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Cops -- Hudson Nephew Shot in SUV

10/31/2008 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

7-year-old Julian King may have been alive when he left the house where his grandma and uncle were killed –- and then was shot in the SUV where his body was found.

That's what one police official says happened last Friday in the brutal slayings of the Jennifer Hudson's family. The official, quoted by the AP, did not elaborate on an exact timeline of the murders, and a police rep didn't comment.

Julian's stepfather William Balfour remains in custody.


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Rosalee her brother is the owner of the SUV. I'm amazed by some of the post on here who cares about J-HUD career this is not about her Career it's about a monster possibly still out there who killed her immediate family. From what I understood Julia finance a car for he estrange hubby he got kick out last winter and told her he will continue to pay the note on the car. He must have stop paying the note on the car because Julia Employer said to her on her B-day a day before her family was murdered that the bank wanted to take money from her wages because of lack of payment. she called william and address him about it and the brother got involed and told him he need to pay the money. A neighbor confirms this and heard death threat being thrown around. it's funny that the day she address him about the car her family is dead the next day. The funny thing is that the media said there was no force entry means they knew the killer.

2161 days ago


I recently watched the video, asking folks to help find her son. She did not express any emotion at all, she had a few fake sniffles, as if she wanted us to believe, she was fight ing back the tears. Maybe she was in denial at the time, but after viewing the video, I now have my doubts. Her behavior reminded me of Susan Smith and her attempts to fool folks in to believing someone else was responsible for her children being missing. Also, it is very odd, Julia has not taken the alleged killer 's picture down off her myspace. Another thing I don't understand, how Jennifer can be so successful and not help her sister whom appears to be struggling and living in the hood. If Julia is responsible for the death of her famiy, than Jennifer is just as responsible for turning her back. Charity starts at home and Jennifer should have reached backed and lifted her siblings. Jennifer promised she would marry her longtime boyfriend whom stuck by her side through it all. However, she dumped him and recently started flaunting her new man. Her new man appears to be gay or bi, at least to me, he looks a lot like Terri McMillian ex and we all know how that ended. I would not be surprised if her ex boy friend did it. It's always the one folk's least suspect.

2161 days ago


once again I SAY WE find him do away with the insanity law hang him from the neck till dead
or the GASchamber or electric chair

when jerks like this go out to get free food and shelter is it rite that we the tax payers pay for him to have a great life

2161 days ago


You people have too much time on your hands. I never thought it was so many practicing police officers and detectives out there. Rhonda you watch entireley too much TV boo boo, I suggest you turn it off and exercise. The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves. You don't know what this woman is going through and you're sitting here accusing her because her greiving process is not what you call the "norm". Being judgemental says nothing about the person you are judging...however it says a lot about the judge. All avenues should be explored and I am sure the Chicago police is doing what they are paid to do. In the meantime I suggest all you wanna be sleuths apply with the police department in your city, I am sure they need a bunch of brilliant ass TMZ bloggers to help them solve some crimes.

2161 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Of course he was alive when brought out of the house, you don't think that scrawny murderer ( and yes, he is the only culprit here, Julia is way to stupid to have taken any directions) could have carried a lifeless body out, this was a big kid and he was probably shuttled out very quickly, too bad the neightbourhood IS filled with stupid people, had the cops been called when they first heard shots in the morning , the boy might have had a chance...dumbasses..from start to finnish..all of them.

2161 days ago


THE FAT LADY IS ABOUT TO SING! For some reason, I feel that after Monday's funeral Julia Hudson is gonna come clean and tell police everything she knows. She has spent the week holed up with Jennifer in a secret location... I know that Jennifer has asked her to spill the beans. Julia has nothing to lose... this is bigger than William Balfour and before its all over, she may be placed in the Witness protection program if this involves bringing down drug dealers and a notorious gang. SING BABY, SING!

2161 days ago


Some of you people are really really sick. Talk about putting the horse before the carriage! GEEZE...

2161 days ago


Everything you said was TOTALLY right, I agree with everything you said, you have totally valid points. Something just isn't right here, and you know what? just b/c Julia is the mother and considered the victim, doesn't make her innocent. I just keep thinking about that poor little boy. I swear, it's so aad bc he didn't deserve to live 7 years. That is so messed up. He had his whole life in front of him....if his mother didn't expose him to such things...then, well, things woulda been a lot different for him. I just hope and keep thinking to myself tht Julian didn't feel any pain when the bastards shot him. God Bless tht poor little boy i still cry when I picture his cute little face.

