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"Twilight" Star's Pipe Dream

11/26/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's blazing at the box office -- and "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart was blazing on her front steps in L.A. a few days ago as well.


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that's awesome, all you guys are mean. Most of us teenage girls are smoking dro before we seen this. It doesn't really matter what stars are doing, its how we feel and who we hang out with. jeezz, get a clue. Kristen Stewart is the bomb [:

2122 days ago


get over it people....its just weed...not abnormal of an 18 yr. old...she deserves a little bc Twilight is doing great, and she was great in it.

2122 days ago


Seriously, stop commenting on other people's lives. Everyone needs to get a handle on their own before they start criticizing other people's. They are actors are they not? So why are you concerned with anything other than their acting ability? Michael Angarano is an AMAZING actor... Kristen Stewart is also wonderful. Gosh... people are sooo judgemental. Get LIVES!

2122 days ago


comment 137 is hilarious...and complete bull....learn the facts people...and she would not fidget in an interview from would have the opposite affect actually.

2122 days ago


I hate how these were taken THROUGH THE BUSHES. If you look at the other pics you can see trees around the edges. How pathetic are people? You seriously have to stake out someone's house until they come out to smoke their weed? How rude. Let her smoke in peace. You know, no one would KNOW about this if whichever jerk is responsible for these pictures hadn't taken them and then thrown them all over the internet. THINK ABOUT IT.

2122 days ago


fire it up K, no Wcoast swag come on to the Ecoast only nugg'z here mami!

2122 days ago


fool who cares if she smokes weed.
shes gorgeous and shes in a cult film.
the girls career is gunna be long

2122 days ago


WOW, that is so embarrassing for her
I can't believe this----its cruel to put these photos up---she is a symbol now in the public eye because of twilight.....

why these photos? I'm sure they are taken in the wrong context...

2122 days ago


Nice way to be discreet, haha everyone does this so just back the hell up a little bit and remember..lindsay lohan, paris, nicole..
the list goes on and on..people are freakiing out like if they've never seen this before..i mean im not saying its okay, Its definitely not okay,but calm down a bit.

but if she's gonnaa keep screwing up her image like this its on her.

I think she should be a bit more discreet.

2121 days ago


some people take prozack, others prefer the "natural" alternative. You go girl!! If I had a bunch of stupid, useless colege journalist interns up my a$$ all the time, i'd definitely need something to remove me from my mental getto. Leave Kristen and Twilight alone!! That "crappy vampire movie" made some big money, and the next one will be even better. Summit is not well known...yet, but after taking on Twilight, and New Moon, and hopefully the two after that, they will be. Everyone needs to start somewhere. That includes movie studios, and colege journalist interns don't you agree? Hopefully they will all get better as they go along.

2121 days ago


i dont think she's smokin weed. i mean, come on. even though EVERYONE does it, she KNOWS she's going to be taped and have pics of her taken! she may be young, but she's not an idiot! but even if i was weed, not really that big of a deal. almost every does it. you'd be surprised

2121 days ago


Who cares, its not crack im high right now

2121 days ago


*Sigh* what a dissapointment. And she's my favorite actor, too! :( Wow, Kristen... I wish it wasn't true.

2121 days ago


I want to add more to my last comment.
I AM disappointed, but it doesn't mean I haven't done s*** like this before. I understand if she is going through a really hard time, specially with everyone saying she's a bad actor and everything (which is NOT true! She's amazing!) But yeah, I think we should all stop criticizing her so much because we don't know what she's going through at this moment.
I still love you Kristen, and your acting! A couple of pictures isn't going to change a fan's mind:)

2121 days ago


yall need to calm the heck what if she smokes pot...thats her life not yours so get over it. i'd like to say that she is an amazing actor even if she smokes pot...and if u havent noticed it might not even be pot and tmz just cuts down people that everyone likes just that the fans wont like them anymore....if ur a true fan u wouldnt care if she smoked pot or not
butt out!

2121 days ago
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