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Tim Allen Sued for Hoggin' Profits

11/3/2008 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tim Allen is being sued for allegedly ripping off the idea for his movie "Wild Hogs" ... but the real shocker -- someone is actually taking responsibility for that piece of crap!
Tim Allen: Click to view!
The best part of the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, is the production company suing Allen claims they were the first people to exploit "the recent trend of many middle-aged Americans purchasing motorcycles ... and associating with club that emulate biker gangs."

The production company is asking for at least $25k. Wild Hogs raked in around $160 mil -- yet we can't find a single person who will admit they saw it.


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ok ssshhhhhhh i saw it n found it was quite funny in a few places!!!

2179 days ago



2179 days ago


I aaw it...and I loved it. And I bought the damn dvd.

Sue me.

2179 days ago


I saw the movie, loved it and bought it. It is one of my favorite movies. 3 generations of us went and had a great time!

2179 days ago


That's crazy. I've been riding bikes for 30 years. Rick Urban Bikers aka RUBs came on the scene in the 1980's. They bought $50,000 custom bikes and started clubs called the Hamsters. They were generally poor inexperienced bikers who were older. They always wanted to be a tough biker dude but didn't have the time or money earlier in their life. It's a midlife crisis type of thing. That story is old and stale. If you're in Los Angeles, go to the Safebrush Cantina on Sunday's from 4:00 p.m. on. You'll see some RUBs. Check out the Rock Store, Gladstones and any Starbucks in the valley on the weekends. Same thing.

2179 days ago


That movie was hilarious GREAT I can't believe he is only sueing for 25k why even bother sueing for a lousy 25k when the movie brought in a ton of cash

Pussayca is bewildered!

2179 days ago

LT Dan    

Great movie. You can't find a single person who saw it? Gee, maybe because you forget that there are other people in America who DO NOT live on the left or right coasts! You elitists forget that the real bulk of America lives in flyover land and WE LIKE THIS KIND OF STUFF! Get over yourselves because we have.

2179 days ago


I loved that movie, TMZ!

2179 days ago


How can you call that movie a piece of crap? Saw the movie and loved it...funniest movie I've seen in a long time! Bought the dvd too! Good quality comedy that your whole family could enjoy....of course you guys probably can't appreciate a film like that!

2179 days ago


My middle aged husband goes on road trips exactly like the one in Wild Hogs. (Well, with a few exceptions...) We loved the movie. Funny for us older folk.

2179 days ago

Chuck, Sacramento    

The TMZ staff apparently just got out of high school judging by their continued ignorance of anything non Hollywierd or pop star related. I belong to a motorcycle owner's group club and had chapters from two cities join me in going to opening weekend of Wild Hogs wearing full leather. I stood in front of the screen before the show to take pics of the "audience" The non bikers in the audience thought it was great, with about 100 good natured bikers and 50 or so regular folk watching the matinee. The movie wasn't a masterpiece, but it was definately more entertaining than most of the crap coming out of Hollywierd lately...

2179 days ago


OKAY Okay! I'll admit that I saw the movie and I actually liked it. It wasn't that bad and come to think of it, it was pretty funny.


2179 days ago

You should hide your face in public for the piece of crap chit you think are newsworthy in the thirty mile zone.
Slow day.

2179 days ago


I totally loved Wild Hogs, it is actually on my favorites list. It was so funny. I don't know how you can hate it so much. Obviously people running this site have no sense of humour.

2179 days ago


I saw it...
Wasn't overly impressed...
Certainly not their best efforts (writers OR actors).
The best thing was I didn't actually pay to see it..
I borrowed the DVD lol

2179 days ago
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