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Jen Garner Fears for Safety

11/19/2008 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Garner has obtained a court order protecting herself from a man she believes is endangering her family.

TMZ has obtained docs ordering Steven Burky to stay clear of Garner -- no contact whatsoever.

In her declaration, Garner says "Mr. Burky has been stalking and harassing me," sending "packages and letters containing delusional and paranoid thoughts and following me around the country ..."

Garner says Burky has been harassing her since 2002, but in the last year "his obsessive and harassing behavior has escalated to the point of becoming dangerous and threatening."

Garner says Burky has shown up at her home and said, "God has sent him a vision of her being persecuted in some manner that may result in her death."

Garner says she fears for herself, husband Ben Affleck and daughter Violet. She also says "I am currently pregnant and fear for the safety of my second child once born."

Burky has written a blog called Satanic Panic, asking, "Are multitudes of adults resorting to human sacrifices and then repressing this information from fear of Christ..."

A judge issued a temporary restraining order earlier this month. There's a hearing tomorrow to make the order permanent.

Read the docs

Garner's security guy, Dennis Bridwell, also submitted a declaration in which he said Burky described himself as a "crazed Alias fan," once finding her at an event, giving her roses and a card that read "I love you forever" along with his contact information. Bridwell says Burky has stalked Garner around the country, adding, "Mr. Burky now represents a clear threat to Ms. Garner's life."

We've learned the LAPD has taken the threat seriously and has been involved in the case.

Law enforcement sources tell us Burky is currently under a 5150 psychiatric hold.


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Triple Play    

# 17 WTF Maybe this guy was giving her more attention then Mr. J Lo.

2101 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

I LOVE how some of you say "she's pimping her daughter"! "Ben should be taking care of this guy" or "This has been going on since 2002 and she's just NOW getting on it?" whatever. Just because she's famous doesn't mean she can't or shouldn't be allowed to take her child to the park or on an outing. Is she supposed to live like a prisoner in her own home? I have not seen THAT many pictures of her for at least a month (I do have a life so..). What is Ben supposed to do? Take on some psycho guy and say "dude, please leave us alone" Get real that may make the guy crazier. If he is on a 5150 hold then there is something seriously wrong with him. A lot of Hollywood types have these obsessed fans,but they aren't always aggressive. It so happens that in the last year this guy has become more aggressive thus she took action. I was also wondoering how these "severly obsessive fans" get the stars' addresses!

2101 days ago


Totally agree with #20. How is Ben supposed to address this situation? Come on! And the remarks that it has been going on for years, the cops probally wouldn't do anything with a couple of letters, he was doing no harm. They needed evidence. She doesn't "whore out her child", she lives her life.

2101 days ago


So they can't hire a bodyguard to protect them? Oh yes, I forgot come January 20th, they won't have any money for it for they will be spreading their wealth.....

2101 days ago


Jennifer Garner is a mother who is trying to live a normal life. I am sure she is scared. Just because of her status as an actress does not give you idiots the right to call her an attention whore and to say she is pimping her daughter out to the paps.

2101 days ago


how do these kooks have the $$$$ to travel all over the country? i know why they have the time, being a kook leaves your days pretty wide open, but how does he fund his kookiness?!?!?!?

2101 days ago


GET HIS FACE OFF THE PAGE, ....ESPECIALLY posted next to hers, giving him the POWER to be PUBLICLY REWARDED and PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEGED for his efforts to stand out by SLALKING HER.

2101 days ago


This dude needs to get laid.

2101 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

TMZ adds to this man's mentle state.. celebrity obession. Call Rona Barrett.. she will agree.

2101 days ago


#34 ya know how...with our tax money he is a head case so welfare thats how he lives he needs to be shot i hate mental cases..... oh the voices told me too well why dont they ever tell you to jump off a bridge assface!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2101 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

20. some of you people are clearly delusional. For the person who said "Ben should do something" WTF is he suppose to do!?!??!? How do you approach a mental case and say "leave my family alone" c'mon! It is clear that you are just as crazy as this man.

For the other person that said Jennifer is "pimping out violet" to the paps your AN IDIOT and should be put on a 5150 hold yourself. She has to live her life and take her daughter to school! It is not her fault that the paparazzi stalk her! GET A LIFE!

Posted at 3:06PM on Nov 19th 2008 by Ed & Em


WFT is Ben supposed to do?!?! If this was your family being stalked and you who the stalker was, would you sit around and wait for your family to be attacked?!?! I don't think so!! His children are in danger; his wife is in danger, and she is worried about him being in danger as well!! They could start by hiring more security; God knows they can afford it!!

If some "mental case" still had this fixation on your family after six years, maybe you need to do what is necessary to protect yourself and your family. But, maybe, you're one of those people who would rather wait for something tragic to happen before you got off your ass and did something; or maybe you would bitch about how law enforcement didn't protect you!!

Maybe Ben Affleck should stop hanging out at casinos or hanging out with politicians and stick closer to home before his family is wiped out!!!

2101 days ago

celeb comment    

This guys is crazy and needs dome serious help. Crossing religion and his obsession. He needs to be treated before he hurts someone. My best wishes go out to Jennifer and Ben!!!

2101 days ago


#36 - I doubt welfare checks are that much. He also has to live, food, housing, etc. I just bought a ticket from Calif to Idaho and it was $525 round trip. Jen and Ben travel all over.

2101 days ago


It's a good thing Ben hasn't resorted to the old west justice some of you seem to think he should do. That's ridiculous. Nothing he can do would make any difference. Jen takes Violet to school and picks her up, takes her grocery shopping, or to the odd educational activity around town that is geared toward children Violet's age.....PIMPING her out? How stupid are you?! She isn't doing that at all. Try thinking logically and using for once that thing between your ears called a BRAIN.

2101 days ago


I know this is serious and very scary for their family. But as soon as I read this story all I could think was 'Call Jack Bristo and he would make the problem go away.' Sorry- I so not mean to offend or belittle the situation. I hope they get this guy locked up and the help he so obviously needs.

2101 days ago
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