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Linda Wants Professional Seaman

11/22/2008 12:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Recession or not, it's extremely hard to balance a budget on $40,000 a month. That's why Linda Hogan needs more. Oh did we mention -- she wants Hulk to foot the bill for her 19-year-old boyfriend's nautical tuition?
Linda Hogan and Hulk Hogan
Charley Hill wants to go to sea school, and Linda wants Hulk to pay for what could be the next Captain & Tennille. Getting back to why $40,000 isn't enough, Linda blew $14 grand at a Bev Hills Doctor's office this week. Hulk says it's for cosmetic surgery.

It may cost him a bundle, but we're thinkin' that divorce is the best move of Hulk's life.


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Unfortunately, I think the next story we'll be hearing about with the Hogans is that Hulk is filing for bankruptcy. Let's face it, he's older now and the money he WAS making he is no longer making. It looks like Brooke is the one making most of the money these days and I hope she's smart enough not to throw it away on her parents!

2159 days ago


~~Hurling violently~~
This is the most disgusting, trashy family with the most skewed values I have ever seen.

2159 days ago


I pray to the holy lord our father, Jesus Christ, that you would please do porn.
The whole world respects you, so you owe it to you legions of worshippers.

2159 days ago

Bob Booie    

No amount of money or a plastic surgeon can give any hope to Linda

2159 days ago

Greg's Wifey    

it would have been cheaper to keep her

2159 days ago


45. Linda,
I pray to the holy lord our father, Jesus Christ, that you would please do porn.
The whole world respects you, so you owe it to you legions of worshippers.

Posted at 12:52AM on Nov 23rd 2008 by AL

Im sure she has already made a porn movie with Charlie Boy, the tape just hasnt been stolen yet and released. Be patient Al. LOL

2158 days ago


Is she for real?????

2158 days ago

antonio diaz    

Linda is now acting like a BITCH

2158 days ago


Geez Linda ever heard the word "JOB" most people have one to support there habits what ever they are. You have 2 capable legs and arms to go out and work and not keep living off someone. Sure you were married to Terri, But girl you are asking way to much, Have Terri pay for your boyfriends tution. Are you kidding me! Your little boy toy, and I say little boy can go ask his own parents for money or better yet he get a job also and stop living off Terri. Stop taking advantage of Terri who has gone out and works for a living to support himself and not you and your Little Boy Toy! Your a sick old lady who in fact wants it all and will never be happy ever. check out the child you are dating even your children fund it sick.

2158 days ago


She has lost her flipping mind!

2157 days ago

agent smith    

Wow, she really is a parasite.

2157 days ago


This family has hit the lowest of lows. Linda is such an embarrassment to her kids is shameful. What message is she sending, this is a true trainwreck, very sad.

2157 days ago


Damn, this parasitic, bottom-feeding, bleach blond maggot should move in with the off of someone else's money, hell-her and Bruce would hit it off...they can compare and swap drugs. Bruce is out of it 75% of the time anyways, and fat-ass kris is getting fatter & dumber by the day & spending bloodmoney. Hell, they can sack-swtich, sack-chase, d*ck hop, shop till they drop and before you know it they will be "fat, plastic, STD', joker faced women. And Bruce won't know the difference. Perhaps, he'll pay for the boy's nautical school? ya think?

2157 days ago


Linda needs to get a damn job. What is ironic and you would think she would realize it is, her ugly ass boy toy is using her for the money and attention just like she got money and attention for being Mrs. Hulkster. She thought she was all that because of the reality show now she sees people don't give a crap about her. She bit/divorced the hand that fed her and now she is desperate. I hope Hulk fights (and wins) her all the way. I would like to know how long the $40,000.00 a monthly alimony last.

2155 days ago
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