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Jen Garner Fears for Safety

11/19/2008 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Garner has obtained a court order protecting herself from a man she believes is endangering her family.

TMZ has obtained docs ordering Steven Burky to stay clear of Garner -- no contact whatsoever.

In her declaration, Garner says "Mr. Burky has been stalking and harassing me," sending "packages and letters containing delusional and paranoid thoughts and following me around the country ..."

Garner says Burky has been harassing her since 2002, but in the last year "his obsessive and harassing behavior has escalated to the point of becoming dangerous and threatening."

Garner says Burky has shown up at her home and said, "God has sent him a vision of her being persecuted in some manner that may result in her death."

Garner says she fears for herself, husband Ben Affleck and daughter Violet. She also says "I am currently pregnant and fear for the safety of my second child once born."

Burky has written a blog called Satanic Panic, asking, "Are multitudes of adults resorting to human sacrifices and then repressing this information from fear of Christ..."

A judge issued a temporary restraining order earlier this month. There's a hearing tomorrow to make the order permanent.

Read the docs

Garner's security guy, Dennis Bridwell, also submitted a declaration in which he said Burky described himself as a "crazed Alias fan," once finding her at an event, giving her roses and a card that read "I love you forever" along with his contact information. Bridwell says Burky has stalked Garner around the country, adding, "Mr. Burky now represents a clear threat to Ms. Garner's life."

We've learned the LAPD has taken the threat seriously and has been involved in the case.

Law enforcement sources tell us Burky is currently under a 5150 psychiatric hold.


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Triple Play    

Shouldn't Ms. Afleck step up and protect his family. He is still missing J LO. Can you imagine how demeaning it would be to be replaced by the diminutive Mark Anthony? OW, that must have hurt ben

2129 days ago


Would it be nice if TMZ made a mistake and let out the email address of this sicko.

2129 days ago

Joy Sigle    

Why did it take her 6 years before she did something?? the first letter was dated 2002...GEEZ lady you should have done this along time ago!!!!

2129 days ago


You would think she'd stop whoring out her child so much since she's being stalked. (Trust me, if Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon can avoid being photographed SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK, then the overhyped Jen Garner CERTAINLY can.) But hopefully this guy will get help and no one will get hurt.

2129 days ago


This is really scary and strange.

To the "whatever" using my screen name.................get another one. Go down the alphabet and pick a letter and invent a new name.You are making an ass out of yourself!

2129 days ago


Could some one tell me how do these creeps find out where the stars live and what their schedule s are? And, where do they get the money to fly all over to follow them?? Please I would be interested.

2129 days ago


some of you people are clearly delusional. For the person who said "Ben should do something" WTF is he suppose to do!?!??!? How do you approach a mental case and say "leave my family alone" c'mon! It is clear that you are just as crazy as this man.

For the other person that said Jennifer is "pimping out violet" to the paps your AN IDIOT and should be put on a 5150 hold yourself. She has to live her life and take her daughter to school! It is not her fault that the paparazzi stalk her! GET A LIFE!

2129 days ago


NO, I'm NOT considering doing that myself, I"m JUST curious

2129 days ago


omg. this dude is crazy. those letters are creepy and i would have definitely done something a long time ago about this.. can't affleck go kick this dudes ass??

2129 days ago


good point Mitzi. I wondered that myself. I mean if you are so crazy and delusional you must have a hard time holding down a job, no? maybe they are rich trust fund babies...u know they are all nuts.

2129 days ago

jenna elich    

um how shall i say L O S E R

so many years of contact!!! what a waste of life, maybe hes a inbred! or product of a rape
or a botched abortion hmm

2129 days ago


She doesn't pimp out her daughter, they try to lead a normal life with photographers following their every move. Now all you idiots know why she's always carrying her daughter!

2129 days ago


This must be really scary for her and her family. It's really weird how the really crazy ones always manage to find out where people live no matter what. She has been out of the spotlight for quite a while so it's apparent she's not encouraging him - but the maid feeding him probably was not a good thing in the scheme of things. I hope this person gets the help he needs and she gets the safety and freedom she deserves.

2129 days ago


what a waste of talent she has. maybe the next run PRESIDENT they should both stay at home and play house instead of running around pulling for OBAMA. then the stalkers won't know who they are oh you poor thing

2129 days ago


WOW this guy is a definetely CREEP, he has a very bad case of Schizophrenia!!!! Just hope he leaves them alone!!! Good luck

2129 days ago
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