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Sheikh Shelled Out $300K to Doodle with MJ

11/20/2008 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

See that drawing below with a bunch of squiggly colored lines and random cartoon faces? Some guy actually shelled out over $300,000 to get Michael Jackson to do one just like it ... and he wants his jack back.
Michael Jackson
The Bahraini sheikh who's suing Michael Jackson for $7 mil allegedly shelled out the dough to mind-mapping guru Tony Buzan, who has his clients draw and color a mind-map that turns out to look like a little boy's third grade art project. For the record, MJ is a grown man.

BTW, after originally saying he was too sick to travel, Jackson's attorney said today Jacko will testify in London on Monday.


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Uhhh... a 3rd grader who's obsessed with Harry Potter from what I can see.

As for MJ being a "grown man"... are we sure about that? Physically maybe, but mentally he's been out to lunch for a long long time.

2125 days ago


It must be tough to have so much money you have to throw it away on crap like that.

2125 days ago


He's just preparing an insanity plea for when all who are owed by him take him to court.

2125 days ago


Do I really see "kills children" in the top middle of this picture????
Perhaps you should crop this picture TMZ.

2125 days ago


UMMMMMMMM...MIND MAPPING HALF OFF THIS MONTH ONLY !!!! Only $150,000 dollars !!! Crayons, cardboard paper, markers, and hallucinogens free of charge !!!

****Optional negotiated additional price for young looking flat chested 18+ year old woman with buzz-cut dressed in boyscout uniform to dance and/or give massage with happy ending.

2125 days ago

dead angel    

Pop megastar Michael Jackson recorded a song written by a Bahraini prince planned as a charity single, a court ruling on a lawsuit between the two men heard Monday.

The unusual musical collaboration emerged as Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, second son of the King of Bahrain, went to the High Court in London to sue cash-strapped Jackson for seven million dollars.

The two men had a "close personal relationship," and even discussed the possibility of Jackson moving to Bahrain after his 2005 child sexual molestation trial, the sheikh's lawyer Bankim Thanki said.

"Sheikh Abdulla began to support Mr Jackson financially after 2005 when it became clear that Mr Jackson was in very serious financial difficulties, much to Sheikh Abdulla's surprise," Thanki told the court.

Assistants of Jackson initially asked the sheikh for 35,000 dollars to pay utility bills at the pop star's Neverland ranch, followed by a request for one million dollars in April 2005, he said.

"Sheikh Abdulla made many more payments on his behalf or to others," including Jackson's 2.2 million dollar legal bill for his criminal trial, he said.

The sheikh planned to revive Jackson's musical career, releasing records through their own label -- including a song recorded the day after his trial ended, which the sheikh wanted released to help victims of the 2004 tsunami.

A recording of the song will be played in court during the trial.

"It shows the quality of Sheikh Abdulla's songwriting skills and that of Mr Jackson's voice," said Thanki.

The sheikh is suing Jackson for breaching a seven-million-dollars (4.7-million-pound) "pay-back" deal designed to repay money he advanced to Jackson when he was having his worst financial problems.

Jackson, who was not in court but has been called on to give evidence via video link from Los Angeles -- contests the claim, saying the sheikh's case is based on "mistake, misrepresentation and undue influence."

2125 days ago

Just my opinion    

All I can say is he is/was a dumba$$.

2125 days ago


This looks like a drawing of the Harry Potter characters, like a character tree. "Kills children" is obviously something to do with voldemort. What does this have to do with jacko or the sheikh? I am way confused.

2125 days ago

They forgot to mention    

unjaded, maybe you should get glasses.
the words "kills", and "children" are two different branches of the "tree" and are unrelated, except maybe to someone who has that mind set already and jumps to conclusions.

2125 days ago


TMZ, maybe you should explain this one better? It's very confusing. Did MJ 'mind-map' Harry Potter---'cause that totally looks like a project from an English class.
You say the sheik paid for MJ to do one 'just like it"--he paid for MJ to copy the kid's homework? In that case, he deserves to have been taken for all he's worth.
Seriously, find a grown-up to edit this post so it actually makes sense. Or take down the unrelated project and find a better example of a mind-map.

(And yes, "Kills" is on one branch, but the "children" is off the "+19" years branch, and obviously refers to Harry and Ginny's 3 children--you can clearly read "Albus Severus" and "Lily" branching off the "Ginny" portion...but it does look like the 'kills' branch connects to the 'children' branch--you have to look closely to see it doesn't)

2125 days ago

blue pen    

Who in their right mind pays that amount of money for something you're taught at school?

2125 days ago


WOW ~ Look at the big brain on Turtlegirl....

You think he's pissed - I spent $400,000 on my mind map with MJ and it doesn't even look this good !!

REFUND !!!! booo hooo hooo hooo

The Sheikh is an idiot if you ask me

2125 days ago



2125 days ago



2125 days ago

frogs and gravel    

It is really a secret recipe (written in a code) on how to make "Jesus Juice".

2125 days ago
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