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"Twilight" Star's Pipe Dream

11/26/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's blazing at the box office -- and "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart was blazing on her front steps in L.A. a few days ago as well.


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Oh my God! It's just pot! It's not like she has a needle in her arm, shooting up. Some people really need to learn how to relax!

2123 days ago


Ya know, last time I checked, smoking pot is still illegal, not to mention is sets a poor example for the kids who are fans of the Twilight movie who idolize her for playing Bella. Perhaps the studio should recast the role of Bella, giving it to an actress who understands the concept of professional decorum. If she can't handle the stress of being an actress and fulfilling her obligations in movie publicity, then perhaps she should get into another profession. I hear that she is very snotty to work with and they have to beg her to even do any publicity for the movie Twilight. I say, "give her the heeve-ho!" What studio needs that kind of publicity, not to mention insuring her as an actress.

2121 days ago


Ok, I understand how this could cause upset, but i mean who doesnt smoke pot now in the entertainment business? as long as she doesnt screw up in the movies and doesnt bring that stuff to set and does as good a job as before then thats fine with me, everyone should just leave her and rob alone. what they do in their own time, then let them do it, just as long as it doesnt ruin new moon. I mean if u think about it, this probably isnt her first time doing pot, she was probably stoned on set before and she did awesome so i mean everyone should just leave them alone...

2119 days ago


really its just as bad as smokeing sigerets and alot of people do that so give her a break she is probly under stress becuase all of the crap she does always every were talking to every one never gets tme to her self that would suck i mean if i were her i would be soken that stuff all the time i mean i would not do it right out side my house in the middle of the day but i would still do it so thanks for every thing

2117 days ago


Kristen should not be smoking anything right now. She is now a role model for teens every where who are watching Twilight. This is a horrible demonstration for a star of her statis. THINK OF THE TEENS WHO WILL SEE YOU KRISTEN! Today's socioty already copies hollywood enough as it is. When stars do stuff like this they set horrible.examples. Drugs hurt you in the long run if she wants to have any career in the future she she should rethink the drungs.

2117 days ago


I was glad to have read the comment posted on by Jean Brunet, December 17, 2008 that Taylor Lautner will remain as Jacob in New Moon. While he was not given a lot of scenes in Twilight, he proved himself quite capable in the ones he was. As for choosing the actor for Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart would not have been my choice, even without having seen her going up in smoke; Catherine Hardwicke hand-picked her because she directed Kristen in a movie that I am not familiar with, not too many people are. I was also glad to hear they've hired a new director. The anticipation of the movie, Twilight, rested soley on the shoulders of Stephenie Meyer because of the great book itself! NOT because of Kristen Stewart. It wouldn't have mattered who directed it, or played Bella...we all would have seen it anyway. Now that the dust has settled, and its been decided that Catherine Hardwicke obviously isn't capable of bringing the justice New Moon deserves, perhaps Kristen Stewart will be replaced.
Like everyone else, I, too, am entitled to my opinion. So, please, spare me of your them (good or bad) for Kristen. As a pre-med student, and working part-time I could tell you about pressure!!! Obviously, some of you think that is why she is doing it, and that makes it okay. Give it up, that's beyond reckoning with, people. If it's that stressful perhaps she should choose another career path. Yes, a lot of teenagers smoke pot/crack, but, a lot of them don't either.
Meghan, you are confusing pot with cocaine, pot gives you the munchies, cocaine gives the opposite effect.
In interviews I’ve seen with her she comes off as being a brat, and a little aloof. Someone mentioned she is shy, and that is why she doesn't like to be interviewed. Again, CHOOSE ANOTHER CAREER!!! That's what you sign up for when you are an actor. You have to do press junkets to promote your movies. In a lot of interviews she seemed fidgety. Now I understand why!! A friend of mine called and told me to check out some photos of Kristen Stewart that her teenagers saw on When I saw the pictuers of her it only solidified my impression of her.
What these actors do in private certainly IS their business. However, when they are blatant with their vices in public it's a whole new ballgame. There are millions of Twilight fans whom I hope see what this arrogant girl does. I certainly hope Stephenie Meyer does. I really hope that the powers that be replaces Kristen Stewart. I’m very glad I read all of the books, which I think are awesome. I, and many friends, some of which have teens and tweens, definitely won’t be going to see Kristen Stewart ‘light-up’ the silver screen in the Twilight sequels. The books are always so much better than the movies anyway.
Oh, here's something I found interesting.
This is a statement Kristen Stewart said while being interviewed recently, I believe it was for the Twilight layout InStyle did. . . “The series has this huge fan base,” Stewart has said. “And they have very specific expectations.”
Too bad she wasn’t betting on the expectation of being photographed smoking a pot/crack pipe with a friend in plain view, even the dog in the pictures looks stoned!
As a fan of the Twilight series, I am saddened and so disappointed. I think it’s a definite black mark for Stephenie Meyer and Summit Entertainment should she remain as Bella.

2117 days ago


she's 18 and she smokes weed.... ohhhhh noooooooo.... pshhhh. she rocks.

2117 days ago


this makes me love this girl even more hahahha. oh and she is such a good actress so shh! let her smoke her doobies in peace:)

2115 days ago


im sorry but i really dont see what the big deal is?
we all know (well most of us) that the grass isnt always greener on the other side.. first off her boyfriend is her boyfriend and thats that..
edward and bella ARE A STORY.. HELLO FICTION... ???
real people are Kristen and Robert and there is NO Kristen and Robert ...
did you ever think for a sec that the Kristen and Robert thing was all hype to get people to believe and be more involved with the story? .. you do know that there are 3 other films coming out.. ..
maybe to understand this better rent "America's Sweethearts"... just so you can see what im talking about ..

kristen on weed... EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING ... get off her case

2112 days ago


Shouldn't she TRY and be a good influence and not smoke a pipe on her front step. I mean really Teens and pre-teens love TWILIGHT and look up to her and Bella

2112 days ago


future amy winehouse...and seriously i think there has to be a reason shes so damn skinny. i saw her on "catch that kid"...and she look nice. now she keeps it up she will end up like one of the oslen twins or winehouse...

2109 days ago


I'm sorry, I understand that many people smoke weed and that it's her life but....this has made some of my respect for her diminish. At least keep it out of the media!! She's got fans for goodness sakes!! :(:( She's intelligent and young! If she's a stoner than it would be like..the next Amy Whinehouse or something.

2104 days ago


Seriously, people really need to get off her case and stop acting like if she's lighting the pookie or using some crack. It's not heroin people! So f*** off.

2102 days ago


awesome, it just makes me like her more.

2101 days ago


what an idiot! i really don't care if kristen would stone her brains out, it's just that she should have done within the privacy of her home. she has to understand that she is NOW a ROLE model. kristen, next time stay indoors!

2098 days ago
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