2161 days ago


JULIA and her accomplice baby father did it! The first person she called was Jennifer's fiance, David Otunga, who is a lawyer. Why was that when Jennifer is her sister. She even reported that David Otunga told her to speak to Jennifer about all of this.

She was previously arrested for drug related charges but never formally charged. She is heavily in debt and her mother already kicked her estranged husband out of her house.

She was in an argument with her ex about a car that he had defaulted behind in payments and that payments would have to come out of her meagre wages.

She didn't mean to give orders to kill her son until she and her baby-father heard the FBI were going to be involved. She wanted her son as ransom to get a hug payout from Jennifer but that didn't materialize as 100g wasn't enough.

She was very jealous of Jennifer's success and how attached Jennifer was to her son instead of her. Note , she said, her son didn't want to celebrate her birthday with her and he wanted to go home to his grandma, This indicated that she and her son didn't have a strong mother and son relationship.

The police are waiting to make an arrest after the funeral. Her estrranged husband was framed because of his coloured past.


People watch the interview and listen to what she isn't saying and also look closely at her expressions.

2161 days ago


I'm sure the police have spent plenty of time with Julia. We have no idea what she's told them.

I'm glad the cops aren't releasing too many details. They should build something solid and keep quiet in the meantime.

This makes it harder for a defendant to claim the jury pool was tainted before charges were filed.

I'm sure the ballistics tests will be done soon and we will know much more.

2161 days ago

suzy Q    

And you wonder why blacks are stereotyped!!!! Well, just take a look here at what they WILL DO to each other.........and it's NOT just whites who look at it this way either!!!

2161 days ago


Can somebody please tell me why the police immediately called this s domestic case? Not a case of somebody broke in to rob the family and killed them in the process. It's because all along Julia painted William out to be someone who planned to kill her family because she got mad at him and confronted him about money being taken from her check. You have to look at it like this..... Why should he care if money was coming out of her check that's her loss not his. Why would that be a reason to kill the family? Even on her myspace page she said William would be the most likely to be arrested. Of course he would..... you have the ex-con son-in-law soon to be divorced husband who supposidly threatned to murder the family who is out on parole for attempted murder and now the very family who he supossidly threatned to kill are all dead. Yeah right!!! If they were going to be getting divorced and she wanted nothing to do with him then why was he at her birthday party which was just a few days earlier and she was kissing him in her pictures she has posted on the page. I'm just saying considering that he was a career criminal spent 7yrs in jail. There is no way he would be dumb enough to leave the possible murder weapon near the scene of the crime. He has not been charged with anything yet because there is nothng to charge him with. If the police were to release him so many people believe he did this without having the facts of the case the boy wouldn't stand a chance in Chicago he would be the next to come up dead. The police know what they are doing. I watch plenty of crime shows and trust me they are making sure they have a open and shut case when they take this to the grand jury. Police say they still have no motive the motive is Money, Greed and Jealously. Justice will be served in this case and those involved will be held accountable!!! May you rot in hell!!!!

2161 days ago


I forgot to add if there was so much domestic violence between Julia and William where are the police reports and 911 call tapes. Surely they would have been released by now as evidence to back up what she is saying. That boy was not beating her or being abusive to her. I believe he was however, using her for money, clothes, jewlery her car and whatever, else he could get out of her. The thing is Jennifer had the fame and fortune and she just was not giving her money and gifts as fast as she wanted it. For this reason a plan was devised to have the family taken out to collect insurance policies now she would have enough money to try and keep up with Jennifer. Wait for the twist in this case. If I am wrong which I rarely am when it comes to my gut feelings I will be the first to say sorry.

2161 days ago

suzy Q    

She wants her sister's SPOTLIGHT!!! Jennifer earned her fame by working hard! No one gave her anything to get her to where she is today!!! Julia, there are plenty of guys out there who like girls on the thick side (and I'm being nice)! Ipray that you had NO part in this triple murder to get from under your sister's SPOTLIGHT!!!!


2161 days ago


I just heard that the gun found the other day close to where Julian was found was the one used in the murders. Maybe now they will be able to arrest someone soon.

2161 days ago
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