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Shauna: My Husband Beat The Crap Out of Me

12/2/2008 1:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shauna Sand claims she was choked, punched and thrown across a room in front of her children -- and the bastard behind the alleged beatings is her very own husband.

The former Playmate received a temporary restraining order against Romain Chavent yesterday, after she filed documents in L.A. County Superior Court alleging that this weekend, her French hubby "hit me in the breasts, which i just had reconstructive surgery." It's the latest in a string of alleged violent abuse.

Among the claims, Shauna says Romain once "threatened to sell nude photos of my children that he took of them when he was babysitting." How could she say with this guy?

In the documents, Shauna also claims in March 2008, Chavent punched her in the stomach and threw her into a wall. And in 2007, Romain allegedly strangled, punched and threw Sand across the room. Shauna says she was granted a restraining order for the 2007 incident, but had it dismissed "because he promised to change."

But Romain has made accusations of his own -- once filing for a restraining order against Shauna in April because he claimed she threatened to ruin his life. Romain's claim was later dismissed.

Now, with the most recent accusations of abuse, Shauna has been granted another TRO that will remain in effect until the next hearing on December 22.

Attempts to contact Romain were unsuccessful.


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Whole story is about as fake as her tatas!

2151 days ago


I don't believe a word of it. Her allegations are as fake as her lips, boobs, hair, nails and tan. Those girls need to go to a foster home and she should be put in jail for this kind of crap. What a moron she is.

2151 days ago


Shauna Sands is a waste of human life. IF this guy really had nude pics of her kids then why didnt she turn him into the police? And IF it was true and she has known about it then she should be in jail and these kids should be taken away from a piece of garbage mother.

2151 days ago


This type of man NEVER changes!!!!

2151 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Just a couple of days ago they were rushing to the courthouse to stop their divorce. Children's services needs to get in there and take those children and then TMZ needs to quit reporting on these people so they will stop having their drama infringe upon our lives. Who are they? Why are they getting news? I look at them closely, and I have never seen either of them in any media other than TMZ.

If he has pornographic pictures of the children, regardless of what he chooses to do with the pictures, he has violated the law. The children should be removed from the home. Then please, stop reporting on these idiots. I have been patient with you people long enough.

2151 days ago


Why are these two news?

2151 days ago


these two idiots are made for each other. The divorce and then change their minds. Now she has filed a restraining order against him. Give it another day or two and see their stupid asses having coffee at your local starbucks. And if that idiot did take nude picture of her kids, why didn't she have his punk ass arrested. in my case, i would castrate the idiot; screw restraining order.

LORENZO LAMAS GO AND GET YOUR KIDS. It seems like it is the only stable environment they have. Mommy is too busy acting like a broke ass barbie with a gimpy ken with a hankering for kicking a hooker's ass and a part time pedophile.

2151 days ago

d to the izzle    

I think these allegations only apply to HUMAN BEINGS, not big piles of plastic.

2151 days ago


And how did he get named after a head of lettuce?

2151 days ago


Domestic violence is never funny, warranted or excusable. The fact that there are children involved makes it even worse. Shame on some of you for thinking anything otherwise.

2151 days ago


I want to beat the cr@p out of both of them. This woman has proven time and time again what a piece of human waste she is. Neither one of them has ever done anything that really warrants them bein gin the news. I think that both of them love to create drama to get their names in print.

Somebody please euthanize the both of them.

2151 days ago


I'd hit that too.

2151 days ago


seems like a great environment for kids to grow up in. Your moms a whore your stepdad is possibly a sex offender and wheres dad? maybe child protective services should get involved. her girls are in serious danger of ending up just like her.

2151 days ago

northern gypsy    

ok...just a few days ago she was quoted as saying something all to real ...regarding her divorce...that's why she called it off...what ??? (if true) the abuse he's dishing out ...real...or...fantasy ??? what a f*c&ed up mess !!!

2151 days ago


She is nut!

2151 days ago
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