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Brad Tells Jen to Shut It

11/13/2008 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt allegedly was none too happy about Jen Aniston slamming his baby mama in Vogue mag.

The Chicago Sun-Times cites a "very close source" of Brangelina who says AJ and BP were "totally thrown" by the Aniston interview, in which she said Ange was "uncool" for yapping about the beginnings of Brangelina in public. So much so, a source tells the paper, Brad actually called Jen to complain.

Aniston's people say any communication between Brad and Jen is "nobody's business."


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Brad Pitt is just like a lot of married men-can't keep it in his pants. Someday he will dump the homewrecker for a much younger version. Kids or no kids.

2139 days ago


It WAS uncool! I think Jen is entitled to get it out of her system. If Brangelina did not want to hear about how uncool it was, they should not have been uncool. Get over it. I hate saying it, because I think they have done a lot of good, but good people do uncool things. It is human to be uncool. It is also human to get over it.

2139 days ago


Even if Jen and Brads Marriage was already on the downslope that doesn't give Brad the 'go ahead' to start CHEATING on his wife!!! Jen has been nothing but professionaly over the whole 'husband cheater stolen by a a man eater sex pot', I say good for her for sticking up for herself and doesn anyone else thing that Brad ain't so hot anymore??? Thank goodness she has a steamy musician in John Mayer!! GO TEAM JEN!!!!

2139 days ago


Hey Brad, I'm from Shawnee too.... Glad to hear you did so well. Man, getting in between the legs of Jen AND Angelina is one hell of an accomplisment. You GO DUDE!!! You're a role model for all us guys from Shawnee Oklahoma who didn't make it. Go get some more!

2139 days ago


Brad would never have fallen in love with Angie if his marriage to Jen had been a good one. Clearly, it was over and it took his falling in love for him to accept that fact. Yes, it's regrettable that Brad did not have the gumption to realize his marriage was over and leave Jen earlier. But how many couples do you know in "walking dead" marriages? The love is gone, as is everything else, but it's comfortable and easy to keep the status quo. So, they keep on going on autopilot.

Because of Brad's unfortunate timing, is Angelina forever denied the romantic nostalgia that every other couple has? "This is how we met..." "This is how we fell in love..." If they're in love and happy, let them gush about it as other happy and in love couples do. If Brad and Jen had been in love and happy, he never would have left her. Happy men don't look around.

2139 days ago

rational thinker    

Yes, we all feel bad for Jen. BUT as much as we feel bad for her, she needs to move on. It is true that someone can't steal your spouse. There has to be something already broken. And we do not know all the complexities of Jen and Brad's relationship.

And I don't think Angelina needs to censor what she says about her relationship, unless she wants to go the extra mile to be nice.

2139 days ago

Totally disappointed with TMZ    

This further shows the lack of respect that Brad Pitt had for his marriage to Jen. Jen is a class act and is actually being very kind in her comments. I can only imagine the things she could share that Brad probably said to her to reassure her he would NEVER cheat on her with Angelina. Bottom line - Brad and Angelina began a relationship while filming and long before he and Jen separated. That's adultry plain and simple!!! I'm sure he was telling Jen the whole time she had nothing to worry about and he was "hitting" the obviously very morally challenged Angelina behind Jen's back. Oh and Angelina is the same one who said she could never fall for a man who would cheat on his wife. PLZ!!!! But, she ran off with an engaged man who was living with his fiance (ie Billy Bob). I am sick to death of her and Brad being praised constantly for their humanitarian efforts because I really question their motives because of examples of behavior like this. The simple fact that she would say these things (showing how tacky she is) and he would defend her (what a pig), instead of being respectful of his marriage to Jen. Angelina's dad was right in that she has shown a history of "unbalanced" behavior. This is the same woman that used to play with knives as a form of warped foreplay, has had multiple unhealthy relationships, carried around viles of blood, made out with her brother in public....GEEZ. Jen is the real winner in this one. If Brad chooses someone this morally vacant then he will get what he deserves in the end and Jen will get the last laugh. Just wait and see.

