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Brad Pitt -- Total Dick Tracy

11/7/2008 3:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Although these days he's barely recognizable without his six children or common-law wife around, Brad Pitt still tried to go incognito by putting on his best 1930s police detective drag in NYC yesterday.

Not even a John Waters mustache can hide Brad's beauty.


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#24. Wth? tmi!

Angelina is a succubus! I can't believe what has happened to this once decent looking man. He looks sooooooooooooo old and haggard now. Which for a man is rare. They usually get better looking with age. Look at George Clooney. Sick of seeing him in black like Angelina almost all of the time. He takes on the persona of the woman he is with at the time. He looked his best while with Aniston. He was well groomed and a well dressed man. They made a beautiful looking couple. He looks like an old dude that dresses like a semi-slob now.

2174 days ago


A young Marlon Brando? Perhaps?

2174 days ago

Mary Worth    

I never thought him to be beautiful; but I read others did. Just did nothing for me.

Matter of fact, I wonder how he keeps getting terrific parts over so many actors who can act circles around him.
Does that so-called "beauty" give him an advantage? Why? People aren't exactly cramming the box office to see him.

2174 days ago

love them    

you know the sayin? brad is like fine wine, he gets better with time, TMZ GOT THIS RIGHT, the only people who does not like brad are the losers jilted ones who is mad at him for dumping chinnifer maniston, but from where I'm standing, that was a no brainer, he traded up 1000% in every area, the smartest man alive is what i call him. go brad with your bad self. i have so much respect for him, this is brad effing Pitt, he deserves the best and he has it. deal with it.

2174 days ago


Ugly comments can't hide the fact that this is still a good looking man.Still sexy as hell. I don't care what he did or did not do to Jennifer Aniston. It amazes me how people act like she was some kind of prize Brad won. As if she were the end all AND BE ALL of everything. Jennifer is a woman like any other. She can be in a relationship that ends. Being Rachel Green does not make her the heavenly goddess many of you want her to be. Brad was 4 years ago. She has had a least 4 relationships since him. Why is he the gold standard? Because he is the Gold Standard. The sad part for her is that her fans will never allow her to have another relationship without comparing it to Brad. Brad has Angelina. Her past loves are not compared to Brad...Because she has the Gold Standard. Jennifer made a big mistake not coming out and wishing Brad the best.She could have stopped this craziness. She acted like a loser, and will forever be seen as a loser of Brad Pitt's. This is not my analysis...this is her fan's. You created AND create this with every negative comment about him or Angie. You will not let it go. I know you wish beyond all that he goes back to her..That will never happen. Even if he and Angie ended tomorrow, they have a life long bond.. 6 CHILDREN. This man is living the life he wants. If he looks older so what, If the world does not find him the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE so what. He has a woman that LOVES him, and 6 KIDS that light up when he walks into a room. He has a lifetime of MEMORIES TO COME..holidays, birthdays, high school, first loves, college, first dates, walking with his girls on their wedding day, and yes Grand kids.

I'm sure if you wonder what he would trade for this/ The answer would be NOTHING. Brad+Angie+6 children = His happy life.

Brad + anything else= Nothing.

Leave the man alone. He still has it, and will always will. It is just the IT he has is more important than who finds him sexy or good looking. HE HAS A LIFE.

2173 days ago


Brad Pitt is ugly

2173 days ago


You must be blind cat,
Brad is not ugly. I can show you ugly. Stop hating and admit the truth. He is timeless. Face the truth. It won't hurt... I promise.

2173 days ago


Hey Harvey, how unblemished has your life been?????????????????? Let's talk about it!!!

2173 days ago



2172 days ago


His "Beauty"? On what planet would this fug be considered a beauty?

2171 days ago


He never could act very good but he used to look kinda hot. Now he just looks old, old, old and a real has been.
There is nothing appealing about him and he really is a idiot.

2171 days ago

cry me a gay river    

#35...Angie? Is that u? lol

2170 days ago


Brad is really getting old and hagard looking. It time he stops trying to act like hes twenty years old.Its time they both leave the tabloids alone. They thrive on the tabloids and they don't need it .Stay home and let others enjoy it

2167 days ago
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