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11/16/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Timberlake is putting down stakes in NYC -- and by stakes we mean this insane new $5.5 million pad in Tribeca.

Justin Timberlake
We're told JT (and, presumably, lady love Jessica Biel) will be moving in within a week.


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Nice? Yes. Worth 5.5 million dollars? No.

2170 days ago


Woo Hoo - exposed brick! Let me pull out my credit card. Detroit did this exposed brick/ductwork thing back in the 80's. I guess Chicago and New York are just catching up.

2170 days ago


Most of the furniture and the deco is Italian (the lamp in the background, the dining chairs, the dining table and the sofa...I don't want to mention names, but those are top end companies). Just that stuff alone is worth a lot.

Nice big windows for pap photography, heheheeee.

2170 days ago


TMZ....This guy ain't news; he's always tried to be "jazz cool" but he's a talented little boy in a man's body...MEGA FAKE.

2170 days ago


Not my idea of a cozy love nest. How come the dining room table changes from photo to photo? Were these taken at different times?

2170 days ago


Don't see anything all that special except for the view maybe.

2170 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

One big room for 5.5? You might as well get a room at the Holiday Inn Express. At least you'd get Priority Club rewards.

2170 days ago


I will never understand why some people with lots of money would want to live in what's really just like an apt. No back yard... Ugh. New York. I would NEVER want to live there. I love California!! New York weather sucks, too...

2170 days ago


Hi Janine-- I LOVE New York- the FOUR seasons, arts, and nightlife, California has nice weather, but with the earthquakes and the constant infernos... I'll pass.

2170 days ago


All I can think of is: How are they going to put curtains on those windows?

2170 days ago


Didn't look like there were any curtains on those windows. I like privacy, not people in 50 other suites able to look into my place at night.

2170 days ago


Rich people often have lonely, empty lives. Arrogance and no self esteem play a part in spending habits. Status and prestige are very important to them. Will he be happier the more money he spends? Possibly, but unlikely. A truly happy person could be happy in any environment. All that money could help so many people if only Justin were happy enough to live in a 1 million dollar apartment. But alas, he must feed his ego, must show the world he is richer than them, must try to fill that hole in his soul with shiny material things. Hey, as long as he can sleep with his decisions at night, that's all that really matters in life, right?

2170 days ago



I live in a house with a front, back and side yard. I rarely get to use it and I can't keep up with the mowing of the lawn. My commute is almost 2 hours both ways, plus I have a little dog to walk. Weekends are for shopping, cleaning and laundry.

If I had his money, I would have gone his route and got someplace where I didn't have to take care of the yard.

2170 days ago

Chef Bud    

LOL...the people who always makes comments about how many people someone can help crack me up. Why do you feel others must conform to your narrow view of the world? If we were all like you, it would be a dull existence to be sure. While I don't have any interest in New York, how does someone else's choice of living affect anyone including the poor? It doesn't. People who can afford such places poor millions into government programs through their tax payments (unless you are one of those who don't understand the tax structure). The monies earned by these people aren't typically sitting in bank accounts, but invested in ventures that produce jobs and more taxes (BTW...banks invest their monies as well). The lack of understanding about economics would be comical if it weren't so pathetic. I suspect, even passively, someone like Mr. Timberlake does far more for the poor and otherwise disenfranchised than you do.

BTW Mz. perhaps you should take a look in the mirror to truly view arrogance and a lack of self esteem. And I doubt most of these people who have made a success of their lives through their efforts sleep any less than you do, but have the satisfaction that they are producing something instead of merely whining about others.

2170 days ago


This country is headed for serious class warfare, French Revolution style. When people see the sick amounts of money going to frivolous no-talent people, JT, Oprah, etc and people can barely feed their families, something will give. There's only so much money to go around. When people like Timberlake, etc. have such huge pieces of the economic pie, that means crumbs for you folks. Everything is connected.

2170 days ago
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