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Cuthbert's Ex Suspended Over "Sloppy Seconds"

12/3/2008 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hockey Fun Fact: You can punch the hell out of an opposing player on the ice, but when you refer to his girlfriend as your "sloppy seconds" -- that's where the NHL draws the line.

The NHL suspended hockey's most hated player, Sean Avery, for talking trash to the new player dating his ex girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert.

Here's the deal -- Cuthbert's new boyfriend, Dion Phaneuf, plays for the Calgary Flames -- and during a practice session in Calgary today, Avery got the media's attention and said the following:

"I just want to comment on how it's become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don't know what that's about. Enjoy the game tonight."

Avery is out pending a hearing with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

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Who would want his sloppy seconds? He's no looker.

2152 days ago


the media and the internet are the reasons why people behave this way............. internet sites allow negative comments to be published and for all to read.............somewhat like the howard stern show...........shock jock ............... this hockey player is an example of simply going on board and saying hurtfull things to the media to report................... peoples negative actions and comments is what hurts our society specially when you publish those things.................... FREEDOM OF SPEACH?????????????????? taking it just a little too far and simply destroying society.

2152 days ago


Thanks for posting that he is out pending hearing. Other sites have just said he is out indefinitely and giving hockey a bad name. (well, a worse name then some of their stupid players give it) Avery is a douche and has been causing trouble for a while. He deserves to be suspended.

2152 days ago


The commisioner of the NHL's namei s actually Gary Bettman.

BTW, I don't see what the big deal is. He just talking trash to get the guy wound up. You hear much worse in the NBA and NFL. If he ends up getting anything more than a slap on the wrist I will be surprised.

2152 days ago


what is Sean Avery complianing about hes dating Calvin Klein's ex-wife, Kelly Klein, 51 years old.

2152 days ago

Just wondering??    

Not that I LOVE Sean Avery, or anything...but I was thinking the same thing when I heard she was dating Phaneuf. It seemed like she was just making her way around the league, one player at a time. Yeah, he needs to keep his mount closed, but it WAS kinda funny...

2152 days ago


Ya know everybody loves to hate Sean because he gets under his opponent’s skin.
Although this was a low blow, that is exactly what he was doing, getting under his opponent’s skin and pissing off the "Flames".
Personally I can't believe that he is being suspended for this, and if I were Mr. Avery, contact my lawyers and put in a counter grievance. Because as we all should know by now, the truth is a perfectly good defense to the charge of slander... And it is true, Elisha Cuthbert is now sloppy seconds in the hockey universe (And what a bizarro universe it is).

2152 days ago

Lil' Spezz 19    

Yeah Sean Avery is a huge bag-a-douche and I'm glad he's getting suspended. You don't say the stuff he says the stuff he says to ruffle another players feathers. He's done it time and time again. The NHL has had enough and it's about time. The way he acts gives the NHL a bad name and also a bad name to the sport of hockey in general. Hockey players are not nice people for the most part. I know this because I am one. I'm around it constantly. Guys say stuff to other players and say stuff in public, but he's the only player who constantly attacks other players on a personal level. The great thing about him is that he'll say stuff, but going out on the ice and standing up for what he says (aka fighting someone), he wimps out. He runs his mouth but can't back it up. I'm a girl and as far as sloppy seconds, I'd take Phaneuf over Avery any day of the week.

2152 days ago

Eric D. Wilkinson    

Quick, someone call, THE LOVE GURU! Isn't this the same plot of that movie?

2152 days ago


um...as hysterical as your error is....the commissioner of the nhl is gaRy bettman...not GAY bettman...

2152 days ago


I'm guessing it isn't just his comments on this... if you guys actually paid attention to the hockey world you would see how Avery pushes the line every night and I'm glad he finally is getting something given to him.

2152 days ago

pink taco fist    

I love that you put bettmans first name as GAY.....hahahahahahahahahahahaha thats effin great. f gary bettman.

2152 days ago


He was suspended because hockey is a game for gentleman there are SO many un-told rules of hockey such as not using Gretzky's #99 or being sure the captains shake hands with the other captains and coaches and being respectful to the other goalie no snow in the face no hacking his gloves he has been pushing the boundaries of hockey ever since hes been in the league

2152 days ago


Who cares that she's a Puck F u%K?

2152 days ago

Lil' Spezz 19    

One other thing, he disrespected the greatest goalie the world has ever known. I hope someone really kicks the crap out of him.

2152 days ago
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