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Cops -- Hudson Nephew Shot in SUV

10/31/2008 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

7-year-old Julian King may have been alive when he left the house where his grandma and uncle were killed –- and then was shot in the SUV where his body was found.

That's what one police official says happened last Friday in the brutal slayings of the Jennifer Hudson's family. The official, quoted by the AP, did not elaborate on an exact timeline of the murders, and a police rep didn't comment.

Julian's stepfather William Balfour remains in custody.


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Well can someone explained the eyewitness, a black older woman who said on the news that she saw to males exit the white suv on friday one from the passenger side and driver side and they walked away...Whats up with that ??? Im sure they are going to wait until the funeral to BREAK the case its only right...The truth always prevail! Another thing Julia logging on to myspace could be a tactic used for this investigation who knows and sometimes u ppl need to understand when your a celebrity or family of a celebrity u hire someone to worker your myspace page and u give them the approval to what is put on there so im sure its not Julia personally logging in!!!!!!!!

2181 days ago


Julia, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have nothing to do with this! I really want to be in your corner, I really want you to be innocent, I really want to believe that your way of grieving is 'different', that's all, I hope you have 100% NOTHING to do with this, I really hope so because you are the only full sis [same pop/mom] Jennifer has and she's going to need you - PLEASE, I beg that you are telling the truth and that you were just nervous at the press conference and I'll even forgive that myspace thing of leaving Flex on, I'll assume the cops asked you too - I'll go as far as to say that they made you - Please dear Julia, I want to offer you sincere sympathy for your loss - and a shoulder to cry on, I really do


I just can't help but looking at your with a crooked eye? my SIXTH SENSE which has NEVER LET ME DOWN IN MY 34YRS OF LIVING - says YOU KNEW OF THIS ALL AND THAT YOU not gang retaliation but YOU set it up ???? help me here - I hope they don't take you into custody AFTER THE FUNERAL which I believe they will

God, I hope I'm wrong but I don't believe I am :(

2181 days ago


What's the deal with the sister?

2181 days ago


Ok, this comment maybe a little off the wall but this could be a factor. Here it goes:

In my opinion, the whole plan was to murder the brother and mother and kidnap the child (while living) for ransome hoping Jennifer or whomever would issue a large reward for returning him.

However, when Jennifer announced a reward of $100,000, in the eyes of the suspects that reward was just not enough. In this case, pressure was put on Julia from the suspects to get more money or either suffer the consequences of having her child murdered. Either way, she wasn't concerned about the safety of her son. If you look at the timeline, Jennifer announced the reward on Sunday for $100,000 and was probably determined not to increase it. The child was then found on Monday. That simply means the suspects were on a timeline and did not want to wait anymore for the money. Therefore, the plan went bad, the child was murdered and now Julia is still left without the money. CAN'T YOU SEE? There was debts to pay and the only way out was to get money from a randsom but it wasn't enough.

2181 days ago

darling nikki    

#17, You should really change your screen name. Do you not realize how dumb that sounds?

2181 days ago


This is a terrible tragedy. It's horrible enough that the mother and brother were killed, but a seven year old? That is downright f*cking horrid. I agree that no one should dismiss Julia just because she was the child's mother. Think about the b*tch who drowned all of her kids and then claimed "god told me to do it". There are far too many times in which relatives will abuse, rape, torture, and yes even kill their own flesh and blood - far too many to assume that "omg that is her kid so she couldn't have killed him." Take that kind of logic as reality and we would have far too many more murders methinks... :-(

2181 days ago


This is really sad. WIlliam is in jail for a crime he may not have commited. Jennifer has lost her mother, brother and nephew. Now her sister is surely going to be the next tragedy in this case. Just as sure as the sun comes up in the morning, Julia has something to do with these killings. The most dangerous thing about this is, she is with Jennifer now, waiting on the final analysis. The police need to get her away from Jennifer for at this point, she has nothing to lose. I know Jennifer is her sister, but if she can assist with her own son demise, she will do anything. The police has to know that Julia is TOTALLY mixed up in these murders or she KNOWS who is!!!!!!!!

WIlliam is just a scape goat used to cover for others that are guilty, or william may be trying to protect Julia, but rest assure that Julia is seeply mixed up in this.

2181 days ago


I like the way people are so passionate about made up facts that they read on comments boards.

Of course all of the facts should be looked into. However, none of us have them!

Speculation is one thing, but to publicly accuse this woman of being involved with her sons's death is despicable.

Who knows what sort of capacity she has to deal with a tragedy like this. People are made of different stuff.

Family is always who the police look at first, and no doubt they're doing it here as well. Why the rush to judgement? Do you really think the police dept. is not looking at everything?

Let them grieve in peace.

