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Civil War Erupts in Beverly Hills

11/21/2008 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A trial starts today in a battle between the classes -- the classes being the rich and the much richer.

The battleground is one of the most exclusive areas of Bev Hills, called Beverly Park, which is divided into Northern and Southern parts. The South Beverly Park Homeowners Association is suing the North BPHA -- the posher part where Barry Bonds, Rod Stewart, Sly Stallone and Denzel Washington reside -- because the hired help and others for the Southern masters have been blocked from entering on the North side.

Housekeepers and gardeners have been forced to take a seven-mile detour to enter on the South.

The judge is expected to instruct the jury, "Four score and seven years ago...."


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San Francisco    

USA is a class-ist society. KATRINA showed that = black, white. or hispanic - those who died or suffered were POOR.
But, the majority of voters recently agreed - TIME TO TAX THE RICH.
Next = tax churches, esp. those that "tell" their sheep how to vote.

2161 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Screw the help. They can swim back to Mexico.
Besides, if they don't like the accommodations... don't make the reservations.
The North Side stars have earned a right to privacy.
If the help don't like it, tough luck.

2161 days ago

LA LA    

I am a wealthy Persian man married to one of the most beautiful Mexican women. We reside in Beverly Hills. Our neighbors are of different races. There are many different kinds of wealthy people so dont tell people to go back to their country so quickly because they are minoritys, They may have more money than you will ever dream! In fact the wealthiest person in Beverly Hills is of Arab decent.

2161 days ago

LA LA    

Directed to you #3

2161 days ago

Moan Ica    

The help always goes in through the back. That's why the nanny always breaks up the marriage. Anyway, check out that youtube of Rosie.....hysterical!!!

2161 days ago

No wonder, huh John?    

"2. USA is a class-ist society. KATRINA showed that = black, white. or hispanic - those who died or suffered were POOR.
But, the majority of voters recently agreed - TIME TO TAX THE RICH.
Next = tax churches, esp. those that "tell" their sheep how to vote.

Posted at 3:22AM on Nov 21st 2008 by Queeny"

Wow... just wow...

You say all of that as if you support it, just as you said it.

Rather, you support a distribution of wealth. Tax the rich... for what? Do you even know? Or do you just want to tax the rich for the sake of them being rich? Wow... just wow...

Tax churches? So you want to absolve the separation between church and state? So you do not support the FIRST amendment that allows the citizens of this country the 'free exercise of religion' ? While free may not have meant without monetary cost, it most certainly is still covered by the fact that a tax on churches would have to be passed, something the first amendment PROHIBITS?

Seriously, you pseudo-intellectuals need an education.

2161 days ago


I have seen this before, They want to kill the traffic. They shut down roads. They should go to jail !

2161 days ago


All the help would be coming from the south side, and interfering on busy streets blowing their blowers all over the Mercedes, and making it impossible to get out of the neighborhood, and drive down the road.

2161 days ago


Funny that these particular famous people have been helped by me in some way or another. Yet these guys have never invited me to their houses or anything nice like that to show appreciation. That's fine, but I have boosted their fame and salaries. They're cool though, Rod Stewart is a little suspect, music sounds good, I'm not convinced we would get along no fault of my own, but Rod is probably cool nevertheless. The other bigshots are cool for sure. Barry Bonds hitting homers and getting hated on by chumps, Stallone making the Rocky and Rambo movies etc. D Washington has got a bunch of entertaining movies.

I could get jealous of their bank accounts and location of residence, but most of America is awesome and I feel healthy, so I can't complain. I'm glad we have all but won the ongoing War on terror. War on terror will continue for many years or maybe until the end of the Earth, but we are winning and can only lose if we let our gaurd down. Unborn babies seem to be getting safer in general, or atleast we as a people are starting to give them some mandatory-morphine if they get the roe v. wade death penalty sentence. There's some improvements taking place in America and the place is already pretty nice. There's alot to be thankful about this Thanksgiving.

Let's not bury our heads in the sand. Let's do wrong by no one. Let's not reward evil. Let us never sugarcoat sin! Let's exalt GOD and noble conduct. This be our Nation's Motto IN GOD IS OUR TRUST. Let's be Good Samaritans like Jesus Christ, GOD Bless

2161 days ago


Between the in debt and the EXTREMELY in debt.

2161 days ago


Can California please secede from the Union and take all celebrities with it.. What a waste of taxpayers money .

2161 days ago

colbys woman    

i am a wealthy iranian woman living in Beveraly Hills ---- screw all the poor people!

2161 days ago


The "hired help" could be paparazzi.

2161 days ago



2161 days ago


What a bunch of coddled wussies!

2161 days ago
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