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Taco Bell's Got Beef with 50 -- Nacho Average Suit

11/20/2008 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Taco Bell knows about as much about rap music as it does about Mexican food.

In legal papers filed in Federal court, the Bell's lawyers claim 50's tough-talking $4 million trademark infringement lawsuit from this summer was just a publicity stunt -- but it's the personal shots they fire at Fiddy that really spice things up.

Bell's peeps tried to attack 50's credibility, saying his work "falls in the subgenre of hip hop music known as 'gangsta rap,' a style associated with urban street gangs and characterized by violent, tough-talking braggadocio." They also claim that Fiddy only filed the lawsuit to "burnish his gangsta rapper persona" -- 'cause nothing builds street cred like a lawsuit.

50 sued over Taco Bell's lame promo where they offered to give $10K to charity if the rapper changed his name to 79, 89, or 99 Cent.

UPDATE 11:04 ET: Looks like Fitty's still in it to win it: His lawyer tells us "Taco Bell needs to be stopped" and that "Mr. Cent intends to vigorously pursue this case."


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rumours abound about how you let me down    

Mr. Cent. ***Kendra laugh***

2127 days ago


To all of you who have negative comments about 50, it seems to me that your just jealous. Regardless of what you think of him as a rapper,actor business man or black person he has made himself millions and millions of dollars and is continuously on the grind to make more. I have a question what does black people have to do with the fact that he is suing Taco Bell? That was a very racist statement to make. And to the person who talks about his felony convictions you need to get actual facts before you go speading rumors about someone that you know nothing about personally. Last but not least why should he change his name for you, Taco Bell or anyone else for that matter. Who are you and who the hell is Taco Bell? They should have changed the price of the Taco for one day and sold it for 50 cents.

2127 days ago


"Think Outside the Gun" for only 50 Cent, plus tax.

2127 days ago


lmao, wtf is wrong with people? Yeah m, I'm sure he did that all by his lonesome. I'm sure he doesn't have a slew of managers, agents, lawyers, handlers, etc that facilitated his money making. 50 cent is a joke, as are all of his fellow performers. When any of them can pick up a guitar and use it as it was intended, we can talk about talent. Until then, they're just a bunch of lame a$$es spewing their own brand of hate. "Taco Bell needs to be stopped". lmao. How do you spell "publicity stunt"?

2127 days ago

Ohhh Myyyyy    

Jay, Jay, Jay -- let me help you out here. Why is it always about 'black people'. Why are you assuming race had anything to do with it. This 'thug' is just trying to do what so many other 'thugs' (any race) do to get a quick buck. Sue, sue sue. See below for corrections to your post. Now go get an education and then post later, okay? "promission"=permission, "write"=right, "pie-holes" = two words, pie holes, "he walk" = he walked, "to"=too (as in also) I won't even go into the "What's the problem....." sentence. Punctuation can be your friend. I also won't delve into the run on sentences. So, before you start calling people idiots in support of your rocket scientist 'rappah', open a dictionary, okay? Love ya!

2127 days ago


Wow Jay, got a little angst there for the Caucasians, do ya? He's sitting on $200 million. Ok fine. What's he doing with it? Since you know so much. Taco Bell was doing a promotional offer that would have amounted to a sizeable donation to charity. He could have been a good sport, and went along and done something good for someone other than himself. And it wouldn't have cost him a nickel. But instead, he's frivously suing for what he feels is some sort of infringement. He's putting more strain on the already overburdened justice system. Part of him is probably doing it, just to see what it feels like to sit at the plaintiff's table, for a change. Bottom line, it has nothing to do with the color of his skin and everything to do with the color of his soul.

2127 days ago

Ohhh Myyyyy    

Madcapfeline - spot on!!! I couldn't agree with you more!

2127 days ago


FYI 50 does a ton of charity work, and was even here on TMZ recently for the stuff he did in NY

Anyway taco hell is gay and only h.s. kids and trashy people eat there, so I wouldn't want to be associated with it either..LOL

I hope 50 wins his case..Maybe its some justice for Taco Hell contributing to Americas obesity problem.

People are jealous because 50 is rich as he@@..Who cares what type of music he does, if it sucks so bad and requires no talent why dont you people do what he does and makes some MILLIONS!!

I bet all the people bashing 50 are obese weirdos who LOVE Taco Hell..

2127 days ago


I am no fan of rap, but hey Guys, there was NO OFFER from Taco Bell to 50 Cent.
They asked to use his name and he said NO.
They used it anyway. That is not cool.
Then they dis' him. That is also not cool.
In a similar case, Woody Allen is suing an apparel company for $10 million for using his likeness without his permission.

2127 days ago


Awww #21 lol, were you fired from a Taco Bell? You might try Wal-Mart as a greeter, if you can pass the test. Though you and some others seem to dwell on 50 Cent's money, it isn't money that makes somebody trashy or not. He's been shot 9 times, stabbed once and is a convicted felon. Yet your idea of trashy is going to Taco Bell. Stunning.

2127 days ago


This is so stupid! 50 is sueing TB over that B.S,?? Im gonna sue him for endangering my food source!

2126 days ago


Ok, so now he is probably paying his lawyer several times the amount that a charity would have gotten if he had done the deal, but noooo, this turd prefers lining his lawyers' pockets over the REQUEST than to help a charity? Shame on you 50, for just being a piece of crap.

2126 days ago


Seems to me fiddy is having a bad year - bless his heart.

2126 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Maybe Taco Bell could just make nice with Mr. Cent and start serving Gangsta Wraps.

2126 days ago


50 Cent has certainly lowered himself in my view. From now on I'm referring to him as 37 Cent.

2126 days ago
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