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Lara Flynn Boyle

11/20/2008 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Yesterday in Bel Air...


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Looks like she might be really ill. People shouldn't make fun of her.

2072 days ago



If you have such a problem with this type of web site WHY are here? If you hate the paps then WHY are you here? If you don't like this sort of thing then WHY are you here? Nobody cares about your high horse.

This woman has been this thin for a long time now. She claims she has always been this skinny, and she can't help it. We all know that is not true. If she ate something that would help her gain weight, she wouldn't look like a rail.
Pictures of her in a bathing suit are worse, I have seen them.

2072 days ago


Is that photo shopped or is that really her? Her purse weighs more than she does.

2072 days ago


This isn't what Hollywood does, its what the women do. This is a complex illness. I suspect she probaly has had issues her whole life. I just never can understand how the brain of these ladies works. Do they not see what we see in the mirror?
Do they think they look good? Or is it more complicated then that? If they think being thin makes men happy they are soooo wrong.

Most men want to have something to grab!

I'll live with a little fluff thanks. Besides, sex with a woman with a little fluff makes a fellow feel like hes been somewhere! Oh, and it means we have breasts!

2072 days ago


Skeezy skinny chick!!!

2072 days ago


She looks worse than Amy Winehouse...And that's hard to do! She really looks sick. Wow...time for rehab for eating disorders.

2072 days ago


She used to be very beautiful. So sad!

2072 days ago


WTF?????? Does she not have friends or family to say "Hey - Eat this !"

2072 days ago

A. Reichen    

I have never seen people that sknny and happy when they are anorexic. I would have to say she reminds me of someone who abuses drugs. am just saying from what have seen in my life. think she needs to seek help before she has a heart attack or worse, dies.

2072 days ago


holy crap...even from that angle her collagen injected lips STILL caught my attention first over her rail thin body.

I remember her mother said once that she was "blessed with an Irish metabolism". Just what is that, exactly? My entire Irish family must have missed that one in the Irish gene pool.

2072 days ago


GROSS. like seriously, get some help woman. even the 10lbs the camera supposedly adds makes you look like death. EAT SOMETHING

2072 days ago


Lara looks like she is on the Amy Winehouse diet.

Without her heels and makeup (and sympathetic camera angles and lighting), she looks like the morning of the living deat.

How horrible.

2072 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

Good heavens~! Laura stole Angelina Jolie's body and Brad wants it back!

2072 days ago


It saddens me to see anyone so sick like this. Lara obviously has some serious problems that will likely result in her death if not treated. But that doesn't stop the hordes of people with no compassion who hide behind their computers, laugh themselves silly at the inhumane comments they write, and think themselves oh-so-clever with such brilliant repartee as "Get that woman a cheeseburger!"

And to Shaun, beautifully written and on-the-money comment! THANK YOU for your sensitivity!

Lara needs help; not ridicule.

2072 days ago


She is shrinking but her Lips are putting on weight. She is a mess and anyone who tells her she looks good is also in need of help.

2072 days ago
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