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Jesse James in Wal-Mart Fashion Shoot-Out

11/6/2008 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget the wild, wild west -- the only place Jesse James seems to be a threat these days is at Wal-Mart
Jesse James: Click to view!
The guy behind West Coast Choppers is being sued for allegedly masterminding a plan to screw a company out of a serious fashion deal.

According to the suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, James was co-creating a line called "America's Brand" with intentions of selling the clothes through Wal-Mart -- when he suddenly decided to cut out his partner at the last minute.

But it gets worse -- the bitter party claims James then stole a key employee, renamed the line after himself -- and started selling the clothes at Wal-Mart anyway. Now, they want a ton of money to make things right -- we're talkin' at least $200,000.

Calls to James were not returned.


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thats right    

if thats true then thats pretty messed up

2176 days ago


Thanks Jess, for selling out to Wal-Mart. Heavy metal thunder, indeed! What a loser!

2176 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Jesse James is a TOOL, a skanky dipstick with no ethics...and those are his good points.

2176 days ago

nira k    

He's so over.

2176 days ago

northern gypsy    

devil is in the details...lets hear what mr "i'm a rebel " spin on this sorrid little tale will be !!!

2176 days ago


Jessy Lame has made his life on others name. Just another punk who couldn't make a name of his own.
The real Jesse James had no offspring and it has been proven time and again there is no blood line from the real Jesse James!
Its sad how American people do not think for them selves anymore.....Its cool if its on T.V. I remember REAL bikers and punks like lil jj wouldn't last a minute!
Know everyone go buy a Harley and be cool.........Sad!

2176 days ago


Posted Jul 16th 2008 8:20PM by TMZ Staff

Dude, Jesse James Took Me For a Ride!

2176 days ago

thats right    

to #7 wolf, its proven that the real jesse james married his cousin and had 4 kids, 2 that died when they were babies, but the other 2 lived quite a while. its entirely possible (although i have no idea) that this jesse is related to that one.

2176 days ago


this suit is crap and so is the other one about the car. The car guy made a deal with WCC to build a 300k custom, then he later decided he wanted it to compete for the Ridler Award. Those cars cost a million to build, ask Chip Foose. The clothing company didnt have a contract partnership and made samples, end of story. And the Jesse James of today is related to the outlaw James boys through an aunt.

2176 days ago


welcome to the O.C. where everyone is looking to steal from others................what a shame.........typical shark far as being related to jesse buddy told me once that he was related to jesse james from the cowboy era.............i simply told him " wow , that means that one of your relatives worked at a brothel and had jesse james kid and so on and so on and so on and thats probably how your related to jesse friend got pissed at me but it made sence?

2176 days ago


I am retired long beack police Jesse was arrested for Meth psudo chemicals to make meth He is a jr hells angel anda memeber of El Diablo Blanco SKINS notice all his ratty bikes are el diablo this or that He had ties to National orginazation of RTPWR a group that is right to protect WHITEPOWER RITES He is a master manipulator and now dangerous due to his wifes money Jesse is all talk and not the badass people think he is. JESSE REMEBER SGT DINO AND WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND

1615 days ago

satan squid    

Dino: right on. It's about time the truth came out about this lying, cheating, low-life, drug and wife abusing tatoo monkey. His bikes suck, constantly breaking down, very dated styling. The guy never had a original thought in his life. I cant believe Wal-mart accepted and now merchandise his clothing in their stores....I sure wont be promoting any of his crap. The guy looked in Sandra's face and repeatedly lied his entire marriage, while exposing her to STD!!! Showd what a coward he is. JJ: my offer to box still stands...quit hiding behind your sycophants.....I am going to show the world what a fat punk you are..

1611 days ago


Yeah,his Garage Magazine doesn't pay it's bills..............

1596 days ago

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