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Cops: R. Kelly Nephew Shot During Robbery

11/7/2008 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

R. Kelly's 15-year-old nephew was shot yesterday -- and cops say he may have been trying to rob a barbershop.

The nephew might've been shot twice by the store owner, according to police -- but the victim's father Carey Kelly (R.'s brother) says the kid may have just been an innocent victim of someone else who was robbing the store.

The nephew currently is being treated at a Chicago area hospital for a chest wound.

According to FOX 32, cops have the injured nephew's brother -- Brandon -- in custody for the alleged robbery.
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No Avatar


Other brother done wrong it the hood I tell ya what. Da man was keepin him down.

2154 days ago


It's awight.....Now that Obamas gonna be in awl goood!!

2154 days ago


Big surprise...Uncle R. Kelly likes to have sex (rape) underage girls & Nephew is an armed robber.

2154 days ago


the apple does not fall far from the tree. too bad they did not shoot the pediphile r. kelly

2154 days ago

Healthy things are brown    

To PERKY and all the rest of you weak, cowering knuckledraggers: Her name is JENNIFER Hudson. Get it right.-----PS- Remember that "sage" advice you gave Black people concerning slavery? Well, I'm giving it back to you: GET OVER IT.

2154 days ago


Maybe some of you non-educated "people" (and I use the word loosely) should have gotten out and voted...maybe you did vote, but the majority of America is ready for a change.. bush messed the country up .. so quit being haters... the black man is in the white house... we may not have gotten our 5 acres and a mule.. but we have the white house and a whole go kill yourself like most white people do when they can't take the pressure-- SAID IT LOUD..I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD!!!

2154 days ago


#21 We are Over It. Now it's time to laugh at ya. Don't play the race card, it's all squared now, your dog is in the Hoe House, you gotta "first hoe" and we are all on the plantation now. Now wheres my food stamps and free health care.LOL

2154 days ago


A barber shop??? How stupid can you be??? Good lord, hit a bank, that is where they keep the $$$$$

2154 days ago


Ignorance comes in all colors as I see by most of these dumb post.

2154 days ago


Good for the store owner!! It's time people stood up to these lazy punks.

2154 days ago

Healthy things are brown    

@ SHAY: Who provided the "card" in the first place, oh Wonderbread??? And check your melanin-challenged neighbor for those food stamps, etc. LOL!

2154 days ago


There you go now we know.

2154 days ago

Joe Smith    

Well, there you go. More friends of Barack, Michelle and Oprah. Whatever!

2154 days ago


My neighbor is black and he sells his food stamps for drugs. ,We can't change history, we would if we could!

2154 days ago


Crime is wrong no matter what race the person is. I see that some people are never going to change. Mrs. Obama is an educated woman who happens to be black and she is referred to as "First Ho'. I don't think all white people are serial killers like Jeffrey Dalmer was. There is bad and good in every race. Grow up and stop the hate. It gets us nowhere. All black people are not on welfare and foodstamps. All white people are imbred rednecks. Blacks fought and died for this country also. PLEASE STOP THE HATE

2154 days ago
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