2181 days ago


Please people go on TMZ video search and watch the video again of Julia's interview. ( I just want my baby back) I just watched it again just to make sure I am not just being to harsh. Sorry but she not crying or acting like a person whose mother and brother were just found murdered and whose only son is missing. Not only her but look at the daddy no emotion whatsoever. Most fathers who are close to their sons would be crying and making threats that if they find who did this it's over for them. All she kept doing was sniffling. She didn't even look like she had been crying no red eyes or swollen face. Please make sure you listen for the part when she says " We don't know if Julian is in the truck" How did she know that???? How did she know he was not in an alley, a vacant building, on the rail road tracks, in the Chicago river anywhere else.??? Why did she say in the truck??? Because she knew that is where he was all along. Don't shoot the messenger I didn't say it she did. She knew that because everybody knew William was already a felon on parole for attempted murder that he would be the prime suspect and he would be easy to pin this on. Just remember Julia if the clues don't fit you must acquitt and continue your search for the real killer. Trust me this case is not going in the cold case files. Wait until the cell phone records pop up. They will be able to pinpoint who was in the area and track their movements. Ask yourself why didn't she go to identify any of the bodies?? you know why overwhelming guilt that's why. Why has she not removed him from her myspace page. Because he didn't do anything so why be mad at him. I went on her myspace page at 1:45am and she was online at that time. She changed her pictures but still didn't remove him as her friend as Jennifer did. I will be following this case very carefully because I want justice for the victims. I couldn't imagine doing this to anyone let alone my mother the one who gave me life, my brother and my only son who I carried for 9months+ and went through labor/pain. This is very heartless and I keep an opened mind and just because a person was a felon and could have done this and on the other hand this is your family don't mean nothing to me!!! The facts is what mean something to me!! Await for a shocking turn of events after the funeral.

2181 days ago


Ok, I totally agree that some things Julia has done, or not done, make her look shady. However, am I the only person who doesn't feel that her NOT going to ID her son's body is normal? Have any of you been in a morgue or witnessed an autopsy? It's an emotional thing even if you DON'T know the person. I don't know how I would have reacted while I was in the morgue to seeing a child, much less my OWN child. To me, this seems like the most normal thing she has done. Personally, I would not want to keep replaying the image of my dead child over and over in my mind whenever I thought of him . I would want to remember the happy smiling face that everyone now knows.

2181 days ago


I am sure that the people on this board are not the only ones coming up with possible theories about who was involved in this heinous crime.
Hopefully, the police are looking into every possible scenario and every possible person thoroughly. I would hate to speculate about a mother's involvement. I know it happens, of course. Just look at Susan Smith.
I just can't even imagine the terror that this little boy went through. He obviously knew
who killed his grandmother and his uncle and then he was terrorized afterward. It's unimaginable.
How horrible. How anyone could do that to a child, I will never understand.
My heart goes out to Jennifer Hudson over her massive losses. She must be beyond devastated.

2181 days ago


Julia obviously doesn't have the greatest judgement. I'm not arguing that.

But not everyone has the same inner resources to deal with a tragedy like this.

So what if she mentioned the truck and Julian? They were both missing. I'd be more suspicious if she spouted off about all sorts of other places. How skilled would any of us be at such a press conference? There is a lawyer or detective there who is obviously coaching her on what she should or should not talk about. They're not going to give their hand away at this stage, and nor should they.

2181 days ago


I have no idea what actually happened, but it does seem like someone else was involved. That doesn't mean Julia's ex is innocent, I don't think he is.

But this family sounds like they were really close and I can't believe Julia would do anything to them. There was love here.

I feel so bad for all of them.

2181 days ago


I don't think william did killer would turn there self in min he heard they think he kill family..that man was on Parole no way would he turn hisself in knowing he wouldnt get back she say william didnt do this now she saying he did..william didnt have nothing to loose..he had a gf and a baby on way...she was jealous of that she logging on his myspace page saying william ib mmeaning flex is in jail.who open the door?if they found jason up stairs so it might have been over drugs u never know.she was nowhere to be found..on buses they have radios so where was she?i hope gun had prints on it..she trying to frame william

2181 days ago


I think the FBI is on this case. I think they are waiting and letting Jennifer get thru this horrific tragedy. After the Services are over, they are going to drop a bombshell. I do not think William did this crime. I think he may know something from something he heard in the past, but I do not beleive he did this. Whoever did this has a evil spirit that has been in them for a looooooong time. I definitlely feel someone was JEALOUS of Jennifer's Success. They did not want to see her happy. When they found out she was engaged, that did it. I h ope and pray when Jennifer finds out who was responsible for this, she just let's the Lord our God Guide her in her steps. I'm also thinking she may know and is just holding it inside for now because it's too much. God Bless this Family.

2181 days ago
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