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"Twilight" Star's Pipe Dream

11/26/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's blazing at the box office -- and "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart was blazing on her front steps in L.A. a few days ago as well.


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kanye fan    

What's the big deal? Just cause pot is illegal? I bet half the people who posted on here have experimented with drugs of some sort. Stimulate your mind, it's natural.

2159 days ago


Puts new meaning to, "Put that in your pipe and smoke it!"

2159 days ago


This is sad.. Her life is about to change, the eyes of the world is and will be on her. She needs some guidance.. Can anyone say Brittany, Lindsey, Amy anyone... She can do whatever she wants, but she is now considered a role model.. Sorry but true.. She better get her act together.. I see backlash coming..
I would have loved to see Dakota Fanning in the role if she were older.. Not that is a role model.

2159 days ago

choppy 1    

Where I live you have to be able to pass a piss test to get a $13.00 an hour factory job. Why don't these spoiled rotton actors have to do the same? Weed isn't that bad? It's a gateway drug to much much worse. Trust me, I know. My son started out with that at her age. He's now 24 and been thru rehab 5 times for much much much worse things than weed. He's been clean for for 3 months. The longest since her first started smoking pot as a teen. It's saddens and concerns me to see those pictures.

2159 days ago


Kristen, welcome to your first lesson here at Celebrity 101.


2159 days ago


Come on, people. Smoking weed isn't that big of a deal-- like cigarettes, liquor, caffeine, sugar, it's just another substance that people can choose to use, abuse, or not use at all. Everyone freaks out about it being a *DRUG*, but realize that over 80 million Americans have at least tried marijuana (stat from that's a huge portion of our population, and it proves how useless our drug war is. You run into a regular pot smoker every day-- multiple times-- and you'll probably never know unless they tell you. This girl has every right to do what she wants to do, especially if she is a legal candidate for medical marijuana: who are you to question the medicine she needs? Of course, she could be using it illegally-- but so does every other American pot smoker... they can't buy their vices on supermarket shelves. Would you give up caffeine if someone lobbied Congress to illegalize it? That's what happened with marijuana. Check out William Randolph Hearst and his paper company; this man lobbied Congress, and paid for propaganda articles in newspapers to frighten the public about cannabis, because his paper company stood to lose business to the hemp industry. Oh, and, by the way, every statistic in the government's fact sheet supporting the ban on marijuana is dated, and has since been refuted by many scientists-- and the government just keeps it illegal, supporting the drug czars of Mexico and the black market in the US.

Now, start minding your own damn business and leave this girl alone.

2159 days ago


C´mon you guys!!! So she´s smoking weed, big deal. I don´t think celebrities are model for anything, parents should be.
Celebrities makes mistakes as we do, they go to the bathroom as we go, who cares??? I think the problem here is when you are in the spotlight you can´t do stupid things like that if you don´t want trouble. Better smoke inside the house, cause papparazzi prays for pictures like this everyday. She will learn, it´s hollywood baby.

2159 days ago


Weed should be legalized! End of story but I agree with No.6 and No.12 - ALOT of people smoke but do NOT do it in public ESPECIALLY if they know for a fact they are most likly being watched......HELLO ????

2159 days ago


Legalize it. The goverment would make a fortune in taxes. I don't smoke it but I would rather them tax that instead of my gasoline. Beer is legal and they make a ton of taxes off of it. Use the same rules as booze.

2159 days ago

hell with them all    

Damn I am going to go home and roll me a big fatty up. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM GOOD!

2159 days ago


great way to start the day...does any1 else thing those are robs sunglasses on her head?

2159 days ago


I saw her interview on Letterman a few days ago and the first thing I said when she had just walked on stage was "This girl is completely stoned." She had bags under her eyes, she was completely pale, and it seemed like she couldn't even answer simple questions that were posed by Dave, and every question she answered she seemed to just go all over the place. I can easily see her going downhill fast. The people of Twilight are probably going to be catching some flak for this one, but the movie will still be a runaway success. After all, it's Hollywood, the land of spin doctoring.

By the way, I too am clueless why this movie became so huge and why everyone is touting the books as being so wonderful before it was even released. I never even heard of that book series before it was announced that the movie was based upon the books. Now all of a sudden everyone seems to have been huge fans of the book from months or years ago.

2159 days ago


so what! It should be legal anyways.

2159 days ago


People are a lot less stupid on pot then they are on alcohol. But you try to watch a ball game or even a motorsport event and all you see are beer ads. What kind of message is that sending kids?

2159 days ago


Nice role model. There are so many teens that love this series that look up to her. Sure enough she is setting a wonderful example for all of them. Don't work hard and light up your pipe. SAD. Grow up and realize that you are in the spotlight and young kids look up to you. If you want to do that INSIDE the privacy of your own home then thats your deal. What a let down! Just another pothead loser like the majority of young people today.

2159 days ago
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