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Corrupt Scumbags Beware!

11/18/2008 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tim Robbins has sarcastically slammed the New York City Board of Elections, calling the honcho there "a petty vindictive corrupt scumbag."

Robbins wrote an open letter to the Huffington Post, bitching about the confrontation he had after being turned away from the polls on election day.

Robbins is livid that the Board of Elections sent a copy of Robbins' voter registration card to media to prove that he didn't have a right to vote where he wanted. The card includes Robbins' home address and driver's license number.

Robbins eventually was allowed to vote, but he will apparently keep this feud alive well into Obama's Presidency.


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artie help    

at #7 i don't care if he's married to her or Chris sarandon. C'mon you missed the point of my post which was to applaud Susan's huge cans. ty

2172 days ago


He is aware that his address and DL# are matters of public record correct? It is not uncommon for people who are arrested to have their addresses published along with their names in the news paper's 'police blotter' section. They give tours in L.A. of where the star homes are and sell maps. I was just in a car accident with a driver who did not give me all his accurate information. After 4 mins on my state govt's website I filled out the proper forms, mailed them in and had his DL#, address, etc.

HE is the one who has made such a HUGE stink over a situation he was clearly in the wrong about. I don't blame the elections offices of using the big hammer of just releasing all the information to prove he was wrong. If they did not release everything he would just be back the next day decrying them. So there, it is all out in the open.

Unfortunately rags like the Huffington Post give him a place to continue his whining and the drones that read it blindly take his side.

2172 days ago


He really thinks he's something special. Tim, your arrogance is going to ruin your career. Grow up.

2172 days ago


Oh he'll be OK. Sarandon will powder his ass and change his diaper and "all better!" . And what's he doing to make the world better? Well, his girlfriend is some kind of hybrid or another, so there's that.

2172 days ago


just because the powers to be at TMZ voted McCain, and your boy didn't win, doesn't mean you have to frame everything with such sour grapes. it will be a long eight years if you can't just get over it. :-)

"Reality has a well-known liberal bias" ~Stephen Colbert

2172 days ago


Someone please tell this dumbell that no one cares where he votes, when he votes, or he votes for.

2172 days ago


Seriously, Tim Robbins is a bozo. Tim's clearly embarrassed by his mistake and the best he can do reconcile his own stupidity and shortcomings is blame someone else. Have you ever heard him speak without a script, it's painful to watch, almost as bad as tom cruise.

2172 days ago

Di from Chey    

Tim Robbins is an aging little man with a little mind. I know, I know…he’s over 6 feet tall, but he is still a little man emotionally and intellectually. Once I found out his and his mistresses politics, I just didn’t want to see any of their films any more. Not that that I missed anything because they aren’t all that great of actors. Anyway…Robbins and Sarandon—move to Canada. Bless Canada with your presence.

2172 days ago


I stopped going to (and watching) any Tim/Susan movies long ago. I appreciate that actors may have opinions on politics, however, most of the time they are emotional and not logical. Actors misuse there notoriety to offer up opinions that are just plain stupid and no one cares about anyway...go away Tim and Susan, you aren't getting any of my money and I don't want to hear you whine.

2172 days ago


Sarandon's comments slamming Hillary Clinton and denying blatant, outrageous sexism in the media during the primary were moronic and unforgivable.

What idiots.

2172 days ago


Dial 1 800 Crybaby and ask for extension Waah Waah Waah. What a jerk!

2172 days ago


This is a case where bad publicity isn't good publicity. Who cares? No matter what your politics are be smart enough to register correctly. Perhaps this is the only way to get his name in the news these days. Human error will always occur unless he is an advocate for getting rid of humans. This isn't the hanging chad issue like Florida had in 2000. Go away, far far away.

2172 days ago


I agree with the rest of the posters here, Hit the bricks Douchebag !!!

2172 days ago


You gotta be some kind of supreme drama wiener to still be whining this long after the fact.

2172 days ago


What an ass h---! arrogant, left winged, liberal -- who cares about you and your stupid little life, go and do something with your free time instead of keep crying Idiot

2172 days ago
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