2139 days ago

Bostonian Woman    

As far as your acting skills, I really do like all of your styles individually. As people, you are also quite individual. If you are truly hurt Brad, why did you not make a similar comment after Angelina bragged about your relationship beginnings. I strongly believe that all affairs should NOT be subject matter for the masses. Otherwise, how can we teach our children how to treat each other? Do not get me wrong, divorce is necessary at times but not at the expense of one partner's feeling over the other. Cheating is soooo easy in today's society. Personally, I was disgusted by Angelina’s remarks. It hit home (I can tell you that I am not the only one who feels this way) when I saw Angelina's remarks at every store's check-out stand. My ex-husband treated me similar and left me for another woman in 2005 (We have 2 children together) ... I have kept it to myself for the protection of my children. Good luck expressing your truthful views to your children. However, Brad and Angelina … do not express your views to my CHILDREN. You do have a lot of STAR power... just do not ABUSE it...!!!

I am in support of Jennifer… but now is a good time to give it all a rest… Angelina and Brad just continue living your life and leave your “Love for each other” out of the press.

2139 days ago


You people kill me!!! You may want to revisit the NY Times interview again. There are plenty of holes in both of the ladies stories. Angelina blatantly said they developed an affection for each other on the set, but didn't act on it. True or not, we will never really know. However, you can't argue the fact that the duo weren't ever seen together until after Brad and Jen decided to split. Sorry but when you call it quits and are just waiting on the formalities to make it final, that isn't cheating. Besides, do you really think for a second that Brad and Angelina could have possibly escaped the stalkarazzi over the course of about 8 months without getting caught in someway? If you said yes, please contact me for some space property near the sun I am trying to sell.

As to Jen...this may just in fact show that she has problems. How many men have dumped her and moved on to greener pastures? You know it's real easy to throw the blame on Brad here, but IF he did go out hunting, maybe she wasn't fulfilling her wedding promises to him. Maybe she is actually the prude that her Friends castmates and set workers have referred to forever.

Her interview only further solidifies that point when she says no man will be able to say he broke up with her again. This is life and you have to be flexible in just about every way and comprimise at points. No one can be as frigid and rigid as she appears to be and expect not to become that "old cat lady in the big house" if they don't learn to play with others.

Call Angelina whatever you like, her skin is pretty thick. But you need to aim your bitch cannon at Jen too. She has gone through 4 men since the divorce, all splitting with her not the other way around. Angelina has had 2 major relationships since what 1996? Big descrency here in people thought process.

2139 days ago


Wow, lot's of bitter women on here LMAO! Get a grip.

2139 days ago

just wondering    

Brad needs a bath and the breeder needs to get her tubes tied.

2139 days ago



2139 days ago


Jennifer has always been too nice in the way she reacted to Brad's infidelity. To all those people who say things about why he left her and about her looks, that's ridiculous. If they were just regular folks and this had happened, the wife would have had plenty to say about the woman who her husband got involved with while married to her. Jen tried to take the high road while Brangelina flaunted their affair all over the world. If Jolie had any class she would just keep the details to herself, she is a selfish person. If Brad has a problem with Jen reacting to what Angie said in her interview, then he is a hypocrite. I also don't think Jen still loves him, it's just a matter of common decency. They are all attractive and talented people, but the difference is in the moral compasses.

2139 days ago


Jen still has the wantabe victim role , SHE IS NOT A VICTIM.

At her age using totally uncool? Ugh!

Also, the work on Mr. & Mrs.Smith was from sources behind the scenes , because it was an action shoot'em up flick that yes it was FUN to go to work.

So Jen, shut the hell up. More to the point shouldn't your old BF have told you that he knew if something was going on? You know Vince?

You are so OVER. Movies with little or no substance, you are NO Angie, no Oscar for you , not even a nod.

If only people really knew what you are really like. They'd recoil in disgust.

2139 days ago


It's inevitable that Pitt and Jolie have some deep seated, unspoken suspicions about each other. There's no way around the truth that if somebody will do it WITH you, they'll eventually do it TO you. So to all you gushy, happy-headed romantics, they will not last. Guaranteed.

2139 days ago
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