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Brad Tells Jen to Shut It

11/13/2008 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt allegedly was none too happy about Jen Aniston slamming his baby mama in Vogue mag.

The Chicago Sun-Times cites a "very close source" of Brangelina who says AJ and BP were "totally thrown" by the Aniston interview, in which she said Ange was "uncool" for yapping about the beginnings of Brangelina in public. So much so, a source tells the paper, Brad actually called Jen to complain.

Aniston's people say any communication between Brad and Jen is "nobody's business."


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Sheryl Crow said in many interviews that Jennifer dumped Brad-look it up on the I-net. So what is she still complaining about? Is Jennifer now going to give an interview every time something is said by Angie about her relationship with Brad. Only Jennifer and Brad knows what happened and they should leave it there.

2106 days ago


Just a couple of observations...

The whole reason she opened up to this journalist after all of this time, as the article says, was because THIS journalist from Vogue was the same one who interviewed Angelina for the article Jen is referencing...lucky for Ang, Jen was nice enough to say most of the comments "off the record," if you read the article from Vogue...

And for so many people saying that they marriage ended because Jen didn't want kids...were you there? Do you know what was REALLY going on? Or are you getting your info from the tabloids, like most of the other stuff we hear? The only things you can really be sure of are the things that come straight out of their mouths...

Angelina is really classless to discuss all of this we really care that she and Brad bathe together? Do we really care about hearing how she broke up a marriage? Do we really care how many kids they have or adopt? Just an example of one couple who is WAY too in love with themselves...

2106 days ago

mickey lou    

They should all shut up & just act!
You got a cheater, a hubby stealer & a gal who can't keep her dog on thee porch!

2106 days ago


Boo hoo bitches! I totally agree with #8! I mean come on she is nothing but a homewrecker and he is a fine example of a low life man who can't keep it in his pant's! Do they really expect her not to have any bad feeling's or to share them??!! Pa leeze!!! and all of you people who said she deserved it or brought it on herself, how the hell do you know? You guy's are probably the one's who like to run around a get a little extra on the side too! Does anyone believe in marriage anymore?

2106 days ago

Alicia Espinoza    

Jennifer Aniston, speak up and ventilate with your jet-star tenderness.

Angela and Brad will have to deal with the truth. I would not be surprised, if
that home wreaker pressured Brad to make that phone to Jennifer.

2106 days ago

Harvey's Mom    

I know people who worked on Friends and they said Jen was always late and a real hand full at times.

I also know people in Hollywood who say Angelina is a complete NUT!

How did Brad get himself in between both these ladies?

Either way, I doubt Brad and Angelina care what Jen said in her last interview. It's old news and everyone has moved on.
The only reason these stars talk about the past is to get some publicity, which becomes addicting when your face isn't on the covers anymore.

All for not, Jennifer Aniston's career is heading no where and Brad and Angelina both still have staying power.

But really who cares?

2106 days ago


People aren't required to have babies to have a relationship idiots! I'm sure she told brad before they got married she didn't want a child. And he went ahead with the marriage anyway, obviously brad gave the impression it was ok with him!!!

2106 days ago


OK, people fall in love....thats fine, but for AJ to put out there in public about how her relationship with BP started is totally disrespectful, but not suprising. AJ does alot of good things for alot of "needy" people, but that doesnt mean she has one ounce of class in her body. Jenn has shown more class during her seperation and divorce from Brad than most people could have. She has remained quiet up until AJ decided to go public about how she just couldnt wait to see Brad at work. Obviously Brad did not respect his marriage to Jenn. Jenn is sooo much better off, and who cares what Brad thinks. He did this to himself.

2106 days ago


Jolie does not speak to her father or allow him to see his grandchildren because he cheated on her mom so many years ago. She cheats with Pitt while he is still married to Jennifer. Jolie gives an interview last year about her and Pitt falling in love while making the movie Mr & Mrs. Smith and Jennifer is not suppose to say anything. She has been quiet long enough. Remember she was ask the question during an interview with a magazine. What is she suppose to do lie? Pitt is a low life for cheating on his wife and Jolie is was she is, most beautiful woman in the world, I think not, nasty skank is more like it.

2106 days ago

Lisa Kelly    

I hope this story is not true - throughout this entire drama, Aniston has remained silent and classy. It is the Pitt/Jolie team that has stepped outside of the box on what is morally appropriate, or certainly Jolie anyway, and frankly I think it is about time Aniston said something. I happen to think Jolie is a hugely talented actress - immense talent - but anyway you look at it the woman is a freak show. Blood around the neck, knifes, inappropriate behavior with her brother ........I while I do respect her new direction in life, she is the one who has continually dropped hints on their relationship and when it started.
Aniston was obviously deeply pained by this - and responding is more than appropriate - her husband had not even moved out when they did the family portrait in W - break ups are painful enough.......when it's headline news every day I cannot imagine the pain she has endured - so Brad, back off - it's about time we saw this side of Aniston saying what we all simply know - Angelina is a superstar in the talent area, and a lightweight in the morals area.

2106 days ago


This makes me so happy that Jen said something. I really hate Angelina. She is a whore that the world thinks she's great (why? I don't know!). Jen and Brad where a great couple. She is way prettier and better than Angelina. Hopefully Brad will pull his head out of his ass and realize he's made the biggest mistake of his like leaving and cheating on Jennifer.

Angelina-you should be sickened by yourself, BTW, if Brad did this to her, why on earth don't you think he'll do this to you? Hopefully he doesn't work with another whore like you on his next movie,


2106 days ago


It's a little late for Brad to worry about Angie's reputation or his own. Jennifer has shown what a true classy woman can be. What goes around comes around. I don't predict Angie will be true to Brad.

2106 days ago

Get a Life Jen    

Funny how judgemental people are here, and such haters, as if anyone has done 1/tenth or millionth of the good that Angelina has done; while Jen's claim to fame is a haircut, an ex more popular than her and relentless shopping mania; aside from the many low personal comments, just a basic fact list;
- Jen refused to have kids for her stunning career; said career is clearly not award winning, which reminds everyone that her acting ability is so B, sub par, and damn, there are actually other women who have kids and careers without her millions of cash; her 2 claims to fame are because her hairdresser gave her a good haircut, pathetic, and who she dated
- Jen's issues created problems in her marriage and it was on the rocks; was separated from Brad for at least 6 months before he started filming movie with Angelina
- Angeline was a very busy single mom while filming movie with Brad, but went home at night to be a mom, not sleeping over little Brad's, so no big juicy affair for the gossips to rip apart; and they were mobbed by paparazzi all the time, slim to no opportunity
- Jen opens her big mouth in magazine over and over and over, because other than Brad, she would never make the news; resend the memo - Jen, America has been over your hair and that old show Friends a loooooong time ago; but then she says it's nobody's business about Brad calling her to say WTF, airing bitterness publicly is crossing the line and so long ago - and really low class, I mean really can you picture a Queen, Jackie O, Grace Kelly or other high class person doing this.
Get over it already Jen, move the Fu!! on, like there aren't REAL damn problems in our country! Are you effen kidding me?! The world is not about YOU and your sulking rich empty useless life, has done nothing to make the world one teeny bit better with your hundreds of millions of dollars while people are losing jobs, can't buy food and losing homes. Stop the manic shopping and whining about something YEARS ago and do something useful with your shallow self involved life.

2106 days ago


Um, SP and AJ are not saints that deserve to be protected. Uncool is an understatment describing their whorish, lying, cheating behavior, and I don't know why it took so long for JA to call them out on it.

2106 days ago



2106 days ago
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