices, and liking good d*ck doesn't make her a murderer.

Posted at 9:07AM on Oct 31st 2008 by Laura

It does not make her a murderer but her poor choices are a contributing factor. And as far as apologizing, I would never apologize for keeping an open mind to the fact that a family member could possibly have something to do with the demise of a loved one. Whatever it takes to find the murderer of a child. You must not watch the news or get out too often.

2123 days ago


Ok, not2breckonedwith makes a valid point about keeping an open mind. Just because Julia made some poor choices does not a murderer make her. Wait until more facts come out, people before you publicly try and convict someone.

2123 days ago


Rest in peace baby boy. You did not deserve this. Fly high in the arms of the angels.

2123 days ago


I think this proves he must have known the killer, or it was a half baked kidnapping plot which I doubt

2122 days ago


Rhonda, I don't know anything about the life you are discribing, but like you after watching the interview of Julia, I expressed the feeling that she had something to do with the killing, wheter it was pull the trigger or try to cover and/or protect Julian, which we found out soon enough that was not the case. When she was not the one to go to the morgue ot identify her own child? What's up with that? She lives there and she could not identify the family? I believe you are on target and Chicago PD is looking too...........

2122 days ago
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