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Winona Ryder Rushed to the Hospital in London

11/19/2008 2:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A trans-Atlantic flight for Winona Ryder turned turbulent when Winona Ryder fell ill and had to be taken to the hospital after landing.
Winona Ryder: Click to watch
Ryder spent only an hour or so at a hospital in London after she complained of illness during her flight from LAX. There was no priority landing and she felt fine by the time the plane touched down, but medics were waiting for her upon landing and transported her immediately to the hospital.

We shot video of Winona getting on the plane in Los Angeles and she clearly looks out of it even before takeoff.


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Queen of the Damned    

Perhaps a guilty conscience for all the times she shoplifted?

2161 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Mentally ill for quite some time.

2161 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

Perhaps she had a breakdown realizing she let Johnny Depp get Away. :(

2161 days ago


"she looks clearly out of it" ????? you TMZ manipulators. No she doesn't! You just wanted me to watch a boring ass video about nothing so you could play me your advertising!

2161 days ago


Holy cow! She can't even walk straight! I thought people that were so obviously intoxicated (by booze or other substances) were not permitted to board airplanes.

2161 days ago


She looks drunk, she is clearly 'wobbling' near hte beginning of the video. She even reaches for her friend/assistant to help guide her!

2161 days ago


Watch her feet, she is either drunk or on something. I'd hide my face too if I were a common thief.

2161 days ago


Perez Hilton is such a stupid bore and arrogant hypocrite. He thinks we need to hear his opinions on politics. Ha. That site sucks.

2161 days ago


Can you say too many pre-flight pills to take the edge off?

Nom Nom Nom Nom.......

2161 days ago


Does Perez Hilton think he's "successful"? Does he really think he's "somebody"?

2161 days ago


She staged it as a diversion so she could shoplift the in-flight
magazine, not realizing they are free.

2161 days ago


Too many pills will make it hard to walk a straight line. This girl is definitely on something. Back when she was caught shoplifting, a search of her purse turned up a bottle containing percocet that weren't exactly legal to be in her possession. I don't remember all the details but she was doctor shopping in order to get multiple narcotic scripts, some written under aliases. It wouldn't shock me to learn that she is still popping the percs. I don't know of too many legitimate illnesses that make you walk like a drunk. Even inner ear conditions that affect balance don't produce a gait like that.

2161 days ago


She is clearly messed up. As Allknowingone said, an inner ear problem would not make you walk like that. I have an inner ear disease called "Meinere's" disease and when it acts up, I can't even stand up much less try and walk. If Winona was having an "ear" problem I doubt she would be getting on a plane.

Loks to me like she took one to many pills!

2161 days ago


You can't even see her face really in the video, how can you say she looks out of it? Oh I forgot, another slow day for the paps, so just another made up story line right.

2161 days ago


Those comments are unnecesary and cruel. I love Winona and hope she'll recover swiftly.

2161 days ago
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