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Police Serve Spencer Over Bad Plates

11/18/2008 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For the 99.99% of you that hate Spencer Pratt -- a small victory awaits you.

The P-hole was pulled over in West Hollywood last week and ticketed for not having front or back license plates on his car.

Unfortunately, it's a fixable ticket -- all Spence has to do is get the tags and show the right people -- but he will be charged ten bucks for the screw-up.

It may not be much, but we'll take what we can get.


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★What a douche bag!★
No clue why I am writing this or why I even read the story!
Maybe, because its the first story of the day!
Not even a story a waste of internet space and I am wasting my time even writing about this.. lol

2110 days ago


#1 My thoughts exactly. I only wish that once in a while I could be the first to call someone a douche bag.

2110 days ago


this is very poor photoshop work. you can tell that head doesn't belong in that picture. Somebody has nothing better to do.

2110 days ago


The only thing he is good for his a tight @$$ hole to bang !!

2109 days ago


Why did someone badly photoshop his head onto another body?

2109 days ago


DAMN, DAMN,.........DAMN!
Just when you think that X-mas might come a little early this year...............Mr. Anal Warts escapes his crime spree with a slap on the wrist. THERE IS NO JUSTICE! God how sweet it would be if Spencer got sent to the pokey for a couple of months. Think of the benefits for the Spence! He would learn to improve his people skills because after all you know he'll be very popular during thr first few days. I'm sure he'll work things out with his cellmate as to who will be the top and who'll be the far as bunkbeds are concerned. The Spence will keep up his hygiene because he'll have plenty of help in the showers. Spence will also get top nutritional meals with plenty of protien provided. There will be no mystery meat here. But the best thing about Spence doing time would have been NOT having to see him. around.

2109 days ago


I don't know...I don't think he's that bad. He just likes to speak his mind. He can be very annoying by saying negative comments throughout the whole show, but we only see that portion of him. I think he really cares about his girl but needs to realize that his bringing her a little misery with the butting in all parts of her life so strongly. I was with him 100% when he kicked out the lazy sister...she was more annoying.

2109 days ago


No, that head clearly doesn't belong on that body. Off with his head!

2109 days ago


Not only is this one of the worst PhotoShop jobs that I have ever seen but they show him sitting in the passenger seat of the car that HE is being ticketed for.

2109 days ago


Someone should put a bounty on his head already. sheesh.

2109 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Was he stopped in London, then poorly photoshopped while getting ticketed? There outta be a law....

2109 days ago

Bob Booie    

They should throw him in prison just for that lousy facial hair

2109 days ago

Debbie Crain    

This pic is croped, that is not even him. Am I the only one that can see that???

2109 days ago


If only this had happened in MA -- the cop would have pulled him over, given him a citation for not being registered & insured, told him to get out of the car, tell him to find a ride home because the vehicle would have been towed. Then, after the car was towed, have to go to an insurance agent, get a policy and the necessary paper work to register the car. Then, go to the RMV, get his plates and then he could go & get his car from the impound lot, pay the storage fees for a minimum of 1 day. And because he was given a citatation, it would go on his driving record for 6 years and his insurance rates would go up for at least 3 years. Unfortunately, you cannot fight this kind of citation in MA -- 'cause there is no excuse for being unregistred & insured!!

If only this had happened in MA!!

2109 days ago


He is the Prince of Douche Bags. He really needs to be taken out and beaten about the head and left for dead. Now thats what I want to read about him.

2109 days ago
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