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Kingston Takes a Lickin'

11/24/2008 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How could anyone ever get mad at a face like this?!

Kingston James McGregor Rossdale put his adorable mug and tongue up against a glass door at his L.A. home on Sunday.

It ain't easy being the cutest rock and roll celebuspawn in the world.


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Photogs are invasive creeps!!

2124 days ago


He's definately cute, but cute doesn't justify him being a complete terror in public. I guess when you're filthy rich and a rockstar you choose not to disipline your kids. How else do they end up drug addicts and tearing up hotel rooms when they are in their late teens? As much as I love Gwen and her music, this kid should reserve a spot on Celebrity Rehab.. That's where cranky pants celebrity kids will all end up.

2124 days ago


#2 the baby boy is two, have you never spent the day with a two year old? When is Gwen going to tour again, anyone know?

2124 days ago


Hey gypsy... I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess you don't have kids right? Cause if you did you would know that 2-3 year olds have temper tantrums and cry for they're mommy. That is what they do, and actually ignoring the behavior is the best thing you can do. But as for the real topic here paps are creeps what an invasion of privacy!!! It's not even like it's a picture of Gwen it's her child in the privacy of his own home!!! This is stalking!!!

2124 days ago

To see or not to see    

Gypsy: it is definitely not definately. Discipline your orthography.

2124 days ago

the pep    

You guys sure that's not K.Fed's kid...b/c he does a wife beater on...just like K.Fed.

2124 days ago


Wow Gypsy, you're an idiot. And TMZ - photographing a child in their own home is kind of sick, shame on you. Yucky Yucky - your photog should be charged with a crime, it's just sick. Oh and Gypsy you're an idiot.

2124 days ago


What? Now you are stalking a baby in his home? Now, THAT MUST BE ILLEGAL. This is just wrong.

2124 days ago


You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for even publishing a picture OF A MINOR at his home!!!! If the child is in public, that's one thing, but in their own home?!?!!?! Either way I would sue whomever took the pic if I was Gwen and Gavin...But more shame on TMZ for EVEN PUBLISHING IT.

2124 days ago


Why are they allowed so close to the house that they can get a picture of the front door? Sick and wrong, celebrities can't even leave their front doors open now without the fear that a sleezy pap will take pictures of their children and publish them.

And Gypsy, you're an idiot. He has been photographed what, once having a temper tantrum? He's 2 years old, that's what they do.

2124 days ago


Why is TMZ obsessed with this kid / the mother?????????????? Who gives a f**k? BTW He's not the least bit cute.

2124 days ago

all kinds of awesome    


haha that's rad! that kid is super adorable.

2124 days ago


You have no right to invade their privacy like that. If they take their kid to a public function, then from a far distance you cn get your shot, but invading their privacy like that is just wrong. You think the average person wants to see a kid exploited by you in his home, where he is supposed to be safe?

This is why photogs (quite rightfully) get beat up.

2124 days ago


Little kids like to make faces on glass and be silly....especially if there is someone staring at them on the other side of a window.

I haven't seen a photo of him being a brat in public. I think Gwen and Gavin are doing a fine job.

2124 days ago


You guys go on TMZ then cry when they take pictures of whatever they take pictures of when you know you are intrested in that picture even if it is a celibrity's child! So SHUT UP. Kick back with the insults and take it for what it's worth an adorable and funny pic of a super cute TOT!!!!

2124 days ago
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