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Shows Off Her Puppies

11/7/2008 3:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Love Hewitt was snapped canoodling with man's best friend yesterday.

Hopefully that guy she's engaged to won't get mad.


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Jo lo- help people and their families with foreclosures instead of petting your pooches. People buy your albums to make you rich- poor suckers, now help others.

2141 days ago

Biased information    

I just want anyone who is reading this to know that not all people in the U.S. are as malicious, petty, unbalanced and superficial as most of the people who work for TMZ or who post comments on their site. I read some of the nasty blogs and comments about celebrities and it never fails to amaze me the hateful and disgusting comments people make. I just want everyone to know that most of the U.S. is not this angry and unbalanced. It's just a small fraction of people here who are most likely high on drugs when they write this stuff. I don't know how else to explain it because happy and sane people do not think, feel, talk or write the way many of these insane extremists do on this and many other tabloid sites.

These tabloid sites are a breeding ground for extremism because it give these kind of people an outlet to project their own self-hatred, paranoia and lack of self respect toward innocent celebs. Tabloid sites are a meeting place for like-minded mentally unbalanced people who have nothing better to do than tear into celebrities they don't know. It's very sad that anyone out there is like this. Just realize most of us are not so please don't judge us by the angry vocal minority. Most Americans are nothing like them and we are all amazed that anyone is.

2141 days ago


That's not J-Lo. It's Jennifer Love-Hewitt.

How cute!

2141 days ago


what albums? she's currently the lead actress on Ghost Whisper

2141 days ago


#1 - She's an actress not a singer. She plays on Ghost Whisperer and used to be on Party of Five. Jennifer Lopez is the singer.

2141 days ago


Lucky dogs

2141 days ago


The little "Ankel Biter" probabaly just got done licking his ass, and she looks to be enjoying it!!
Just saying...........

2141 days ago


#4 Geez you just put the same thing on another story..We are no longer angry people in the US since we now have a black man in the White House. Haven't you heard he is making history and we no longer have an worries..Animals and people are dancing together in the streets. We have now become; Camelot.

2141 days ago


To #4

What exactly does "self respect toward innocent celebs" mean? You are an ignorant moron. Go pound sand, jerk off!!

2141 days ago


Jennifer looks just like those 2 dogs-ugly.

2141 days ago

kjk(hates american idol auditions)    


2141 days ago


#1 - It's J-Love NOT J. Lo you idiot!

2141 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

where's her ring?

2141 days ago


Oh yeah... she did come out with an album that bombed! Thanks for reminding me.

2141 days ago

Oh Canada    

Why are you guys so obsessed with the fact that there is a black man in the whitehouse. Yes, it is great for the people that have fought for equality all these years, but get over it. This is not just a black man. You have all chosen this man to lead the country for four years, and I'm afraid that he got elected because he is black. Anyone on here know his plans for the economy, how to bring jobs back? He wants healthcare for all, but, honestly America can't afford it, and everyone knows that. That will be a plan put on the backburner indefinatly. He seems a little to socialist for me. Wanting to give bigger cheques, more money, to those sitting on their ass on the couch. I believe that you get what you WORK for. People aren't going to have a desire to succed if they are losing most of their money to taxes and a guy who works 70 hours a week to get ahead ends up taking home the same money as the guy who worked 20 hours or sitting on his ass on welfare because all of his money will get taxed out.

2141 days ago
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