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Pacman's Only Pals Say He Screwed Them, Too

11/13/2008 2:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So everyone knows Pacman Jones is a douchebag. Who even knows (who cares) if he'll play football again.

But he's decided to alienate the last few people who might've taken his side -- his lawyers. They say in a lawsuit he owes them $23K in fees he never paid.

So now it's official. Pacman has no more friends -- even the ones he pays.

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Loud and talentless    

Stay tuned ... I'm sure that some lawyer will twist this into a RACIAL thing. Watch your back Commissioner!

2136 days ago

Like it matters...    

I don't know who are worse thugs...Pacman Jones or defense attorneys. The attorneys are bigger crooks though.

2136 days ago


why the f*** is everyone decided that Adam is an A*Hole. I think he has some issues, who doesnt, look at Britney shes got mad issues but people still love that dumb b*tch. I think people need to worry about themselves and their issues instead of his. I hope he gets to play football again because he is good at it and he deserves to. Its all about race look at Matt Jones he did coke in front of a cop and told the cop he wanted to kill himself and no one talks about that if Adam can be expelled for having issues with a peson in the organization than Matt Jones should not be playing either cause he acted up in front of police and that is definatly against NFL policy.

2136 days ago

Loud and talentless    

Lawyers certainly can be devious. On the other hand ... this guy spits drinks in a woman's face if she has the good sense not to want to have ANYTHING to do with him. He should be in prison for his band of HOODRATS that paralyzed the bouncer. Oh well, he'll be in prison soon, (and of course if will be anybody's fault but his own). Another generation of social misfits!

2136 days ago


It's not color or pro sports or anything more really than universal big fame and money anywhere. Some folks can handle and some can't. If I had to place money, I'd day this guy is ego-tripping and it probably started a long time ago, and his head is so wacked, that he can't figure out that he's just another very talented person, getting paid a lot of money and having his butt kissed for because of it. If he keeps this up, he'll be another in the long list of talented people, it could be a great broker, that thought he was god until he had no friends and no money, and when that all set in, he or she was in for a long, hellish ride to the grave.

2136 days ago


Well I hope the best for PacMan! I hope he gets to return to the NFL and espically to the Cowboys! He is an incredible athlete and hope he takes advantage of that!

2135 days ago


I just don't think you should judge people if you don't really know them. How is it okay for thousand of other people to go out and have a good time and act stupid and as soon as its someone like him or a celeb, people are quick to talk. More than half of the people that made a nasty comment about him know someone or have been that someone that doesn't behave correctly due to alcohol. Jerry Jones already said he would take him back so I am hoping Mr. Goodell is nice enough and takes him back!

2135 days ago


he sucks anyway and hes in idiot

2135 days ago
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