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Sarah Palin:

The Hits Just Keep Comin'

11/8/2008 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin is still sore from pulling the knife out of her back from fellow Republicans.

The Governor, now back in Alaska, is responding to recent allegations that she didn't know Africa was a continent, and can't name the countries in NAFTA -- calling the people who said them "cruel, mean-spirited, immature, jerks." Palin claims the rumors aren't true, calling them ridiculous.

Tell that to John McCain.

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What goes around will come around, Harvey    

96. Obama is the socialist. You will find out soon enough.

Posted at 10:16PM on Nov 8th 2008 by Mischa

The problem with your argument is that "socialism" is no longer a dirty word in the U.S. Lots of people want it -- probably a majority. So actually, by "warning" us that Obama is a socialist, you're actually enhancing his desirability.

2173 days ago


Hunting is a way of life in Alaska. I am from Washington State and come from a family of hunters; I am not going to pretend like we had to hunt to keep us alive or go all Pioneer Days on you, but it sure does help when you are raising a large family. She represents millions of families across America. I do not forgive the aerial hunting (I found that despicable), but the rest is completely justified. Just because you don't agree with hunting does not make Palin or the rest of us hunters evil people. Just as we find abortion wrong, I don't find people who have abortions evil. We need to learn to agree to disagree in this country in a civilized manner. We have lost that.

People can dump on her intelligence all they want. She opened herself up to it, but people ought to leave her baby and kids alone. And the hunting thing. Her intellect (or lack thereof) is what qualifies her to be or not to be a political leader, not whether she hunts or decides not to abort her baby. I think that deep down THAT bothers all of you more than anything. No one even knew any of this Africa business until after the election. The crucifixion of her started pretty much upon her selection as VP candidate. Her interviews didn't help but that wasn't the real reason people didn't like her. Just my humble little opinion.

2173 days ago


#100: Yikes! That's all I can say. LOL.

2173 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

C'mon people. Palin's job was to be the attack dog. That's the Vice Presidential candidate's traditional role in Presidential campaigns, and Sarah Palin went all out.

However, none of you wanted _her_ to be attacked in return. You reveled in the way that Palin dished it out like there was no tomorrow, but then you went crying like spoiled babies if anyone tried to give it back to her in kind.

Sorry to spoil your childish little fantasy, folks, but in the real world, when a person goes around attacking others, he or she is going to get attacked in return.

So stop shedding your crocodile tears for your poor little attack dog Sarah. She's not getting hit with anything worse than she was happily dishing out for nine weeks.

2173 days ago


The McCain camper that was Palin's coach preparing her for the debate was fired a few weeks before election. He is now employed by Joy Behar, The View. He is writing her materia for her stand up act. Joy advised him to leak this to Carl Cameron of Fox News. Listen to Palin speaking to CNN on Friday saying they took her quotes ourt of context when preparing her for the debates. The X McCain camper fed the info to Joy and Joy's view was leaked to Fox.

2173 days ago


This DID happen to a male VP candidate. Remember Dan Quayle? He was stupid too. He couldn't spell "potato" and he thought that people spoke Latin in Latin America. Shame on the GOP for choosing dimwits as candidates. Thank God Bush won't be around much longer to keep butchering the English language and embarrass us in front of the whole world. Ronald Reagan may have been the smartest Republican ever.
(Except for that veto he gave to funding for Alzheimer's).

2173 days ago


Yes, Jessika, he mentioned "57" states. You didn't get the joke as many others didn't? Do you really need me, as a non-American, to explain that 57-states joke to you? Or are you going to ponder on it a bit, hopefully it will get through your thick skull. You must be one of those that thought Africa is a country far away and Amsterdam is the capital of Denmark. You even might have done the Europe in 8 days tour. Pfffffffffffffff

Sarah Palin might be a pretty lady and a great mother, but she isnt't the brightest bulb on this planet. It is not very eloquent to keep on saying "you betcha". That is no language for a VP candidate for one of the most powerful nations of this world! A pretty lady and a fun mom, don't make her a great political figure. So what she is a shallow dumbo? Who gives a flick and why are most of you taking this so so personal? Why the emotions? Come up with one good reason and I am sure people will give you Sarah Palin fans some slack.

For crying out loud, GROW UP!

