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NBC's Bigoted "Momma" in Big Trouble

11/26/2008 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of all racists featured on NBC's upcoming reality show "Momma's Boys" may have been targeted because of her extreme bigotry -- and things could get even worse for her, once this clip gets out.

Khalood Bojanowski (common spelling) -- whose son Jojo is one of the bachelors on NBC's soon-to-air "Momma's Boys" -- has had her MIchigan house vandalized and her German shepherd killed, all before the Dec. 16 premiere of the show.

Cops are investigating whether the attack was triggered by her insane racist comments on the show. But Iraqi-born Khalood is so worried, we're told, she's already been flown to L.A. to get "a security briefing" by a major security firm.

But seriously: Watch the vid ... Omarosa, meet the new reality bitch queen.


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Who is this stupid bytch and why is she allowed to live in this country?

2157 days ago

OMG! Black & White thing? I've gotta see more of this.

2157 days ago

Kirby Laine    

I read about this woman in the New York Post last week. I think this video is just a little taste of a much bigger problem with this crazy woman. I can't NBC is giving her a pulpit from which to spread her closed minded views.

2157 days ago

Ryan Derek McElligott    

WOW that is so awesome she really is so mad keep it up .
A person like her dosent always get what she wants so this is the greatest .
Watch for her to be attacked I am sure .

2157 days ago


So here you go TMZ promoting hate yourself! Isn't she entitled to her opinion......last time I checked, that is what this "free" country was all about.

2157 days ago


Perfect reason why I don't watch NBC. Fox used to be the trash network, NO LONGER!

2157 days ago


You go Jojo! Make decisions in your life that benefit you and are not harming others. Forget your racist pig mom. All lovin is good lovin. Pick the girl that floats your boat. Black, Asian, Jewish, White, whatever works for you. You do it boy!!!!

2157 days ago

concerned citizen    

What a sick individual this woman is. The sad part is that there a many, many people in this country who shares her views!

2157 days ago

Lomann Anderson    

I agree, what's NBC thinking here..? This woman is off her rocker. While I wish she didn't get to spew her prejudice and bigotry on television, I can't deny I want to see more!

2157 days ago


I feel terrible that her dog was murdered :( Too bad it wasn't her

2157 days ago


Her dog was killed?? Because she is ignorant (and disgusting)....her dog was killed?? Well, the person who did that is NO better than her...

2157 days ago

agent smith    

I find it funny when minority races are racist but then claim the very thing about caucasians being racist to them. I guess people just like to hate.

2157 days ago

ya right    

i don't didn't care for anything she said --- i probably fall into a category of girl's she would hate her son to go out with---but did someone really have to kill her dog to prove a point??? that is sick!!!

2157 days ago


Lol doesn't she know the old saying of what you hate will end up in your family....she better learn some tolerance and secondly she said she wants a white girl who listens to her so she wants a little puppet. This fat old crusty bi*ch I hope not only does her son pick what she dislikes but i hope her son picks all the things she dislikes wrapped all up in one girl! 2008 and we got garbage like this still around disgusting!!

2157 days ago

agent smith    

Lock this woman in a room with Ann Coulter, lol. Now that's entertainment! Wait, add Rosie as guest referee (whom they both would probably turn on).

2157 days ago
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