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Cops: R. Kelly Nephew Shot During Robbery

11/7/2008 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

R. Kelly's 15-year-old nephew was shot yesterday -- and cops say he may have been trying to rob a barbershop.

The nephew might've been shot twice by the store owner, according to police -- but the victim's father Carey Kelly (R.'s brother) says the kid may have just been an innocent victim of someone else who was robbing the store.

The nephew currently is being treated at a Chicago area hospital for a chest wound.

According to FOX 32, cops have the injured nephew's brother -- Brandon -- in custody for the alleged robbery.
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Now that Barack is the president , he will take care of this and give me money too.I know because he said"If I'm elected, I'll take care of my brothers and give you money, that's what he said, I heard him.If you don't believe me ,just ax me, I be truthful like Messiah Obama

2141 days ago


Wise One,

and what white man is responsible for Ruwanda, dalfur etc. I take it your not a fan of YOUR cultures music, otherwise you would understand that "first ho" is a compliment. Affirmative Action seems to be working, no longer needed. MO beautiful, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think she is very manly looking. Probably cause Barrick likes the booys! Girlfriend gotta compete. Will Barrick bring his boyfriend to the white house. oops is it still the white house or is that racist?

2141 days ago


If this 15y/o punk would have had any common sense in his head, instead of going out and trying to rob a barbershop, if he really wanted to have some money all he could have done is just go and ask his uncle....R Kelley. but noooooo, he had to go out and get his ass shot and now he finds himself in a hospital bed with a damn chest wound. PENDEJO!!!!

2141 days ago

Joe Daddy    

I thought these things were in the past now that Obama is the Prez elect.

2141 days ago


aint karma a bit*h he can thank his uncle pp kelly for this

2141 days ago


You people are soooooo...ignorant !!!!!!!!!!!! And learn how to spell !

2141 days ago



2141 days ago


I see some people here can't get over the fact that President Elect Obama will be in the WH soon.

2141 days ago


ax me? whats that about

2141 days ago


Wow, I didn't know this was the hate the blacks site. Yes, you first Lady is an all black woman, highly educated to boot. Those of you calling her a whore get a life. You know nothing about this woman to say these things. Those of you that don't like your new elected president and you are white, sorry but so is he. You speak about black people like whites or any other race are better, that's not the case. You see you show you are no better because of the things you get on line and write about other people. Someone said go back to the cotton field. It's too bad blacks were brought to this country to do the jobs whites didn't want to do. I picked cotton and it's hard work. Some of you don't know the meaning of hard work, but you will if you live long enough. It's sad that your parent didn't raise you to respect other people. Remember you will reap what you sow. Hate begets hate so remember that. Try kindness for a while you will feel better.

2141 days ago

The Heart of the U.S.A    

I am glad that the true feelings are being shown now that we have elected a Person that has a differt hue of skin. Thats why the hate is spewing out. No that the true feelings of the small minded are being spoken we as a nation can start to heal and come to the understandig that skin color means nothing. What matter is what runs through are viens and that is red HUMAN blood which we all share . So if you have had in your heart let it out so it can be filled with peace ,understanding and respect for yourself and your fellow humans GOD BLESS US ALL

2141 days ago


Its unfortunate that the same man who you criticize and make such crude and hateful remarks about him and his family, this is the same man that is in office today, trying to make laws, change laws, do whatever he can to help your IGNORANT behinds. Its pitiful that you have the time to sit on this computer and make racits remarks, wth incomplete sentences and the worst grammar ever and yet this man's goal is to ensure YOU can go to school, get some education, do better for yourself in life. And why point fingers and talk so mean and negative about him? He wants to make this country better for you AND me. Its a chame that people like you, evidently think this country belongs to you. You are above everyone else. You FORCED us over here to work for you for nothing, chained us, whipped us, beat us, hosed us, hung us, for no other reason but because we were black and you believed you were somehow better. And now there is a black man in charge, to ensure YOU DONT work for nothing, you get the right pay, that YOU arent mistreated, YOU dont get killed by terrorists....Like it or not, Barak is President for you, TOO. You probably didnt even VOTE.

2141 days ago


I was ALMOST shocled when reading the headline, but then when reading the article all I could think of was, "So what's new in That One part of the world?" LOL Geez, a score board should be started on a weekly basis to keep score of these low life Moh-Rons. LOL We Are In Tra-Booo As This Crap Starts To Spread Across The Country.

2141 days ago


If he was involved in a robbery than he got what he deserved.

2141 days ago


Should we really surprised......OH MY GOD........This will come down once again, that the minority inner city kids have nothing to do with their time so they turn to crime. Get off your lazy ass and go to work like the rest of us. Be it McDonalds or whatever. Use your brain for something good instead of violence.

2141 days ago
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