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Criminal Investigation in Garrett Case

11/12/2008 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they will open a criminal investigation into the confrontation last night between Brad Garrett and a slew of photogs.
Brad Garrett: Click to watch
As we first reported, Garrett was leaving Dan Tana's restaurant in West Hollywood when photogs descended. After a few minutes, a clearly irritated Garrett smacked a camera and challenged the photogs to a fight. One cameraman called Garrett a "tall faggot."

We're told someone came to the cop shop and filed a police report, listing Garrett as the "suspect." Cops are investigating a possible criminal battery.

Story developing ...


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Now hurry up, your both gonna be late to Burger king!!

2172 days ago


THIS IS INSANE! You can say hat you want about stars, glitz, glam..what they want blah blah. The truth is the pop camera people are out of control. There should be protection from these guys. They need to keep appropriate distance from their shot in order to keep everyone safe. The camera guys are WAY too close to the person/s they are shooting and cause panic and fear to everyone they shoot. Some camera guys are respectfull....but many are not. I hope something is done about this soon. I dont mind watching the stars and what they do every day... but dont throw cameras in their face run around them like a bunch of goons. Its not photo journalism... its hunting with camera's.

2172 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Probably won't be long before some celeb pulls a .45 and blows away a horde of instigating, smart ass paps. Instead of being prosecuted, the city will probably throw the celeb a ticker-tape parade. Keep pushing, tmz et. al. Sooner or later you're gonna get what you got coming to ya. It won't be the Big Sleep, but it will be a long sleep for you and yours. Counting the moments until... Adios.

2172 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Can't wait till a celeb goes postal on you, tmz, and hits you with what you deserve, a la Charles Bronson in Death Wish. Won't be nearly as funny to you then, will it? "Pop, pop, pop went the shot; then the horde of paps dropped."

2172 days ago


I cannot believe ANYONE is blaming Brad for this. Those nasty ass stalker/paparazzi were all over him and not leaving him alone. It is bad enough getting a shot of him but they just CLUNG to him and violated his rights for a long time. Brad - PEPPER SPRAY! If they are close enough to get hit with pepper spray when you spray it, then they are too close.

All this BS people are writing about celebs HAVE to take this crap from the paparazzi because it is the price of being an actor is pure CRAP. They have rights to privacy, as well. To make celebs "fair game" because they are talented actors and actresses will eventually keep a lot of talented people from acting, singing, performing in public because they will not want to go through the hell paps put them through and we will just end up with ONLY a bunch of less talented attention whores.

Celebs already have the burden of being recognized by many people everywhere they go and fans wanting autographs and to touch them. They don't need a gaggle of nasty pap vultures hanging around, too.

For those of you saying that I am coming to this site, so I encourage paps, you are WRONG. I do NOT want to see this kind of story or these kinds of shots and I am always outspoken about this. There is other news that is not gotten by stalking celebs and file pics are used.

2172 days ago


When someone says enough, then they have had enough. Just because hes a celebrity doesn't matter. One can be pushed only so far. The paps had all the time in the world to take their pics. Brad was nice at first, but the paps pushed & pushed, now look what happened. Whats it going to take for these damn paps to get the hint to leave people alone when they ask it?

2172 days ago


TMZ and other celcb sites hires these ex-convicts to take pictures of stars, all they do is say nasty things to the celebs and than complain when they react violently! Paps DESERVE a good beat down!!!

2172 days ago


It comes with the territory. He was lucky with Everybody loves Ray. Good cast.. But, his time is over now. Someone should tell him how to work the paps to his favor, it may help his career. I doubt it tho.

2172 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Work with the paps? Don't think that the paps are filmmakers, writers, or producers.So "working with the paps" to advance one's career is kind of an embarrassing and ignorant statement, isn't it, Bob?

2172 days ago


Brad Garrett needs to move to another city before he gets his head handed to him. I agree that the pap was out of line but that happens. The future problem for Brad is now everyone knows that he will make an ass of himself with a little prodding. He's toast. There are only about a million places to eat in that area that aren't paparazzi hangouts. Brad went looking for publicity and found it. Maybe he should hook up with Jennifer Aniston.

2172 days ago


Stick a camera in my face when I don't want it around and you'g get a smack down also. Paps have NO respect and are greedy trolls, they PROVOCT the stars to lash out at them.....Calling someone a name just to get a rise out of them to get that famous shot worth thousands is not being respectful you Money Hungry Troll.

Pap's + Low lives = Money Hungry Trolls

2172 days ago

Red Bull 420    

Carry a big Magnet and crash those cams....gotta out smart them Brad.

2172 days ago


This guy w/the camera who calls himself a "photojournalist" is an unethical piece of crap who gives our profession a bad name! I am a professional photojournalist for a legitimate news station and the first rule of thumb that you learn as a photojournalist is to not provoke a situation! Never in a million years would I goad a person into a confrontation.

2172 days ago


TEAM BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2172 days ago

To see or not to see    

It's obvious that the paparazzi are not there to simply take a couple
of photos: they got enough of them. What they want is an incident.

What will happen if someday a crazy stalker with a camera will
deceptively approach a celebrity and then shot a bullett or throw
an acid solution at him?
Can we hope to have any law protecting people from this kind of
harassing paparazzi mob then? Maybe a rule asking that they get a
photographer licence and keep a certain distance?

And, yes, I'm coming to this site but I don't enjoy seeing this kind
of «news».

2172 days ago
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