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Stepmama to Whitney -- I Have Nothing!

11/25/2008 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A dead patriarch, a fight over money from his will -- it sounds like an episode of "Dallas," but it's a real life battle between Whitney Houston and her stepmom.

According to a lawsuit filed by Barbara Houston back in May, Whtiney was the beneficiary of her departed dad's $1 million life insurance policy, but the money was earmarked to pay off a mortgage on her dad's apartment -- Barbara says she was supposed to get the remaining proceeds as well as title to the property. Stepmama says she hasn't gotten bubkiss from Whitney.

In true Whitney fashion -- she denies everything.


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2065 days ago

Now what now?    

What am I missing here? If Whit's dad wanted his wife to have everything why didn't he just leave it to her? Did she discuss why he made Whit the beneficiary and asked her to pay off the apartment and give the deed to his wife when it would be much easier if he just left everything to her? Did he leave anything to his wife?

2065 days ago


The stepmother says it was "earmarked to pay off the mortgage" and that she was "suppose to get the remaining proceeds as well as the property" if this were true her father would have changed the beneficiary on the policy.

2065 days ago


Whitney just needs cr@ck money.

2065 days ago


Reminds me of that Red Bull commercial. After the will was read Stepmom should take a drink of RB and fly up to the clouds and kick his azz.

2065 days ago


I agree, this does not make any sense, especially if the stepmother was supposed to get the balance. So Whitney gets an insurance policy but gets none of the money? Just has to pay the taxes on it, I suppose? No, something is WRONG with this.

2065 days ago


I don't think John Houston was living with his wife when he died.

2065 days ago


From one of the best singers in the world, to a lying, crack smoking, self-centered, reality show whore.

Oh, how the mighty fall-hard.

I do feel that her career is over, other singers made comebacks because they are young, at 50 she looks like about 70, her mother looks better . And from years of drug abuse her voice cant be in good shape, because even though they doctor it up in the studio- at some point she has to sing live - then what???

Oh well.

OK,Im done............

I never thought Bobby Brown would be TOO GOOD for HER.

2065 days ago


She will be okay, Hopefully she has learned her lesson, sometimes life throws a curve ball to all of us, it is up to us to make the corrections or do the same thing and fail, Hopefully now that she is older, she became wiser, My prayers go out to her and to everyone else that has struggled with one thing or another in their lives. God Bless all the people in this screwed up world

2065 days ago

Obama Campaign    

Are you serious? have you not heard her voice lately??? She can still sing and she is still one of the BEST singers out there.. Pleasssse!!! I do hope she wins this ordeal because obviously step mommy is just trying to get paid. I'm sure Buttercup has never smoke a cigaret or ran a red light in it's life.. things happen and we have to be bigger person's and get over it.. the Head line is about her step mother trying to screw her over NOT Crack.. get a life..

2065 days ago


whitney is a loser!

2065 days ago


I believe Whitney has her life together now, which means the rats and roaches will start crawling out of the cellar to create more drama in her life. If her dad wanted this lady to have the money he would have left it to her. This doesn't even make any sense. Her dad made that money off of Whitney anyway. lol

She needs to drop that comeback CD already though. I for one hope she still has it because nobody has come close!

2065 days ago


If Whitney was the beneficiary of the policy, then it's her money. Not a whole lot her step-mama can do about it. The intent may have been there, and if it was, it's unfortunate that he didn't take the steps necessary to carry it out. A will isn't enough! But then again, maybe his intent was to leave it to Whitney all along.

2065 days ago


# 6.

You must be blind, deaf and dumb. With the emphasis on DUMB! Have you seen the woman lately?? She is 45 but barely looks a year over 30. Look at the pictures of her in Atlanta the other day or at the Carousel of Hope ball in 06. You must be stupid to think that "looks like 70" but then again, we've already established that.

And her career is NOT over. The woman is working hard in the studio with the best producers and will put out her album soon. Clive, Arista and Whitney would not waste their time and money if she wasn't up to it. They would just buy her out of her $100 million contract and call it a day. Its been done before with Mariah. Whitney is taking her time to keep her life straight and to raise her daughter. And when she comes back she will be back. Until then, go crawl back under the bridge you live under.

P.S. The crack jokes are beyond passe.

2065 days ago


Is #6 for real?? Is he really saying that a gutter slut like bobby is too good for Whitney?? Let me remind this idiot that it was WHITNEY who kicked bobby's a-s-s out to the streets where he belongs. He was living off of HER money.

2065 days ago
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