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"Twilight" Star's Pipe Dream

11/26/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's blazing at the box office -- and "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart was blazing on her front steps in L.A. a few days ago as well.


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I have to admit: I am totally torn on whether I show this to my daughter or not.

On the one hand, she see's me day in, day out devoting myself to her and her sister no matter what- alcohol free, drug free. On the other I raised her to be independent and want her to make her own decisions...boys, drinking, whatever.

If she sees something like this will it influence her into thinking it's ok to do such a thing? Or will she be able to sit back and realize how flat out idiotic it is before she tries? Who knows!? I can only hope she talks to me when she needs to and I can point out she is acting as a lifeless boob both IN life as well as ON SCREEN due to her 'issue.'

Kristen Stewart? How DUMB, IDIOTIC, MORONIC can you be? I'm no idiot: I can see my 13 year old wishing she were Bella and she would find her own Edward sometime along the line...been there, done that.

Now you are smoking a friggin' PIPE on your FRONT STEP?! I hope you realize how lame this is and will at least use better, more PRIVATE accomodations if you feel the need for such crap in the future.

1967 days ago

Dominatrix Dee    

She looks like a medical cannabis patient to me - like someone who suffers from acute anorexia, anxiety and insomnia. Look at the peace on her face as she exhales. If she is a legally qualified patient under state law then she is not necessarily braking the law by smoking on her porch - just risky.

1967 days ago


Rob isn't a drunk,Melanie. He is 22 years old. I'm sorry but most people "act' like drunks after their 21st birthday for a little while. Yeah he gets sloshed but it happens. Hell I'm only 20 and I get sloshed sometimes! Doesn't mean I'm a frickin' drunk.
Plus he is a young talented actor in Hollywood!!!!

1967 days ago


actually this is a very smart move. now anywhere she goes people will offer her free weed...

1967 days ago


disgusting what a slob, bad role model forthese teen girls who idolize these young stars. Herr career should go int the dumper, just like the way she looks

1967 days ago


oooh i'm so offended.... show us some more amy winehouse smokin crack videos.... now thats entertainment

1967 days ago


Good job dumbass! What in hell are you thinking? Everyone knew you were the wrong person to be cast as Bella, now you just proved it.

1967 days ago


Crackhead smokin da pipe....lick a log people...its Twilight time in the TMZ

1967 days ago

Kandace Fish    

Is this bitch kidding, millions of teenagers are watching her and she does this, she could have kept that crap inside, another star who looses my respect, I was going to see her movie Friday night now I WILL NOT....

1967 days ago


Yeah, that's not so bright when you are trying to be famous. She should keep that behind the kurtains. The rep is goin to be pissed totally. dumb.

1967 days ago


She should just be glad she's not in the UK where she'd face charges (like Amy Winehouse). Who gives a rip that she smoked a bowl anyways?

1967 days ago

my 3 cents    

Who does not smoke weed

1967 days ago


I am Amy Whorehouse and I am alive suckas

1967 days ago


I am literally saddened and disgusted beyond words on so many levels.

1967 days ago


Twilight SUCKS anyways....where is a rabid dog when you need it....smoke it up junkie

1967 days ago
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