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Pregnant Man Pregnant Again

11/13/2008 1:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas Beatie, the former woman turned transgendered pregnant man who gave birth to a baby girl earlier this year, is once again with child.

The 34-year-old female father is in his first trimester, according to ABC News. In an interview airing Friday, Beatie tells Barbara Walters he did not go back on testosterone after giving birth to biological daughter Susan in June, in hopes of getting pregnant again. It worked.

Beatie is due June 12 -- just in time for Father's Day.


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Sad and so wrong. I'm a nurse and this is NOT a man!!! SHE is pregnant! God help us all!!

2133 days ago


Pamama --- Funny, I'm a nurse too. Did they teach you to judge your patients as being "sick and wrong" in nursing school ? Because that's not what I got out of it.

2133 days ago


oh sorry i meant "sad and so wrong"

2133 days ago


..."The 34 year old female father..."?!@*?!

Are you kidding me? So if a man cuts off his parts and adopts a child, is he called a male mother? WTF?

2133 days ago


Malia- "I have a idea! Let's all go on TMZ and post the same thing over and over and over!!!" (I can only assume that's what all you posters said to each other before you came here and started posting.) You all must be really smart!

2133 days ago


I am with ReyJ and all the others who say THIS IS NOT A MAN!!! For God's sake PLEASE quit saying "Pregnant Man" It makes the reporter seem so ignorant. This person is a WOMAN who had a mastectomy and is taking testerone to give her the appearance of a man.. If a man puts a dress on and gets breast implants does that make him a woman if he still has his "package"?? HELL NO!! Grow up people.. Call it as it is.. A woman who has altered her appearce to look like a man....Real men can't have babies

2133 days ago


Kay, just so you know, the reason why reporters refer to Beatie as "he" is because she legally had her gender changed and is now legally considered male, I'm in no way defending the way this has been reported on and I really don't think the TMZ "reporters" generally deserve to be defended. I'm just trying to explain that Beatie identifies as a man and is also legally identified as a male.

Your opinion is yours to have, but just to give you a little information, gender is known to be a much more complicated issue than it may seem (especially if you base your perception on the way society divides male and female roles.) Babies can be born with variations of sex chromosmes. A typical boy has an X and a Y chromosome and a typical girl has two X chromosomes. But there are people with XXY, XYY, XXX, and simply X chromosomes. In men with XXY chromosomes, beard growth is poor, testes are poorly developed, and breasts grow. In women with only one X chromosome, there is poor breast development and underdeveloped ovaries. Besides that, babies are sometimes born with ambiguous genders and doctors and parents have sometimes decided to do sugery and hormonal intervention to make the baby more specific to one gender over the other. This is one thing that has contributed to children growing up feeling like a "man caught in a woman's body" and visa versa. Also, as you probably know, estrogen is considered a female hormone and testosterone is considered a male hormone. But males and females both have both hormones in varying proportions, and secondary "sex" characteristics can develop from disproportionate amounts of these hormones. All I'm saying is, IT AIN'T THAT SIMPLE so, in your words "grow up" and quit yappin your mouth at others without any relevant facts.

2133 days ago


Hey Mary #80
I think I made like 2 or 3 posts. I don't read every single post on these stupid threads and would not have known if I was redundant in pointing out something that another poster might have said already, esp. a story as lame as this one. If my post was echoing others, it had to have been unique enough for you to call me out by name? Did my name stand out for you or something?

2133 days ago


Being gay is one thing. And being transsexual is also one thing. These are individuals who are living their lives to suit who they are, & should be accepted with no judgement. But this "pregnant man" is a freak. What he/she has done has turned itself into a post surgical hermaphrodite. SHE is really still a woman if she keeps her female organs, & opts to give birth with the organs she was born with. This woman does not need a sex change. This woman neds s psychiatrist, NOW!

2133 days ago


Nope, nothing personal. I originally wrote one posting in response to everything that people had posted here. Almost all of the postings here say either, "It's not a man!", "It's a WOMAN!" "Why do people keep calling her a pregnant man?", or "That's disgusting" or "What a Freak." So I wrote my response to that. Then I started responding to whatever people posted after that. So you weren't the only person i wrote back to individually.

2133 days ago


Ok! I get the point! A lot of people think he/she is a freak. Fine. She identifies as a man, others identify her as a woman, and still others identify her (so eloquently) as a freak. But what's the point in calling her a freak? What does that accomplish. You think she needs a psychiatrist, but why? Besides that you think she's a freak and that you think this is unnatural, so forth. Don't you think there are more important issues that the public should intervene on? Who cares if she identifies as a man or a woman? Who cares if she turns herself (your words, not mine) into a "post-surgery hermaphrodite" ?? Why should anyone care enough to judge.

2133 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

I actually just feel for the kids in this scenario! Sick and selfish people, BOTH of these women, can u imagine when they r in school and word gets out that daddy is really mommy who wants to b daddy!!!!!!!!

2133 days ago

who cares    

Ok...I know highschool health class wasnt all that interesting but i do remember that it takes sperm and an egg to get prego..who's sperm is this they are using??? All the drugs in the world would not make that freak a man..SHE gave birth she isnt a he...No pole just a hole ..GIRL! I dont have a problem with same sex couples raising children i have a problem with freaks like this claiming to beat their chest and call themselves something they are not.Medical history wasnt made penis was comprimised so a child can be born... If they used a sperm doner shouldnt there be a mental exams done befroe hand..why bring an innocent child into that..

2133 days ago


This is so NOT news!!!! Cause the person is NOT A MAN BUT FEMALE. Wish the press would stop giving them press. Let me know when a real man with a penis and not a vagina has a baby.

2133 days ago


Good for them!! It's the narrow minded, intolerant so called "Christian values" crowd who cannot accept this. Whatever way a family is made, as long as it is loving and accepting, then I say, go for it!!
I know of a family with two Moms who have adopted two little boys with ADD and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. They are doing a great job, and these little boys are thriving. Would you "Christians" adopt these kids? Get out there and do it or shut your mouths.

Okay would you want to be that kid in like 5th grade going out for the football team????? Probably not. I don't diaagree with gay marriage, or two moms or two dads, but please, your dad being your mom????? C'mon. I'm an adult though, kids are MEAN.

2133 days ago
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