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Palin's a Real Plush Around Male Staffers

11/6/2008 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe Sarah Palin took that whole "Nailin' Paylin" thing to heart. Turns out the veep-seeker had no trouble greeting a couple of aides in just a towel.

reports senior McCain staffers Steve Schmidt and Mark Salter showed up to her hotel room in at the GOP convention and were surprised to see her swan into the room post-shower, wearing just a towel. "I'll be just a minute," she told the guys, telling them to hang out with the First Dude -- her husband Todd.

And despite her protestations to the contrary, Newsweek also says Palin bought pricey duds not just for herself, but for her kids as well -- on junior staffers' credit cards, which has been "reimbursed."


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pop culture pro    

Any chance that someone could finish the sentence at the end of the second paragraph?

2174 days ago


Palin was over-rated. She ruined the Republican party by acting stupid. I am sick of her.

2174 days ago


Screw Newsweek. 99% of media outlets have lost their journalistic integrity. Why does Newsweek find this newsworthy. I guess they just have to stick the dagger in one last time to make sure she's dead. They have crucified this woman and I am personally sick of it.No one has said a word about Michelle Obamas wordrobe. I know for a fact that the campaign paid for her clothes during the campain. She had designer duds, but she was compared to Jack Kennedy. If my husband needs a dress shirt or a pair of pants when he travels for business, he writes them off as a business deduction. It is legal. You have not heard of one republican complain about this. I donated to the campaign and it did not bother me. The only people screaming about this are the dems. Republicans lost, we need to move on. We will show our president elect a hell of a lot more than democrats ever showed President Bush. Why, because of class, and Sara Palin has it and so does the Republican Party!

2174 days ago

Lenn K.    

TMZ, the race is over, you can get off Sarah Palin's ass now. We know your candidate won so just let it go. Joe Biden didn't get any mention or unkind words so just let it go.

2174 days ago


In your rush to slam Sarah Palin yet again, you forgot to finish your sentence.

2174 days ago


What's wrong with a woman who isn't afraid of being one? Would you prefer one of those ugly "professional" b*tch who play feminist by behaving like a man???

2174 days ago


CLASS!!!??? Michelle, are you kidding me! You wrote that with a straight face?

Is that what yyyuuuzzz guys are calling it these days? Sarah Palin has zero class, I know I'm not alone on that one. To say that the Republican party will work with this President is the funniest thing I heard all day! The Repbulican party will do nothing of the sort!
They will jump on every precieved error that Obama makes. Turn it into full drma so they can stand aroung and go, oh, you see he is mucking it all up, just like we said. Don't hold your breath on that one by the way.

The best thing we having going for us is that we know the Republicans MO if you will, and a VAST amount of the country agrees with us now! Yippee, finally. Which means MOST are not going to fall for your parties lies and scare tactics. Peace out.

2174 days ago


Hey..The election is don't have to bash her anymore...MOVE ON!

2174 days ago

artie help    

she is the ultimate MILF. Eat tha hiney.

2174 days ago


You can't even begin to compare the classLESS, ignorant hillbilly Sarah Palin with the INTELLIGENT, IVY LEAGUE EDUCATED PROFESSIONAL Michelle Obama. The reason Sarah was picked apart and Michelle wasn't is because Sarah gave the press much material to work with. Michelle, on the other hand, was busy raising her children and appeared to respond coherently and intelligently when she was interviewed. Secondly, Michelle stated she and Obama spent THEIR OWN PERSONAL money on their wardrobes--which, by the way, was usually inexpensive. No Neimen Marcus on the public's money for them.

2174 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

I'm glad her corruption didn't make it to the White House, but I hope stories like this about Palin keep going. With the economy in the shape the Republicans put it in, I need some good laughs, and this bitch is hilarious!

2174 days ago


Sarah Palin and her ENTIRE FAMILY=WHITE TRASH!!! (Even the GOP is saying as much. "Hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus=PC way of saying "White Trash") Soccer mom, my azz. What an insult to soccer--hell, MOMS--everywhere. If she was a REAL mom, she would've been home raising that infant she just gave birth too. Is it no surprise her 17 year old drop out daughter is pregnant? White trash is as white trash DOES! I'll bet there will be no wedding now that she lost. I'm not surprised to hear about the towel incident. This idiot tried to convince us that her promixity to Russia gave her foreign policy experience and didn't even know Africa is a CONTINENT! ("Oh, you mean South Africa isn't just the southern part of the country????") FRIGGIN IDIOT!
Anyone who can defend her is as trashy and clueless as she is!

2174 days ago

RJ the Republicans want to stop the bashing. They surely enjoyed the piece about Michelle Obama's dress yesterday. Typical republican...Sarah Palin chose to be in the spotlight and show how much of an idiot she actually is; why should we leave her alone now?? She shouldn't have been running for VP in the first place, but she's an opportunist. She knew she wasn't qualified..did she really think Americans were that dumb to vote on looks alone..She had nothing else to offer, and I mean nothing. And why should we discuss Michelle's wardrobe bill??? She paid with her own money at stores like Ann Taylor...Also, her husband ran for office not her (successfully I might add:) Yeah Obama!!! America loves you!!!

2174 days ago


I can see why some women are so jealous of Sarah Palin. Not only is she beautiful and smart..but she also has morals. The libs just can't stand her. The election is over..she is not a threat to you now.

2174 days ago


who cares? you know how many times people have come over just as i'm entering or exiting the shower? now, it'd be a story if she sat and conversed with them in said towel, but my goodness, she told 'em give her a minute to get dressed...

seriously... and i see the King's English is a bit hard for you guys in the thirty mile zone....

2174 days ago
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