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Scary Juice Lady

Anita Bryant

'Memba Her?!

11/28/2008 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the '70s, failed singer turned Florida orange juice spokesperson Anita Bryant became famous for using her hate and celebrity to help repeal a Miami ordinance that prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation. Guess what she looks like now!

Anita Bryant


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Sex Slave Dave    

Bryant was really born a man. Remember a sparkling glass of Florida orange juice a day keeps the homosexual tendencies away!

2152 days ago

blues fan    

A hate-filled bigot -- I remember joining in the orange juice boycott because of this so-called good Christian woman and her anti-gay propoganda.

2152 days ago


I don't care what this bigot looks like now.

2152 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

Forget that old bag! Everyone should go see "Milk." What a marvelous look back at the fledgling days of the US Gay Rights Movement. Sean Penn is phenomenal.

2152 days ago


So I guess this goes to show that TMZ really DOES read the comments we leave. I said that the stewardess from "Airplane" had Anita Bryant's old ' ironic that less than a week later, Bryant surfaces on TMZ.

Glad I could help. You're welcome.

2152 days ago


Oh, how well I remember that orange juice boycott. I was just growing out of my late teens and into manhood, and I was realized how much money and power the homosexual community has in this country. The boycott started in Florida by a club owner in my neighborhood... and it spreaded all across America. Soon Anita Bryant was pulled off the air and silenced. It taught me a lot, and I gained a lot of confidence... I continued on with my education and career as a productive citizen dispite this woman's hatredness. She was a completely nasty woman and I was so relieved when they pulled her off the air. She was one nasty Witch. I'm not interested in what she looks like now, for she tried to make many people's lives a living hell.

2152 days ago


Yes, Miss Shirley Feeny, TMZ is a very wicked site. I try not to get too involved with it... and whatever I read on it I take with a boatload of salt.

2152 days ago


The Leftist media are the new McCarthyites...TMZ included

2152 days ago


I wonder if she is still a mean, hateful rude BITCH?

2152 days ago


Oh, the glorious "tolerance" that shines from this site. Try to wrap your minds around this -- the *truly* tolerant would be tolerant of all, including the intolerant. In other words, the vaunted "tolerance" of the left is really self-invalidating.

(I'll translate -- the whole reason this story was posted at all is because those behind the levers of TMZ are themselves filled with hate and contempt for others. The more tolerant and gracious thing would have been to simply ignore Anita Bryant and allow her to fade further into obscurity. But that wasn't the intent ... the intent was to indulge in the very same hate and contempt they condemn in others. The key is the intended target of the contempt. You see, intolerance is perfectly acceptable as long as it is used against *some*, but not others.)

2152 days ago


TONYLOC wrote: "I wonder if she is still a mean, hateful rude BITCH?"

My point exactly. Tony is condemning Bryant for being mean, hateful and rude ... and he's using mean, hateful and rude language.


2152 days ago


Times were different, she wasn't "full of hate". Lighten up.

2152 days ago


BobP -- yours is precisely the response I would have expected.

My point was that those on the left worship at the altar of "tolerance," yet do not themselves exercise it.

Those on the left speak of kindness and compassion, yet spew the worst of bile themselves.

Witness your own "Shut the F up" retort.

I have many characterizations of such a thing. "Gracious" is not one.


2152 days ago


And TMJ is using their hate to slam her.. coincidence? I think not.

2151 days ago


Sarah Palin is an Anita Bryant re-do.

2151 days ago
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