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A-Rod's Blonde Contrition Tour

11/26/2008 4:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After hitching a ride back to Miami with Madonna, A-Rod played family man with his ex-wife and kids last night on their home turf.

It's unclear whether Alex will be spending Thanksgiving with them or if he'll be too busy stuffing having stuffing with Madge.

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Geeez....they've had problems since the beginning of their marriage so it's no wonder they divorced. She intentionally got pregnant with the second child (after an aborted divorce) knowing he would never be faithful to her. She's smiling now which is something she never did when they were married!

It's only with maturity, time, or being with an extraordinary partner from the beginning that (most) highly paid jocks learn to be sexually faithful to their marital partner.

Whatever friendship he and Madonna have is nobody's business, including his ex-wife who got an enormous financial settlement. She needs to keep her relationship with him as the father of their children out of the press and be guarded about what she shares with others to protect those little girls. The relationship between a father and daughter is critical to a healthy psychological development and it is, primarily, the mother who 100 percent provides the nurturance of children until they are around 12 years of age.

If they are happy and share a spiritual bond, hats off to A-Rod and Madonna.

2123 days ago


In the 21st Century, a lot of adults are putting aside their bruised egos on behalf of the long-term wellbeing of their children. Couples who are sexually incompatible can actually become better friends and more respectful to one another after the sex is removed and they divorce.

2123 days ago


That ex-wife pisses me off. Who is she to throw a fit if he wants to be with Madonna and her kids on Thanksgiving? He can see his kids any time. He belongs with Madonna and this lady needs to let it go and grow up and stop acting so childish.

2123 days ago


To: 19. That ex-wife pisses me off. Who is she to throw a fit if he wants to be with Madonna and her kids on Thanksgiving? He can see his kids any time. He belongs with Madonna and this lady needs to let it go and grow up and stop acting so childish.

Posted at 3:21PM on Nov 26th 2008 by Tina

With all due respect, whose being childish. After reading this post I have an inkling it is its author.

2123 days ago


Why anyone would want to put their penis in Madonna is beyond me. 80's Madonna I get. 08's tranny Madonna I do not get,

2123 days ago


To #20...You idiots fall for it hook, line and sinker, everytime. LOL

2123 days ago


I'm glad a-hole is spending time with his kids at the holidays. It's the least he could do after running around with Madge. He is a serial cheater , so I can't figure out why people are shocked that an "affair" (whatever kind it is), broke up his marraige. He had problems long befor Madge came along. Madge was just the straw that probabl broke the camel's back.

2123 days ago


Lets see, Dim-Rod starts poking around with The Minge, tanks his season, tanks what was left of his marriage and has been drinking the Minge-tainted-twisted version of Kabbalah Kool-aid. Why wouldn't his ex-wife be happy? She no longer has to put up with Stupid-Rod on a day to day basis.

The Minge has her own dilemma; Strong intelligent men (as she referred to Guy at the start) who turn out to be non-compliant to her every lame-ass demand (Penn and Guy), she resents. Weak-minded, controllable emasculated twerps like Carlos and Dope-Rod are very compliant and obedient, which she likes at first, but then grows to have nothing but disgust and contempt for because of the very weakness she chose them for.

Move over Carlos. Dim-Rod, meet Curb. Curb, this is Dim-Rod.

2123 days ago


Mommy A-ROD should take A-HOLE and the kids to visit Madona for Thanksgiving dinner together. Then for dessert while the kids are eating pumpkin pie, WIFE A-ROD with A-HOLE ROD and Madona should have a three-some!

2123 days ago


Tina, I sincerely hope you never, ever have children.

2123 days ago


kan, I'm sorry all you sheep can't see sarcasm. Damn, you people are ignorant!

2123 days ago


I'm sorry but Madonna and Cynthia look a like..you have to wonder if all the stories are true...it's said that he has always been fond of Madonna you have to wonder if he got with Cynthia cause she looks so much like Madonna....it's like he settled for 2nd best and finally got what he truly wanted....I will say this Madonna is looking rather rough now and Cynthia does have her beat....

2123 days ago


It's good somebody will be babysitting Meathead-Rod. Otherwise he'll wander the streets asking every woman he encounters "Are you my mommy?".

2123 days ago


Perhaps he wants an independent woman with a brain and her own money. Nobody knows what this woman is like. Maybe him and Madonna are just friends, nobody knows. And Tina, if you come here with any regularity, you should know that most here are humorless. They are more interested in ripping people apart that don't agree with them, than the actual story....

2123 days ago


Perezhilton has sources that are telling him A-Rod did not fly into Miami with Madonna. Maybe the grainy pictures were made grainy on purpose so the true identity of the person in them couldn't be seen and the story could continue to be written as the rags want it to be.

2123 days ago
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