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More Wrestlers Put a Herpin' on Each Other

11/19/2008 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another major herpes outbreak -- and once again the herps perps are accused of being wrestlers.

Almost one year after a herpes outbreak brought high school wrestling in Minnesota to a stand-still, three new wrestlers from York College have filed a lawsuit, claiming they got the herp and all the fixins after grappling with an infected teammate.

Symptoms were -- but were not limited to -- a "thick crust of dried puss [sic]," itching, swollen lymph glands and ... embarrassing talks with the GF.

The boys are suing their coach and trainer, who told 'em not to worry about the fact their herped-up teammate was coming back to practice after three days, rather than five, as the NCAA stipulates.

The suit also points out herpes simplex 1 is often referred to as "Herpes Gladiatorum" -- Latin for sweaty boys all over each other.

They want $50K from the school.

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Jesse Pollack Portland, OR    

Jesse A.Pollack of Portland OR has genital herpes.

2163 days ago


I hope they get the win....talk about putting someone's health at risk for a silly wrestling match....

and #1 - was that really necessary?

2163 days ago


They only want $50,000 for a life long disease?? If H gets on your brain it can kill you! Or get in your eye and blind you! I think it is more serious than $50,000

2163 days ago


Hey #1 you better watch out about what you say or write as you can get into BIG legal issues. It's a little thing called SLANDER!

2163 days ago


"York College has been declared NCAA Wrestling Champs today after wrestling a virus to the ground during a tag-team match".

2163 days ago

i still hate retards    

#4--only slander if it is not true. if it is true then there are no legal grounds for recourse. but no, that doesn't negate the fact that it wasn't necessary.

2163 days ago

dont know    

Probably got genital warts too!

2163 days ago


I agree with #3 totally. This is a lifetime, incurable disease that can be very painful for some and extremely embarrassing. I think $50 grand is extremely reasonable. They should just settle but personally I think the kids should push for more.

2163 days ago


How do you get herpes on your brain?

2163 days ago

agent smith    

I am pretty sure that Herpes is a latent disease, meaning it can hide undetected in your body then appear years later. Or it's first appearance went unnoticed then recessed back into the body to pop up years later. So...that being said, #1 you may not have got this from this person and you are opening yourself up to lawsuit. As well, even though it isn't showing I think you can still spread it, which means you yourself may have infected others. I could be wrong...any docs in here? lol.

2163 days ago


agent smith -
you are correct. it is a latent disease and can remain dormant for years. the reason this is such a widely spread disease is that it is a virus and viruses shed all the time, with or without visual wounds. additionally, herpes is not what the books in school teach you. it can pop up as one small lesion that looks like a zit or ingrown hair and therefore most people don't get treatment and pass it around unknowingly. it is more common than people think - the last journal article that i read stated that upwards of 50% of the sexually active community is carrying the disease without knowing it, due to poor sex ed, health provisions, and the stigma. condoms are imperative! treatment for HSV2 has come a long way and the disease can be controlled with medication, a healthy lifestyle, and safe sex. there is even counseling available for those that have it - from treatments to how to tell a potential partner.
as far as #1 using a full name in a public forum - not only is it illegal, but it's just bad form.

2163 days ago


So the important safety lessons here are; 1) No promiscuity and 2) No wrestling.

2163 days ago

Herpy-pAris Hilton    


2163 days ago


In regard to #1 post.
May the person of who she speaks gave her herpes in which case I do consider the post nessecary and in GREAT form!
Paybacks are a bitch you see.

2163 days ago


How did they get herpes? I thought it was only spread by sexual contact? I don't think you can get it by touching someone's genitals. And what are they doing grabbing each other's genitals? It's wrestling, not foreplay.

2163 days ago
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