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Carly Simon Gets Wyclef's Boy Outta Prison

11/25/2008 11:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Bush just cut a break to convicted drug felon/rapper John Forte, allowing the so-called "Fourth Fugee" to get out of jail early -- and it seems like he has Carly Simon to thank for it.

Forte will walk out of Federal prison next month after serving half of the14-year sentence given to him when authorities found 31 pounds of of coke on him at New Jersey's Newark International Airport in 2000.

But it turns out John met Carly's son Ben through prep school pals -- and we're told she's been lobbying several politicians "religiously" on Forte's behalf, including Senators Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch.

Forte was one of only 16 people given clemency by George W. Bush out of more than 2,000 who asked.


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Yet another shining example of Bush's brilliant judgment!

2123 days ago


Why does somebody stupid enough to take 31 pounds of coke to an airport deserve clemency when two American heroes sit in prison for the mere act of doing their jobs? If anyone on the list deserves a break it's Border Patrol agents Nacho Ramos and Jose Compean. If Bush fails to grants these two pardons it will be tantamount to admitting that he wants Mexican drug dealers infiltrating our country at will. We do know that he likes the drugs and the illegal aliens but does he have to be so transparent about it?

2123 days ago


Yes it was 31 lbs of cocaine..but the kicker is that it was 31 lbs of LIQUID coke.....what happened to manadatory drug sentences for cocaine possession.. or is that just in VA

2123 days ago


It's all who you know and how much dough. We mere peons could NEVER get that kind of break! And 31 lbs through an airport?! Once again who did he know and how much dough?

2123 days ago


People It's quite simple actually.
NO drug users, no drug deaLers.
It is a simple matter of capitaLism at its best.
Economics 101, demand and suppLY.
Stop bLaming the drug deaLers, for their patriotic entrepreneurship.
Americans need to stop taking drugs, and we will not have to worry about the drug deaLers, because there wiLL
be none.
However, if Americans stop taking drugs, they may start asking some reaL questions of their governments
and Life in generaL.
And nobody wants that, so stick to the drugs. And may God bLess the drug deaLers......ARTOFWAR.

2123 days ago


31 LBS and he gets clemency. Tommy Chong did 9 month in the big house for selling bongs! This government blows! Literally! Totally looking forward to 1/20/2009!

Bush and Carly.... You can go screw yourselves!

2123 days ago


RAMOS & COMPEAN lmao they deserve to rott in jail and you know what they will stay in jail I wander how they like getting raped everyday lmao they think just because they were border patrol agents they can shoot someone and cover it up i dont think sooo

2123 days ago


i don't care what ya'll say..i think he is sexy!!

2123 days ago


Why is he getting out? Just because he asked? I really hope there is more to this story than what is being released!! There better be some kind of consperacy, cover up, lack of eveidence...something other than asking and Carly Simon...

2123 days ago

Now what now?    

Why is everyone so stunned? Every lame duck president grants pardons and clemency mostly to powerful criminals who don't deserve it. Ususally it's rich guys headed to Club Fed who have yet to serve a minute of jail time while appealing their sentence for years. At least this guy did 7 years. Lets hope he learned his lesson.

2123 days ago


Oh Carly get a life and do something valid with your time like feed the homeless! Dont carry with intent to sell, im sure,. 31 pds or cocaine and you wont have to worry baout serving prison time. I dont care if the guy is a good guy he had 31 pds of cociane-he cant be that much of a model citizen!!! another Pathetic celeb with a cause not worth fighting!

2123 days ago


Wow - This is the most LIBERAL/ DEMOCRATIC thing Bush has ever done.

2123 days ago


All Presidents do this, not just Bush, do any of you remember some of the losers Bill Clinton pardoned??????

2123 days ago

al loanese    

14. #13- You put Ramos & Compean on the same level as Manson. You still upset about your illegal alien mother getting deported?

Posted at 12:18PM on Nov 25th 2008 by Aunt Flo

sounds like this bitch aunt flo is getting her aunt flo...cause bitches like you sound as stupid as your aunt flo..youre nameed after a menstural cycle...dumb bitch.....and how do you know if someone mama is getting deported...dumb ass kotex!

2123 days ago


Free Leonard Peltier

2123 days ago
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