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"Twilight" of the Nobodies

11/20/2008 5:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you were promised a party with the cast of "Twilight", would you be happy hanging out with anyone but Robert Pattinson?!
A flier for a "Twilight" event advertised the movie's "cast" would be at PRIVE in Vegas this past weekend and featured a photo of the two leads, Pattinson and Kristin Stewart. Unfortunately, they were never scheduled to appear and didn't show up.

Instead clubbers got to hang with D-list ancillary cast members like Jennie Garth's husband (Peter Facinelli) and some actors named Billy Burke, Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene. That's like going to a "Titanic" party in '97 and doing shots with Suzy Amis and Danny Nucci. Google them.

Reps for the nightclub say they were given the art for the flyer by the film company and clearly listed who would attend ... in fine print.


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sheila cillen    

i would love to meet peter, kellen, ashley an possibly billy. i mean they are also part of the ast and everyhing but i would much rather meet and hang out wiht rbert. i have loved him ince harry potter and have seen toher movieswith him. he is great. i like completely love him. so i hope some day i can meet him.

2156 days ago


Wow, I'm glad the two leads DIDNT show up. No offense but they seem like two self-absorbed, conceited, losers. Kristen and Robert diss their fans. How rude could you possibly get? Kristen says that her fans are annoying (google it) while Robert says he hates "children", which is weird because 70% of the Twilight lovers population are "children" (younger than 18). I know that they are famous and all but they didn't' have to say it in public ya know. Even with the "stress" they still had no right to say that especially when they are getting paid and making the movie because of their supportive fans. Besides, they didn't even show up to the party...what the heck? The party is practically for them for "pete's sake"!

Kellen Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Ashley Greene and the rest of the cast seem like better kinds of people that would hang out with anyone even if they aren't as famous. Heck, at least they showed up for the party. I would rather hang out with them any day. They seem like funny people anyway. I'm just happy that the movie turned out good even if the two main lead castings weren't great.

2156 days ago


I'd only care about seeing Robert... and maybe Peter. He's pretty hot too.

2154 days ago


I would be more then Happy to meet Kellan he is deff my number 2 fav star and if i couldnt have Rob then a big bair hug from him would have made my night

2153 days ago


Actually, I wouldn't mind hanging out with Kellan Lutz or Peter Facinelli. And considering most people would be dissapointed that Rob and Kristen weren't there, they'd probably leave and create more space for me!

2150 days ago


WTF!! who wouldnt want to see Kellan Lutz

2134 days ago

pissed off    

Get over yourselves!! They are not just "some" actors, they were bloody good in the movie, and many many people would have been more than happy to get a chance to meet them.
Every time you guys mention Twilight you come out with an even sadder story than your previous one, stop trying to bring it down! the six pack story? PATHETIC! you guys used to be witty, now it just seems your desperate.

2120 days ago


Of course most fans would perfer to hang out with the 2 lead characters but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be more than happy to be around those that were there. Especially Ashley Greene. She was adorable as Alice, one of my favorite characters, and did as awesome job in filming her part true to form!!

2119 days ago


D-LIST!?!?!?? not anymore... i wouldve loved to party with any of the Twilight cast members!! Specially kellan lutz!!! who wouldnt

2118 days ago


I love Jasper & Alice so I would of been fine just meeting Ashley Greene!!!!

2114 days ago

Twilight OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Im a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Twilight fan. I've read the 4 books 2 times. Even if Robert and Kristen were not there, I consider it a great opportunity to be with Peter, Kellan,Ashley and Billy. It would be great to get to know their point of view and not just Robert and Kristen's.

2093 days ago

Just another Twilight fan!!!!! ;P    

Me personally>!>! I would of been happy just being there... Any of the actors and actresses from Twilight would totally rawk!! No matter if the leads were there or not... Peter Facinelli, Ashley Greene and any other cast member that TMZ considers a D-List actor, needs to give their heads a shake...

Honestly, it took those actors to help carry the leads... They should be thankful, especially Kristen, that she has such a wonderful and talented cast around her to make her...

Peace out!!!! Loved the books.... Hope the next movie lives up to the expectations of the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2093 days ago

Kate Lauderdale    

there isnt a damn thing wrong being on the d-list. atleast they can get a role in a fairly big [understatement] movie. i don't see any of you in twilight.

2092 days ago


Ashley Greene is a better actress than kristen will ever be. If ashley Greene is "D" list than Robert Pattinson must be on the "F" list because Kellan lutz is SO much bett!!!er

2073 days ago


Yeah, fast one by the promoter or whatever, but it'd be cool to hang with those people. ****, use your head: you work for a tabloid and they're buying second houses as day players in a huge flick. you should've bought 'em a drink and taken some notes and maybe you'd have a better gig by now.

1498 days ago
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