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Cops -- Hudson Nephew Shot in SUV

10/31/2008 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

7-year-old Julian King may have been alive when he left the house where his grandma and uncle were killed –- and then was shot in the SUV where his body was found.

That's what one police official says happened last Friday in the brutal slayings of the Jennifer Hudson's family. The official, quoted by the AP, did not elaborate on an exact timeline of the murders, and a police rep didn't comment.

Julian's stepfather William Balfour remains in custody.


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MJ Fan    

No, it doesn’t make her a murderer but she is a piss poor mother, sister and daughter for bringing that SOB into their family. Even if he did not commit this crime, just look at his record. He should never have been around her family. Did you notice that in some of the pictures of the little boy he was making gang signs? I was a single mother of two for 18 years and no matter how much I needed someone in my bed I would never expose my children to that piece of crap. If you are a parent know that your children are the most important responsibility God is ever going to give you. Julia failed this test but I wish her peace.

"I hope when they find and charge the real killer that all of you post apologies to Julia for the horrible things you have said about her and her family during this time of horrible pain and suffering. Being from the ghetto, being overweight, making bad choices, and liking good d*ck doesn't make her a murderer."

2183 days ago


This is a sick story, Harvey. The murder of three persons, the Thug Life, and the b.s. comments posted by the people arguing on here is revolting. Jennifer Hudson is no super star. Can't you find positive stories about black individuals who are making an inspirational difference in the lives of others around them?

2183 days ago

Rebie Johnson    

God Bless you Julian. This is so sad, that poor baby!! The heartless bastart that did this, may he burn in hell

2183 days ago


I also noticed in the video that Julia didn't have a tear in her eyes, yet she was sniffling like someone whose sniffed cocaine. There was no red or swollen eyes which you would expect if she really was crying. Her demeanor just doesn't fit for someone who has lost her mother, brother and son. I would of been pleading and begging whoever took my son to please return him and I wouldn't look so damn calm doing it. I kept thinking this is just not right while I was watching the video, she is not acting like a mother who just lost her family. She was to calm.

2183 days ago


I have felt from day one that Julia was not as she appeared to be. She has logged onto her MySpace page since day one. Who among us would discover the bodies of two close members of our family and have another one missing and log in to see who was on the site? If my son were missing I would be on every corner looking. I think she was mad with her mother for kicking William out. Maybe even Jennifer. The house is listed as belonging to her mother and Jennifer. Her MySpace sites says she is proud of Jennifer, but it you read it all, you will see jealous undertones. Maybe she approached her mother asking her to let William move back in. She has admitted to quarrelling with William that morning. He was reported upset about her new boyfriend. Maybe she asked mom to let him come back and the events just unfolded.............

Anyway, I think Jennifer's success had played a role in this, and that Julia is involved someway.

2183 days ago


By no means am I sticking up for Julia but everybody grieves in different ways and for us to judge the way she is grieving is not right. If she is known for being dramatic and sentimental then that is one thing but we don't know anything about her. So it really isn't up to us to tell her how she should grieve.

I just want the facts and I want whoever is responsible for killing Julian to pay the consequences. This just makes me sick to my stomach. I have teared up but that is because of who I am and the way that I am.

When my father was killed in a motorcycle accident I never saw my mom cry, but I know that she cared....just sayin....

2183 days ago


You forgot the Little Richard Mustache. A lip waxing wouldn't have hurt. I don't know if any of you have had the priveledge of smelling a big woman like that, but as a Physician, I can assure you, it isn't pretty. Also, I think the police are smelling something FISHY.

Something is rotten in Denmark and the Police are going to find it. (Oh boy, we're going to Denmark!)

While I am sick about the Family being wiped out, there are 2 standing who have played a part. One of them is John the Beast Mugabie AKA Julia and the other is that Side Show Bob look a like. What a winner!

2183 days ago


Three people have lost their lives...................all in the same family. One was a 7 year old child. Please stop posting his picture. He is dead and it is atrocious to continue posting his picture!

2183 days ago


Jennifer is not the only person in mourning here. They have other sisters from their father that are also mourning. Why do i keep reading about "Jennifer" getting over this? There are also other family members that are hurting over this

2183 days ago


i believe julian's biological father may have something to do with this. why was he even at the press conference. he did not have anything to say. i sure hope julia's not involved. something is not adding up. maybe she went to work on friday but to not call your mother to check up on her and julian. i am a school bus driver and sometimes i would go by the daycare or call my family to check up on my child.

2183 days ago


I am keeping an open mind. I have seen worse out of parents, look at Casey Anthony. These people are detached. Let's all wait for all the evidence to come out and the police to make a statment.

2183 days ago


In all these reports there is never mention of who owns the SUV
Can someone just tell us who the owner is? That might clarify who the shooter
might be.........and never mind the possibility of fingerprints etc.

2183 days ago


Wow I been following this story very closely and I agree with one post I think is Rhonda they have to look at it from all angles ...But tell me this her employer said she had worked the whole entire day...and a cousin was the ones who found the bodies about 3 pm...I'm saying to my self that anything is possible but what reason why she would wanted her whole family and her precious child murdered. I don't see a motive behind it Jennfier and Julia may your family find comfort thru this terrible time.

2183 days ago


Rhonda, I agree with your point of view enitrely. I'ved listened to the interview and Julia said the first person she spoke to was David Otunga, who is a lawyer not her sister Jennifer. Why is that? She also reported that he told her to speak to Jennifer, her own sister. Hmmm very strange indeed,

She did it! Julia did along with her baby-father to frame her ex.

2183 days ago


Drugs people - it's the drugs and gangs. Many in that extended family are associated with or belong to the Gangster Disciples.
I said it before, somethings "up" with that Julia. The truth will come out.
The wheels of justice are slow but they do still roll.
Pray for the Mom and little Julian - they were the true innocent victims here.

2183 days ago
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