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Sorry Criss -- No One "Believes"

11/1/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Master of delusion Criss Angel is stepping out with his new lady friend -- Holly Madison.

The pair is finally showing everyone the rumors are true, by being nauseatingly affectionate at Angel's opening of his widely panned, not-so-magical show "Criss Angel Believe."

Previously linked to the coat tails of such celebs as Britney and Cameron Diaz, Angel says of Madison, "I can not think of a more beautiful person, a more special person inside and out."

Wonder if he can make them both poof into thin air ... forever.


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Isn't he ALSO still married to someone other than Holly? Is she going to get a show to tell the world how 'devoted' to him she is? Oooh, I know! Instead of Playboy 'editor', she can be the chick he cuts in half!!

2146 days ago



2146 days ago


Ugh; Holly could do soooooooo much better. I can't think of a more unattractive man (cough, cough) than Criss Angel. He makes me nauseaus...

2146 days ago


They are both gross. I think she neds to be spayed and he needs to be neutered.

2146 days ago


#41, I agree with you. I am not sure ol' Ben is very happy being married. He never seems into Jen as when he first did. And now, he makes that comment about "falling in love with JLo." What is up with that? A little bit of walking down memory lane, wistfully thinking about what was ...

2146 days ago


to the person under comment #10, it wasnt his stiff tongue, slithering around and about it was hers!!i think she needs some lessons in 'the sensuality of kissing" haha! stop dissin Christopher(although im turned off right now by the romantic drama) hes a good guy despite all this crap here on this page.

remember, todays juicy gossip tommorrows history!!!as they will be i give it to just past Valentines day!!!unless she traps him somehow, if you know what a mean!!!

2146 days ago


To #8 Patricia, good post! Right on the point! No one would know who Holly Madison is if she hadn't been one of Hefner's many women. She is as phony as they come. Being famous for who you sleep with is a real fine recommendation for fame. You would think that she and all the other so called girlfriends would be embarrassed to be with an old fart like him and go on and on about marriage and babies. I knew he was never going to marry her much less make babies with her. he is not that kind of a man. Holly Madison, Bridget and Kendra are famous only because of their so called relationship with the world's most well know pimp.

2146 days ago


dear criss how those hugh hefner taste???

2146 days ago


that is gross, but better than hef. Hey who knows maybe they have a threesome??

2146 days ago


Well, at least Holly found someone to buy her stuff for a little while longer.

2146 days ago


Damn she's so hot but now she's destroyed goods after dating this douche bag

2146 days ago


#56 jose, Holly Madison hot? Oh puleez! She is so plastic it is almost comical. Have you seen pictures of her before all her surgery? And why is she famous? For sleeping with an 82 year old man, the world's biggest pimp. Good material in a wife and mother. Call her what you may, she is nothing but a high priced call girl. I hope she never has children. How could any kid handle having a tramp like her for a mother? Like the tramp Jennison....another one who never should have kids. No morals. Madison and the other 2 bleached blond bimbo call girls are disgusting. If it wasn't for Hefner no one would know who they are.

2145 days ago


You're (almost) all idiots. Holly is one of the nicest, most genuine women in the world. She was is love with Hef, very. He's stubborn and stuck in his ways. She's always had a thing for Angel, so good for her! Hopefully she'll keep her job at Playboy since she's the only good thing they have going at the moment.
Now, if you wanna talk sick and nasty, how about Hef's new twin girlfriends? Walking STD's and drunks. One of them got so drunk at the Halloween party at the Mansion that Hef actually was embarrassed! That does NOT happen. He even told her to stop acting like an idiot! won't be long.

2145 days ago


I bet she had forgotten what she was missing! She looks younger, because she's with someone her own age. She was looking a little too uptight and pointy, not to mention snooty, while with Hef. I'm glad he cut her loose....and that he realized it was best for all the girls to move on. He did them all a tremendous favor, by having them with him, and then letting them go. Hef is a cool dude. The new girls are probably just for "looks", and since he says "no more parties at the mansion", I think he's realized that it's time to chill. He's got to be exhausted from all of it.

2145 days ago


i think his alter ego is drew barrymore. they are both gross!!!

2145 days ago
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