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'W.' Isn't Bush League

11/10/2008 5:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George W. Bush really could be this dumb: Turns out he may actually have seen "W.", and actually liked it.

So says Josh Brolin, the guy who played the Prez in Oliver Stone's flick. He tells the Chicago Sun-Times, "I understand he's seen the picture, and liked it." Let's review: The film is two hours of Bushie boozing, womanizing, choking dramatically on pretzels, and leaving pretty much the fate of the Western world up to Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, chuckling all the while.

Of course, the official line from the WH is the president has had "much more important things to do than comment on this ridiculous movie."


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I saw the movie and thought it was pretty good. You walk away feeling kinda sorry for W, and I don't even like him. You also walk away with high admiration for Colin Powell and disgust at Cheney! We are in iraq because of Cheney and the fct Bush did have the balls to stand up to him, which is why I think Cheney has been banished to the backwoods and no one hears from him anymore.

2143 days ago

who cares    

BTW...did you know that Obama saw the picture " The time when the USA was governed by terrorists" and loved it?

2143 days ago


The film is about the rise to power of a C student who thinks planning for the future means doing whats best for himself. Here's the conspiracy, uninformered voters elect ignorant leaders. The film is not judgemental.

2143 days ago


Dear Josh I know your movie is tanking.... Most review sites are giving it a C as are audiences and it must of been disheartening to get beaten By a Dog movie. However now this is just one bad movie its not like you dont have other fine feature films to showcase your acting ability like Planet Terror(2007) The Goonies you know I better stop there before I get depressed

2143 days ago


The movie is Oliver Stone's take on the President. It isn't fact. The only ones that could pass judgment on GWB are other Presidents. Anyone else has no idea what it's like.

2143 days ago


George Bush is dumb!

2143 days ago


Thank G-d he is almost gone. a few short months left...

2143 days ago

Proud American    

I didn't see the movie. I've had enough of Bush to last two lifetimes. I'm SO happy to see him go. George W is as dumb as a box of bricks, and a drunk. How in the hell, is the President at the World Olympics, drunk as a skunk? His whole presidency was a cruel joke!

2143 days ago


Doesn't Brolin have to go beat his wife or cheat on her? And he judges others? Hmmm...

2143 days ago


George Bush is DUMB???...excuse me but who elected him....TWICE?

at least you got it right this time...........

Now what else can he F@#K up in his remaining time there?

2143 days ago


So we're making fun of him for having a sense of humor about himself?

2143 days ago


I feel sad for the Arkansas news reporter who got beat to death who had a bit part in the movie. She looked so much like Anna Nicole.

2143 days ago


So just because Josh Brolin says this means it is true? Well, at least Brolin had the balls to put his name with this rumour, unlike the anonymous comments on Palin by the McCain camps sore losers.

2143 days ago


Enjoy the movie folks, because there will be no making fun of our president-elect.......unless you want to be called a racist. He will have carte blanche with the race card.

2143 days ago


Weapon of mass destruction, loves war. His dad Bush Sr. also tried to start a war. Bush got American F@ck up job losses, wants war I'd draft his a@@ I don't care how old he is.

2143 days ago
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