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Lindsay Lohan: Hooray for the "Coloreds"

11/11/2008 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is it 1945 again? Lindsay Lohan is now calling Barack Obama America's first "colored president."
Lindsay Lohan: Click to watch!
The clip currently appears on "Access Hollywood's" website. And here's the most shocking thing -- neither she nor Maria Menounos acknowledged it.


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#46 "
I think your phrase "Obama is an American pure, plain, simple" needs to be investigated before you make it a fact
Posted at 12:00PM on Nov 11th 2008 by JM"

If you have some evidence put up or shut up.

2173 days ago


Consider the source people!!! This is the same drunkass, coochie flashing, waste of space that we have all come to know and loathe. I would be offended if this chick actually had a damn brain.

2173 days ago


So if we are to be all "one race" then we should shut down Mexican restuarants, Chinese take-outs and Pizza Huts because they represent a particular culture?

2173 days ago

Ann Swain    

HE IS NOT BLACK!!! He is a man of color!!! As he said, he is a "mutt," not a Black Lab. As a woman in an inter-racial marriage of 35 years with one daughter, I have raised her to know that she is bi-racial. Journalists, society, and our own U.S. Census Bureau may not wish to recognize this population of 1.6 million, but they exist and they are NOT black and they are NOT white (heavens no could they possibly be called white!). Tiger set everyone straight (especially the black community who wanted to annoint him as "the first"), Halle Berry did so at the podium, Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey have been informative and adamant. Bi-racial offspring enjoy and benefit coming from two cultures. Barack would not have been elected had he been black.

2173 days ago


Okay first of all, Obama is black it is so funny to me that now he is mixed his Mother is white his Dad is black he is black...his wife is black and his children is he is mixed why becuase he is in the "white" house? if he was of the streets and doing unjust things and his momma was white and his dad was black then he would be the another black man committing a is sad to say that some people just don't give credit where credit is due. god forbid he gets into that "white" house and does something that is not pleasing to some people watch how black he becomes then. If he is not black then why all the hate crimes with the kkk and skin heads and and the horrible pitures of things hanging from trees etc? bottom line, "Black Americans" have made history and for the one that commented on he is not the first black president, name one that admitted to being black? That African American gene that he has then is very dominate because if it looks like a duck quacks like a duck then what the hell?

2173 days ago

not a dumbass    

to the people who say race doesn't matter ... well, it does obviously. Or people wouldn't make such a big deal about it. Stop pushing your elitist, arrogant thinking on the rest of us. Just because you have some guilt complex doesn't mean that everyone else should acknowledge your stupidity and agree with you that race doesn't matter. we are all different and that's what makes this country ... this world even, so great. please stop trying to blur lines and diminish accomplishments and progressive thinking. Also, we have NOT had a black president before. that's idiotic.

congratulations to obama for breaking down a barrier; for being the first qualified black person to get on the ticket, run for president, and win (yay!)

oh, and who cares if lindsay lohan said "colored"? --- if people didn't make such a big deal out of something as stupid as that (i mean, whites have been called whites forever ... not a big deal) - black, negro, colored, african-american (the worst by far) ... that's why no one knows what to say!!!

2173 days ago


49. So if we are to be all "one race" then we should shut down Mexican restuarants, Chinese take-outs and Pizza Huts because they represent a particular culture?

Posted at 12:09PM on Nov 11th 2008 by Tangina

lol so true

2173 days ago


#51 "49. So if we are to be all "one race" then we should shut down Mexican restaurants, Chinese take-outs and Pizza Huts because they represent a particular culture?"

Look up the difference between race and culture.

2173 days ago

not a dumbass    

omg! julian meteor is a complete moron! how funny!!!!!!

oh wait first "i am black and my view is ..." (since my great-great-great grandfather was black, i guess I am, too, according to the posts here). Anyway, I am black and my view is that Julian Meteor is a complete dumbass.

2173 days ago


What about the race-based organization National Association for the Advancement of 'COLORED' People?

2173 days ago


i am amazed that she said colored .we should just call all white people colorless people and hispanics medium colored peopleand black people colored

2173 days ago

The smart one    

Julian Meteor.....let me start my comment with I'm not black but I am offended at Lindsay and not only am I offended by her but now by YOU. You are just as bad as her with your comment that you are only concerned with the views of black people because only they are offended...really? Because I was very offended by what she said BECAUSE this is the year 2008, almost 2009 and NO ONE should be talking like that. FURTHERMORE, no one person, no matter what tone of skin they have, is better than anyone. NOT ONE! You have a lot to learn about humanity!

2173 days ago


i didn't know we were coloring presidents let me get my colorless and medium colored crayons

2173 days ago


I love America because we are a nation of many different cultures. Go to just about any other country/region in the world and they usually don't have one tenth of the tolerance and respect for different cultures other than the indigenous one. So if any of you are offended by certain cultures, please feel free to pack your grip and go find another one that is not a hodge podge of immigrants who love demoracy and freedom like America...You'd be hard pressed to find such a wonderful place.

When I look at President Elect Obama, I see a sophisticaed educated man who loves his family as much as he loves this country. President Obama called himself a "Mutt". We are all "mutts". We are a people of many cultures and many languages so get used to it.

As per Obama's melanin, he is our first DARK president or as Ray Nagin might call him...our first Chocolate President.


2173 days ago


Oh no she didn't! Doesn't she realize that we are ALL a color? Bless her heart. ")

2173 days ago
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