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Suge Sues Kanye: Your Fault I Got Shot, Robbed

11/12/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suge Knight is picking a nasty fight with Kanye West over a diamond earring -- 3 years after the broke-ass record mogul was shot and then allegedly robbed of his ice at one of Kanye's parties.
Suge Knight: Click to view!
Suge -- who recently filed for bankruptcy -- blames Kanye for allowing someone to smuggle a gun past security at West's pre-MTV VMA party at The Shore Club in Miami back in 2005, where an unknown person managed to shoot Suge in his upper right leg, shattering a bone.

According to the lawsuit filed on September 12 in US Bankruptcy Court in L.A., Suge claims he didn't just lose blood -- he also lost a 15-carat, $135,000 diamond stud earring inside the club during the incident -- and that too is Kanye's fault.

Now Suge, who claims he was so hurt that he needed to take a private jet back from Miami, is suing for all his bullet wound-related expenses AND "for damages for the loss of use and enjoyment of the earring." But check this -- even though Suge is bankrupt, he's worked out a deal with the Court that will allow him to keep a percentage of any dough he collects from the suit.

We shot a call over to Kanye's people, but haven't heard back.


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LOL That man had what was coming to him. He needs to leave Kanye alone.

2133 days ago


Haha, this bankrupt foo is trying to cash out on a success.

2133 days ago


what a hoe..some "gangsta" his fat, soft, sweet arse turned out to be.

2133 days ago


Why is it that Americans sue over every little thing??
American television is riddled with adverts for lawyers
willing to help anyone sue for anything....
Odd, very odd.

2133 days ago


Hehe, there's a certain satisfaction in watching Suge scrounge for money. The only thing sweeter is watching him go after the crybaby Kanye for it...

2133 days ago

damn ur dumb    

If memory serves my correctly, hasn't he been involved in a couple of music awards brawls? Not to mention that some of his close contacts have been known to "mysteriously" wind up either dead or missing. And now he has the nerve to complain about someone else smuggling something past security. He is a monster and nobody else is to blame for whatever karma brings him.

2133 days ago

damn ur dumb    

He is very sick and evil. On some talk show, he was talking about things one can do to an enemy....and one he mentioned was what he called the "Easy E" technique...about how you can inject one of your enemy's with Aids. You can find this video on youtube. It's something you have to see to believe.

2133 days ago


Suge is just reaping what he has sown for all these years. You can't get out of this life without paying for your sins. the greater the sins the greater the dues.

2133 days ago


Has somebody got a couple of extra prozac tablets they ain't gonna be needing? And while you're at it if you know a good Urologist have'em give the Suge-man a call. Cause old Sugee has got some pretty big cojones and he might want to get some extra stitching done around the seams to re-inforce them! You know some of the "gangsta" boyz are gonna serve old Sugee his "brass oneds" on a silver platter.......p0robably sooner rather than later. Old Sugee sounds as if he was "huffing" jet fuel.........cause the man is flying way, way off the handle. The man either has a death wish or he put down a bet in Vegas where the over/under was 60 days before someone re-introduces him to a sweet left hook and puts Sugee on his ass or a diet of heavy in a steady stream of lead bullitts. OUCH!!! Either way ya just don't go sticking a wet finger into an electrical outlet and expect nothing to happen. So dear friends if you're anywhere close to Sugee anytrime soon learn to stop, drop and roll..........way, way outta the way!

2133 days ago


1. LOL That man had what was coming to him. He needs to leave Kanye alone.

Posted at 5:06AM on Nov 12th 2008 by Whatev

I agree that he should leave Kanye West alone. Im no fan of Kanye at all but Suge Knight is an old has-been just looking to get money off him cuz he's young, famous and very rich.

2133 days ago

Rebie Johnson    


2133 days ago


Whoever shot him should of finished the job. He is a broke fat ass that only bullies people into seeing things his way. The man has no purpose on this earth anymore. If he died tomorrow, nobody would miss him. He should of stayed in jail and bunked with OJ.

2133 days ago

northern gypsy    

blah...blah...blah...go run that game on someone who lard-a$$ broke gangsta...

2133 days ago


"for damages for the loss of use and enjoyment of the earring."

omg, hes grasping at straws at this point! thats just ridiculous!!

2133 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Anyone who pays 135,00 for an earring obviously has enough money to waste to buy another one. Who cares if he lost his stupid earring. And who cares if he was shot. Him being shot is just a minor payback for all the dirt he has done.

@ braindamaged, you're right...anyone who is brave enough to be in his entourage does need to learn how to stop, drop, and roll. I hope they have the speed to outrun a bullet too.

@ 2 should haunt his a$$

2133 days ago
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