2173 days ago


shut the f--ck up...anybody who took poli sci 101 knows that the nafta includes spain, france, canads, mexico and the u.s....everybody knows about NAFTA...shut up...i worked my ass off to pass this class....sarah palin doesn't know this????stop it.....stop trying to explain yourself now...America, ain't interested anymore...............

2173 days ago


#107 yeah to the yes!!!!! dammit....stop, the lady is trying to rectify her ignorance (as in lack of knowledge) America could give a damn now..........retire palin okay?????????????

2173 days ago


#106, if you listened to the whole tape, obama was well aware of the 50 states, ...but since he has a tendancy to pause and think before he speaks...his thoughts came before his words and he paused for a moment and then he rectified what he was saying.......stop trying to hit him up!!! he knows what he says........he's an attorney for goodness sakes.........

2173 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

112. McCain has such honor , he defended Obama every time anyone made a comment about him, but where is he now when his own VP is being talked about? And it would not surprise me if these people on the campaign were Obama supporters all along. Adn the press has now decided to reveal things about Obama after the election. And no one can say Palin did not have experience enough for the VP position when Obama has less experience than her. And he also is not CHANGE! He is putting people in all the positions from the CLinton years who are long old time poloticians, there is no change he is just a left wing liberal period. He told people what they wanted to hear to get elected thats it. The only difference is he is black.

Posted at 8:43AM on Nov 9th 2008 by Shadowwolf

Yes! That must be it, by God! Obama's people must have infiltrated the McCain campaign. Geez, that was so obvious, how could we have overlooked that?

Since Obama's people are being funded by the huge communist-Muslim-Jewish-Catholic-terrorist-racist-Nazi-Antichrist cabal that is plotting to take over the world, they have more than enough resources to provide false identities to these evil spies who insinuated themselves into Our Savior's campaign. They just went to the Federal Reserve to obtain the money they needed from the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and Bavarian Illuminatti who run that organization.

But these people are so crafty, that there is an even deeper layer to this plot. It turns out that Sarah Palin is actually an agent of this cabal! Yes, Palin is a plant. The Evil Puppetmasters manipulated Our Savior's campaign in order to put Palin on the ticket. Her instructions were to energize the Republican "base" at the expense of the millions of moderate voters who had been in the Republican pocket for years. This sent the moderates scurrying into Obama's camp and ensured his victory, and this has led to the current self-destruction of Our Savior's holy and sacred Republican Party.

The Lords of Evil are now laughing as they watch the Republicans turn on each other and stab one another in the back.

2172 days ago


I am glad that she is standing up for herself. I just wish John McCain would put these rumors to rest. She is a strong conservative woman and liberal women and the media do not like that. I do not agree with Sarah Palin on some issues but I am in her corner. Bobby Jindal for President in 2012

2172 days ago

samantha in pa    

can this b*tch just go away already! i couldn't wait until the election was over so I wouldn't have to hear from or see this brainless twit again. now she's back in the friggin news! and what makes people think she's gonna win even if she does run in 2012 is beyond me. she's still gonna be the same old dumb hillbillie in 2012 that she is now. we didn't vote her in this time and we sure as hell aren't gonna vote her in next time. and it's funny how alllll you pathetic Mccain supporters are blaming the media for this when all of this is coming from your own people..the REPUBLICAN party... H E L L O! man you guys need to get it together. i'm really starting to feel sorry for you. LOL

2172 days ago

Rebie Johnson    

#22 Pattie in Cali, I need to know is it Cali, Colombia, cause it sure sound like you just snorted a kilo!!! Don't be stupid- what is sarah palin qualified for? Run in 2012, are you serious or is it the after effects??????

2172 days ago


108. shut the f--ck up...anybody who took poli sci 101 knows that the nafta includes spain, france, canads, mexico and the u.s....everybody knows about NAFTA...shut up...i worked my ass off to pass this class....sarah palin doesn't know this????stop it.....stop trying to explain yourself now...America, ain't interested anymore...............

Posted at 5:05AM on Nov 9th 2008 by vlo

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -

Where the hell did you go to school? SPAIN is NOT involved in's part of Europe! Jeez, people, it's not that difficult..look at a map of the continent itself and you will see only 3 large countries. This is pathetic that so many people are so ignorant to something that's so simple. Sad, sad, sad.

2172 days ago
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