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Jimmy Connors' Taxi Cab Confession

11/24/2008 7:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jimmy Connors' manager just told us his side of the arrest story Friday night.

The manager claims Connors and his son Brett took a taxi to the UCSB basketball game. Once in line, a guy repeatedly bumped into Jimmy and began insulting him. That's when the cops arrived.

The fuzz told Jimmy to skedaddle, but he said he couldn't "technically" leave because he came in a taxi. Jimmy said he would stand outside until the game was over and leave with his son. The cops then popped him for being "a non-student refusing to leave the campus."

We're told Connors will fight the trespassing charge, which carries a maximum 6 month jail sentence.


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And this is news???? Come on guys....

2159 days ago

Carrys F.    

Who is this? Jimmy Connors? Is he an actor?

2158 days ago


Why do I have a feeling there's a bit more to this story?

2158 days ago

Triple Play    

I know Jimmy very well. He would never break the law or be rude to police. This story is a hoax. So before you start to leave negative comments take a moment and remember I was a a witness and you weren't.
He is a wonderful man and he loves his family and his dogs.So please do not say anything bad about Jimmy

2158 days ago


Attention TMZ: some crazy loser keeps posting comments under the name Santa Barbara Witness....I am the original SBW and I'm sick of this guy running his mouth. All other quotes under that name are from a crazy person who must really hate Jimmy for some indescribable reason, other than being a hater in general. So henceforth, I'm handing the awesome name over to Mr. Crazy. Have fun with your sad self. This story sets it straight, so go ^%&^%$ yourself.

2158 days ago

Kendra Would Rock Your C**k!    

Jimmy Connors is the man. I knew he didn't do a freakin' thing. It's just the liberal rat MSM spilling lies and untruths and suppressing the truth. They were responsible for getting that racist, lying, floppy-eared FRAUDbama elected. He hasn't so much as run a LEMONADE STAND in Cicero before. All those who voted for him are downright Un-American and you're gonna' rue the day. He is going to weaken this country immeasurably.

2158 days ago


Check out Wikipedia to see everything James Connors accomplished in his life. He is one of the best athletes that this country has ever seen. It is a disgrace to see that the UCSB police used such a petty reason to arrest somebody. I thought the police were supposed to protect and serve. What happened to the other guy in the altercation? They just let him go?

2158 days ago

Triple Play    

# 6 SBW WHA WHA WHA All you are is a stalker and a friend of Jimmy wannabe. White trash bitzh

2158 days ago

Fubunki PunkChat    

Who's Jimmy Conners?

2158 days ago


the SB po po, just as many other jurisdictions, focus on dui's and dip's. SO~ prolly no one else that nite on campus was causin' a ruckus, and they singled out a middle aged white man. (99% of the SB non-collegiate pop.). WHATEVER~ he did the right thing by staying put and not risking a dui or something escalated.

good luck, jimmy. i'm sure you can go to court without the expense of representation on this one, and just plea your case to the judge. maybe the SB sheriff can monitor the outskirts better for rogue fire starters.

2158 days ago


What a waste of tax payers money. The arresting officers should be laid off. Obviously there is no real police work to be done and these officers are now being paid to harass people.

2158 days ago


What I want to know is...
what about the culprit who started all the B.S. in the first place?
Is he so innocent that he gets to enjoy the game?
I bloody well hate unfairness....
(My apologies for cursing)

2158 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

He has a MANAGER????

2158 days ago


Good grief! Someone finally takes a cab someplace so they don't get a DUI, and they still get arrested and harassed. Cut him some slack!

2158 days ago


Go Jimmy !!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't get to see basketball game because of some A$$

2158 days ago
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