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Ted Kennedy: Sittin' on the Dock and O.K.

12/1/2008 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Kennedy spent the weekend at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, MA with his son Patrick -- using the assistance of a cane and golf cart to get around.
Ted Kennedy: Click to watch
It's been a rough year for Ted -- he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in May, had brain surgery in June and suffered a mild seizure in September.


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I wonder if he hears Mary Jo calling him from the grave. Ted has never done anything for the people he has only done things for himself. If he represented the people we would all be drunks, rapist and murderers. Ted I hope your last days are miserable like Mary Jo's last 10 minutes.

2115 days ago


Palin2012 you are a total moron - get your facts straight! Or, do you just get your jollies trashing terminally ill people? Bush has been whoring around with Condi Rice and is it in the news - NO. Clinton get a b-job and they impeach him for it, spending millions of tax dollars to investigate his sex life - the Democrats definitely DO NOT control the press - that's what Republican sore-losers always say. Who was in charge of spending all our tax dollars on the Clinton investigation - REPUBLICANS, THEY WERE IN CHARGE. Get your right-wing republican stupid head out of your butt and read FACTS for a change. MaryJo was not Ted's girlfriend, she was a campaign worker - did they have an affair? I don't know, I wasn't there. Murder it was not, it was an accident and he panicked, at best it's involuntary manslaughter. Idiot, go to school and get an education. The fact that you would vote for the useless hick Palin tells me a lot, and you have the nerve to call anyone a simpleton??? LOL on you. You and Eileen Gatti are a pair, of what I don't know.

2115 days ago


Love this man and I wish him well. He's done more for the average American than any politician in the last century. Some day you haters should look at his record, the causes he's championed and fought hard for and think a little about how they have dirrectly effected your lives. Re the Chappie thing....yeah yeah yeah, none of you were there, she was not pregnant, she was not his girlfriend, and none of you have any clue what happened that night. It will be up to God to judge him not you.

2115 days ago

common sense    

Jason Miller:

"His son Patrick is a drunk and the worst speaker I have ever witnessed in my life. I saw him at a speech in Boston, he could barely put sentences together."

you mean like George W. Bush or worse? Cause that's hard to beat....

2115 days ago

Democrats are evil    

If he's really a catholic and believes in a God, I image he will have a little explaining to do regarding murder and abortion when he finally meets his maker. See ya Ted. Sure wouldn't want to be ya. Give my regards to Johnny Cochran when you see him in Hell.

2115 days ago

Jason Miller    

Patrick Kennedy's speech at the American Psychological Association (APA) Convention in August 2008 was OBJECTIVELY 80X worse than George W. Bush's speeches. He would not get an "A" in a 9th grade public speaking class. I am not a huge Bush fan and admit he is terrible, but believe me Patrick made Bush look like Martin Luther King.

You are all free to view Patrick's horrendous speeches on you tube. I could not; however, find his APA speech.

BTW I bring up Patrick's speeches not to take pleasure in his bad speeches, but to give another example of how much America (especially liberal New Englanders) will overlook for a Kennedy. I mean why would anyone want a Congressman who can't speak. That is their job.

2115 days ago


Jewel you are a real dumbass. What are you 12. Or just spoon fed the the crap you are told to repeat. You need a history lesson, try and go back to school and this time try and be stoned the whole time.

2115 days ago


This Blood's For You Ted Kennedy for getting away with murder and never spending a single day in prison -- and yet the Democratic party treated you like The Pope at their National Convention. Hey Ted, do you ever think about that poor girl drowing in your car after you drove off the bridge and never notified anyone to save her while you waited an entire day and called your attorney? Sickening.

2115 days ago

Mr Right    


2115 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I see all of the Repubs are fired up to discuss Ted Kennedy's car accident 40 years ago - well then I guess fatal brain tumors are in order for Laura Bush (ran a stop sign in 1963 and killed a guy) and John McCain (1964 fatal car crash at a Virginia naval base gate - govt won't release details). John McCain should REALLY suffer even more for all of his affairs that he had on his crippled wife. At least Kennedy fessed up and dealt with his accident - McCain has his very well hidden, but we all know the killer that he is.

2115 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Posted at 5:00PM on Dec 1st 2008 by bye bye bushie

Hey Einstein - this article IS about Ted Kennedy not Laura Bush or John McCain. And yes, that "accident" speaks volumes about how the Kennedy's lived and lied and got away with murder. Please wake up and stop being so politically biased.

2115 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Politically biased?? A bit hypocritical are we?? Typical for the right. Let's see people are bashing a man with a fatal brain tumor - McCain HAS NEVER admitted his crash, and yet you call Ted Kennedy a liar?? Just sayin, if we're handing out brain tumors to people who have been driving in fatal accidents, LB and JM are next in line. Posts on this site state that he DESERVES his suffering because of his actions, then line 'em all up!

2115 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Posted at 5:21PM on Dec 1st 2008 by bye bye bushie

Hello? Have you met the Kennedys? As for the people on this site...they pretty much wish harm to everyone because it makes them feel good about themselves. It's twisted but what are you going to do? I personally wish no ill-will on anyone - karma, however, is a ...

2115 days ago


WOW. So many vicious ugly people in the world. Funny how they are all right wing republican "Christians". The more religious they claim to be, the more vile and disgusting they are. Absolutely appalling. Shame on all of you.

2115 days ago

To see or not to see    

#6. Posted at 1:42PM by Jason Miller
"...I saw him at a speech in Boston, he could barely put sentences together".

Being so critical about other people's speech you should calm down and watch your words: "murderer" is a person that kills someone deliberately and illegally.
- - - - - -
#11. Posted at 2:33PM by palinin2012
"Wow. So it's okay to murder your pregnant GF and be glorified ...."

Your political belief is obviously influencing your language. "murder": to kill someone deliberately and illegally.

2115 days ago
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