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Cops: R. Kelly Nephew Shot During Robbery

11/7/2008 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

R. Kelly's 15-year-old nephew was shot yesterday -- and cops say he may have been trying to rob a barbershop.

The nephew might've been shot twice by the store owner, according to police -- but the victim's father Carey Kelly (R.'s brother) says the kid may have just been an innocent victim of someone else who was robbing the store.

The nephew currently is being treated at a Chicago area hospital for a chest wound.

According to FOX 32, cops have the injured nephew's brother -- Brandon -- in custody for the alleged robbery.
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To "#21 Black is infinite"...No, I DID mean "Julia" Hudson, the mother of the boy who got shot. She's the one with all the inappropriate myspace photos. Not JENNIFER. JULIA. Geez, pay attention, would you? Black is infinite, but apparently in your case, it's also really stupid.

2146 days ago

Realty Princess    

Ok....I thought the breaking news was about how R kelly's nephew was injured....Not another political massacre.If he did attempt to rob the barber shop and was shot as a result....too bad everyone has the right to protect their property. If he was an innocent bystander my wishes are with him and his family on his recovery.
As for all the racists....kick rocks....tip cows...or what ever else you people do when your out your caves. I would think that loving your country and seeing it progress would make you proud to be an American. Well I stand corrected. You rather live in a "free" society that only a white man can run. How free is that? America is built on being diverse and ever growing. With you trying to hold back progress only show other countries we are 1) Hippocrates 2) Ignorant 3) Stuck in a time the ending of 2008.....Get with it or get lost.

2146 days ago


um....who is julia hudson "perky"????? dnt post comments if you dont know who you are talking about. and KAT stop being a hater. Barack Obama is president and Michelle is the first lady and what can you possibly do about it???Hold on let me right???? Ok that's what I thought

2146 days ago


Not only did he get shot, but once he gets released from the hospital, R. Kelly is gonna pee on him.

2146 days ago


Now this has always gotten me, these guys get rich and famous and youd think their families of course would be better off due to money or whatever. Maybe R didnt trickle and of his money to all his family. but these guys always get some family member doing some lame crime. Music and Sports are supposed to help them out of the ghetto but it doenst. Most revert to the same stuff they did before, just with more money.

The track record speaks for itself. Now of course This was a relative Not R. but I wonder if the kid gets any of his uncles money or are they still without? Either way I dont get it.

2145 days ago


Are you really that out-of-touch "chocolatecoated07"? You haven't heard who Julia Hudson is? My comment is much further up in this thread. I swear, people don't even bother reading anything but the posts that are on one page, then they type out a bunch of nonsense.

2145 days ago


Nah not a black kid shot while comitting a robbery. LOL

2145 days ago

Healthy things are brown    

Actually, you're an imbecile. Pick up your knuckles, they're bleeding.

2145 days ago

Healthy things are brown    

Your comment was racist, it doesn't matter which Hudson you referenced, mouthbreather.

2145 days ago


To "Shay"
What a horrid comment. Michele Obama is no "ho." If living well and working hard and raising two little girls and knowing who their daddy is and not living off the system makes you a "ho". I think their must be alot of us out there.

2145 days ago


#13..."first ho?" LOL!!

2145 days ago



2145 days ago


Really, how so? I don't remember mentioning race at all...Btw, love your name: "PERK THIS" Ha!

2145 days ago


What kills me is how certain people from the caucasian race downplays every single black incident. We must be very important for you to downgrade a beautiful black woman like Michelle Obama. If one was intelligent enough they could never comment on how we are as a race. Ever since they were created they came from the caucus mountains (Cave men), they were cannibals eating each other, commiting far worse crimes as you see now in every race but you just dont hear about it because the media(controlled by u know who) only depicts the blacks as the less intelligent, and the ones that are the most violent and commit the crimes. One does not see that for centuries they have been commiting crimes but when we mention Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the list is extensive. What give anyone the right to judge a certain race due to a bunch of bad apples in the bag? How come this conversation ends up with discussing Barack Obama and his wife? People who make these comments are insecure with themselves, ignorant, and very jealous of our race.

Stop making stupid comments about others and check your own race before you criticize another! Get a life!

2145 days ago


oh yea who really cares

2145 days ago
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